2 Years Later (a Harry Styles Fanfiction)

One Direction split up 2 years ago, i have gone to 14 of their concerts. I guess you could say they made it out there longer than most bands, 12 years, 14 tours, and 14 albums. Well to let you know my name is Caitlyn and this is my story when Harry Styles yes THE Harry Styles was pushed into my life, when I least expected it!! Well things were going alright but see how me and my new best friend, boyfriend, my everything get through it all.


4. I have something to tell you, Caitlyn.

The waiter comes back with our bill and Harry reaches for it but Liam grabs it first. "Liam give me the bill." I say. "No I'm gonna pay!" Liam says taking money out. "Liam seriously give me the bill, you don't have to pay." I say. "No I am paying Caitlyn." "But Liam" I whine. "Shut up." He says playfully. "Harry Liam told me to shut up." I say. "Your fine." He says wrapping his arms around my waist. "Okay time for presents!" Louis screams handing me a present. "Thank you." I say taking it and taking the stuff out of the bag. First there is really gorgeous heels, that I will probably fall flat on my face in. "Thanks Zayn! Tell Perrie I said thanks too!" I say pulling out a shirt that says I love Perrie on it. I giggle and look at Zayn. "Perrie picked it." He says raising his hands in defeat. "NEXT PRESENT!" Louis says handing me another. "I said you guys didn't have to get me anything!" I say. "Yes we did!" Niall, Vanessa, Daniela, and Louis say. "That's from me!" Vanessa says. I open it to find a bunch of thongs and matching bras. "Really Nessa I don't wanna wear fucking thongs!" "You so should." Harry whispers in my ear. I laugh and whisper no. "Sorry babe not the way I roll I'm to lazy for that shit." Harry sighs and grabs another present. "That's from me because I didn't enjoy Vanessa buying you thongs." Niall says. I open it to see a shirt that said Niall is a sexy Irish man and it had a selfie of Niall with me in the background. "Did everyone think of getting me clothes?" I ask. "Maybe." Liam says. "This one is mine." Louis says handing it to me. I open it to a bottle of perfume. "Are you saying I stink?" I say acting offended. "Maybe." "Rude, but thank you!" I say, Liam passes the next one to me, its a box and its says do not shake. "From me." Liam says. I unwrap it to find a little turtle. "Oh my god I love you Liam." "I miss my turtle so much, by the way how is Liam doing?" I ask my mom. "Liam?" Liam asks. "Um yeah I have a turtle named Liam." "Awkward." Liam says. "Pssh I named it when I was 11 so sush." I say. "That's not weird." Vanessa says. "Vanessa shut up because I know you named your chicken (the food chicken, not a live chicken) Niall so I advise you just shut it!" "I so did not!" She defends. "That was Vanessa?" My mum says laughing. "Yeah!" I say laughing. "Why?" Niall says. "She likes chicken you like chicken, makes sense to me." I say. "I guess." Niall says awkwardly. "I think you'll love this present." My mum says handing me a present. I unwrap it to find a violin (In the case of course.) "OH MY GOD YOUR GOT ME A NEW VIOLIN?" I say really loud causing people to turn around, I flash an apologetic smile and start flipping out. "You play violin?" Harry says. "Yeah!" I say smiling widely. "I learn something new everyday." Harry says. "Yes you do." I say taking the next present handed to me. "That's from me." Dani says. I open it to find a gift card to starbucks. "I love you." I say serious. "Now my present!" My grandma says giving it to me. I open it to find sex stuff. "Ahh!" I scream dropping it. "What the crap grandma." I say. "What is it?" Louis says grabbing it off the floor. "Don't look at it!" I say snatching it from his hands. "You can have this." I say to Harry. "What is it?" Harry says looking in the bag. "Gosh grandma your dirty." Harry says chuckling. "My turn!" Anne says handing me a little box. I open it to find a bracelet, a charm bracelet. "Thanks Anne." I say slipping it on. "Well since we are done lets go home, or a to a club." Louis says. "Club!" I say in a singsong voice. "We'll go! Anyone going home go in me and Caitlyn's Tahoe everyone else in Lili and Dani's Tahoe or Caitlyn's Camaro." Harry says. We walk out the restaurant and I pick Adrian up. "hey buddy your going home with grandma."  I say. "Hell no I'm going clubbing." Grandma says, well this should be fun. (So I literally asked my grandma if I was 25 and I was engaged to Harry would she go clubbing with us on my 25th birthday, and guess what she said yes if I got a wheelchair and pushed her around.) "Well your going home with me!" Zayn says. "Awe Zayn come on man come clubbing with us!" Louis says. "Sorry guys I'm not gonna leave Perrie at home with Amelia while I'm clubbing!" He says "Awe!" I say at the same time as Nessa and Dani. Me, Harry, Vanessa, and Louis get in the Camaro and Niall, Dani, and Liam go in their Tahoe. Vanessa left Niall for me! Lol, I win. Harry and Louis get in the front and me and Vanessa are in the back. "Wey hey bitch!" I say as Niall sticks his tongue out at me. We pull out of the parking lot and Harry drives to some club called bounce. "Sounds like sluts go here to pounce on guys to bounce on their balls!" Louis says as we pull up. I laugh and Nessa looks like she is confused. "Hey you two go in, I have to talk to Caitlyn." Vanessa and Louis get out and Harry looks at me all serious. "I'm sorry about what I have to tell you." Harry says and I start panicking, is he cheating on me? Is he breaking up with me? "So Caitlyn.......


So what is Harry gonna say? I'm posting 2 more chapters today! Yay! Follow me on twitter? @caitlynfreshour Instagram: directonerimagines make sure the instagram username is right, we spelt directoners wrong on purpose! lol

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