2 Years Later (a Harry Styles Fanfiction)

One Direction split up 2 years ago, i have gone to 14 of their concerts. I guess you could say they made it out there longer than most bands, 12 years, 14 tours, and 14 albums. Well to let you know my name is Caitlyn and this is my story when Harry Styles yes THE Harry Styles was pushed into my life, when I least expected it!! Well things were going alright but see how me and my new best friend, boyfriend, my everything get through it all.



We arrive at the house and Merry is already there with alcohol, a lot might I add. "Hey Merry!" I say bolting out of the car and hugging her. "So we have 4 people in there asleep so we are gonna have to be as quiet as possible." "Oh hell no we aren't being quiet we can party at my place." Niall says putting his arm around me and Merry's shoulders. Merry may look calm but she is flipping tables in her head right now. "Hi I'm Merry." "Niall." "Can we just go to your place it's freezing balls out here." Harry says. "I'm cold can I change first?" I ask. "I'll come with you." Harry says and Niall and Merry start walking. We walk into our house and we silently walk upstairs. I open the door to our room, Adrian is asleep on the bed. I walk to the closet and get Harry's hoodie and sweats. I slide the dress off and put the sweats on and then slip the hoodie on. I grab a beanie and some gloves. I put on some toms and turn around to find Harry in bed. "Harry!" I whisper. After a few seconds he gets up. "Let's go." Harry whispers. "Sorry I'm so tired." Harry says and we start walking to Nialls. We walk in Nialls finding Niall and Merry making drinks. "Vanessa will probably be home soon." Niall says. Harry sits on the couch and I sit next to him. Merry comes over to us with a tray full of jello shots. I grab 2 and hand Harry one. "No I don't want one, you can have it." Harry says. I take one and put the other one on the table. I lay down so my head is in Harrys lap. "Let's play some music." Niall says turning on his speakers. Music blares out but I don't really care they can do that but Ima lay with my sexy fiance. Harry moves me over so he can lay down on Niall's couch with me and wraps his arm around my waist. I start to drift off to go to sleep when I hear someone shouting "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE??"

HEY GUYS! sorry I know it's a short chapter but shits gonna go down very soon. Follow me on twitter @caitlynstyles37 so I decided to keep Movellas so HIIIIIII

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