2 Years Later (a Harry Styles Fanfiction)

One Direction split up 2 years ago, i have gone to 14 of their concerts. I guess you could say they made it out there longer than most bands, 12 years, 14 tours, and 14 albums. Well to let you know my name is Caitlyn and this is my story when Harry Styles yes THE Harry Styles was pushed into my life, when I least expected it!! Well things were going alright but see how me and my new best friend, boyfriend, my everything get through it all.


7. Okay the real WHAT?

"Caitlyn baby I'm so sorry I didn't tell you this before but me and the boys are still under contract, and we are going away for another tour."  "What?" I say with tears rolling down my face. "Your leaving? When?" "In a week." "We have that short of a time together? How long are you going to be gone for?" "7 months." "7 months? No that's way to long." I say climbing to the front seat. "I can't control it, they pretty much own us. That's why all the pap's have been following us lately." He says cupping my face. "Trust me, I don't want to leave you." He says. "What about Dani? Perrie? Amelia? And Vanessa?" "Dani, Amelia, and Perrie get to go. Dani gets to cause she is Liam's wife, and Perrie because her and Zayn are married and they have Amelia." "Let's just go in the club." I say trying to avoid the topic now, I'm going to miss them so much. Harry nods and we both get out. We walk in together to find Louis dancing with a girl. "Harry over here!" Louis says. "You remember Anna right? She used to dance with Danielle before Liam and Daniela got married." "How could I forget. Anna Claire this is my fiancé Caitlyn." The blue eyed girl faces me. "Hi I'm Anna, but people call me Anna Claire." "Caitlyn." I say going for a hand shake but get a hug. "So do you want a drink?" Harry asks me. "Yeah babe, get me whatever you think I would like." I say. "So Anna how do you know the guys?" "Well when Danielle and Liam got together the last time Danielle introduced me to the boys, I was always good friends with Liam and Louis, Zayn never really came around, he was always on tour with Perrie. But Niall and Harry just got grossed out by girl talk and left. So I still keep in contact with Louis and Liam."  "Me and Louis actually have recently gone a few dates." Anna says. "OH MY GOD! Really? Louis never told me about anybody! We should so swap numbers! Oh my god I bet I'm really irritating you! I'm so sorry I had cake and yeah I'm a hyper person but ahhh!" I say. "I don't think you need anything to drink." Harry says walking up behind me. "Who knows I might get better!" I say. "Well heres my number, text me, I think Louis wants me back!" Anna Claire says walking off. "She seems nice." I say and Harry hands me my drink. "She is." Harry says. I look over to see grandma dancing with some dude and when I say dude I mean a hot dude, how does this happen? "I think grandma found herself a little boyfriend!" I say laughing. Harry looks over. "Wow, he is a little young for her dont ya think?" "Grandma is married thats the funny thing." I say. "What? That makes it 10 times funnier!" Harry says laughing. "Wanna dance?" Harry says gesturing to the dance floor. "I can't dance." "Yes you can." "I'm too white, I cant dance!" I say and Harry laughs. "C'mon I'll teach you." Harry says chugging his drink and I chug mine and put it down. I get another drink and drink it. "Lets go." I say tugging him by his collar. A really fast beat song comes on and all the girls start grinding up on guys. "Yeah I don't know about this." I say. "C'mon babe it cant be that hard." Harry says pulling me into his arms. "Or we could always go into the Camaro in which has blacked out windows." I say hoping I don't have to dance. Harry looks down at me. "Are you trying to seduce me love?" Harry says leaning down and placing a kiss on my lips. "Maybe." I say kissing him.


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