2 Years Later (a Harry Styles Fanfiction)

One Direction split up 2 years ago, i have gone to 14 of their concerts. I guess you could say they made it out there longer than most bands, 12 years, 14 tours, and 14 albums. Well to let you know my name is Caitlyn and this is my story when Harry Styles yes THE Harry Styles was pushed into my life, when I least expected it!! Well things were going alright but see how me and my new best friend, boyfriend, my everything get through it all.


11. sad

Vanessa what the fuck are you doing?" Harry shouts. I open my eyes to see Vanessa with her legs around Louis waist. "How could you do this to me?" Niall says. "I could do this because I love Louis not you." She says. "Get out get the fuck out of my house." Niall says Louis walks out with Vanessa and Niall falls to the floor. "How could she do this to me?" He says crying. I get up and go sit next to him. "Ssh Niall its okay we're here for you." I say to him while rubbing his back, Niall gets up and hugs me. "Thank you" He whispers. "Harry come here." I say. Harry comes over and takes Niall out of my arms. "Niall are you okay?" Merry asks. "No I'm not fucking okay my girlfriend just told me she didnt love me and walked out with one of my best freinds does that sound fucking okay to you?" He says harshly, Merry looks down and mutters sorry. "I'm just going leave, I'll text you tomorrow Caitlyn." She says walking to the door. Niall is full on crying now.
"Niall do you want to go to sleep?" Harry says after about an hour of us sittimg there. Niall nods yes. "Lets take him to our place." Harry says. We walk out of Nialls house to see its snowing outside. "Nialls barefoot hes gonna get sick!" I say. "Thats the least of my worries Caitlyn." Niall says we walk back in silence. Niall walks up the stairs to our bed. "Where our we going to sleep?" Harry asks. "Couch." I say. Harry takes his shirt off and I walk to the closet and grab a comforter. I walk back in to Harry in his boxers. I take off the hoodie and lay down next to Harry. "I love you." Harry says kissing my forehead.  "I love you too" I say curling up in Harry's chest and pulling the comforter up on us. Why does life have to be hard on Niall? "I'm cold." I say. Harry pulls me closer and kisses my head.

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