2 Years Later (a Harry Styles Fanfiction)

One Direction split up 2 years ago, i have gone to 14 of their concerts. I guess you could say they made it out there longer than most bands, 12 years, 14 tours, and 14 albums. Well to let you know my name is Caitlyn and this is my story when Harry Styles yes THE Harry Styles was pushed into my life, when I least expected it!! Well things were going alright but see how me and my new best friend, boyfriend, my everything get through it all.


16. Chapter 34

~~"No Adrian. I'm not pregnant, you are going on tour with Harry and I." I say to him still in shock. "Oh why don't you and Harry have a baby?" "Um we just don't. " Harry says awkwardly. "Why don't you go play while me and Harry talk." Adrian runs off. "Daniela is pregnant oh my god." Harry says. "Should we talk to them about it or should we just wait for them to announce it?" I ask. "I don't know." "Its 5 pm and I'm already tired." I say. "Go take a nap baby I'll clean the kitchen and maybe join you." Harry says kissing my head and pushing me off. "I love you." "I love you too baby go sleep." Harry says. I go to the room and lay down. My head hurts, I still can't process Daniela being pregnant. I mean I knew they wanted a baby but its still so suprising. I must of been thinking for a while because Harry lays down next to me. "You okay?" Harry ask. "Yea but my head hurts pretty bad." Harry moves closer and I turn to face him. He kisses my forehead and intertwines our legs. "Adrian fell asleep. I put him in bed, he must be tired." "Him falling asleep at 6 is a sight." I say. "Its almost 8 Caitlyn." "Oh I must have been in deep thought." I say. Harry nods and puts his head on his pillow. I put my head on Harrys chest and start to go to sleep.

.............Next Morning.............

I wake up and turn around well in Harry's grasp. Its only 7, I'm not up at this time normally. Damn my head for making me go to sleep early. I turn back to face Harry and he opens his eyes slowly. "What are you doing up baby? Go back to sleep." Harry says pulling me over. "Sorry for waking you." "Its okay. Go back to sleep." Harry pulls me into his chest and lays his head on my head.

I wake up again and this time Harry's gone. Theres a note on my nightstand.  Caitlyn,

Simon called us in to the office. We all have an interview today. It said One Direction and partners. Just bring Adrian with you to the interview at 2. I'll text you the address later.

I love you, Harry xx.

Its currently 12 so I decide I should shower. "Adrian!" I shout and Adrian runs in the room. "Yes?" "Go take a bath." I say. I walk to the bathroom. I grab a towel and turn the water on. I grab my phone and put my music on shuffle.

After Shower lmao

I grab a pair of jeans and a cute shirt with a skull on the front. I grab a pair of vans and some socks. "Adrian! Are you ready?" I scream. "Yeah! I'm putting shoes on!" He yells back. I put my clothes on and walk to Adrian's room. He has on a striped shirt and a pair of black jeans. "Nice outfit." I say looking at him. I find it adorable how he did his hair, he put it in a mohawk. Its like hes trying to go punk but can't. "I'm ready." He says. I nod and grab my phone and grab his hand. "I'm going to take you to McDonald's and then we are going to an interview with Harry." I tell him. "Whats an interview?" "Its where they ask questions and do all types of things." "So an interview is the thing mommy watches and you and Harry where on it?" "Yeah thats an interview. You're getting so smart." I grab my keys and we walk downstairs. I get a message and I check it to see its the address to where the interview will be. Me and Adrian walk out the door and I check to make sure its locked. I unlock my car and Adrian gets in. I walk to my door and get in. "Are you buckled?" I ask buckling up myself "Yes ma'am." I pull out and drive to McDonald's. "What do you want?" I ask Adrian. "Chicken nuggets." "Can I take your order?" The lady ask. "The kids meal of chicken nuggets with chocolate milk." "6 or 4 ma'am?" "4." "Is that all?" "No can I have a hot and spicy meal with a sprite." "Okay your total is £7.43" I pull up to window and hand the lady a ten. "Here you go." The lady says handing me the bag and the drinks. "Thank you." I say and I hand Adrian his food. I pull into a parking spot and start eating.
 I finish my food and check the time, 1:45, I got 25 minutes. I put the address in my gps and we are there in like 5 minutes. I get out of the car and get Adrian. I lock the door and walk into the building. I walk past a desk and look for where Harry told me to meet him. "Ma'am where are you going?" The lady at the desk ask. "An interview." "Ma'am you're not allowed back there. There is a meeting about to go on. If you would like to meet the band you have to wait." "I'm with the band. My fiancé is in the band." I say. "Caitlyn. Babe over here!" Harry says. I walk over to him and the lady from the desk stares at me. "Hey babe. Hey Adrian!" Harry says kissing my cheek and picking Adrian up. "Did you dress him?" "No, he dressed himself." "He knows how to dress himself? I've been dressing him this whole time because I thought he would put his shirt on as shoes or something." "You are weird." I say. "No more weird than you." Harry throws back at me. "Oh really? Mister I think its okay for me to run through my best friends house butt naked." "Yeah really miss I eat oreos for a living." "In my defense oreos are amazing." I say. "Hey lovebirds we have an interview to do." Zayn says grabbing us. "Haven't seen you in a while Zayn. How you been?" I ask him. "Good, you?" "Just great." I say smiling at him. We walk in and I sit on a couch with Harry, Zayn, Perrie, and Amelia. Adrian decided to sit with Daniela, Liam, and Niall. And Vanessa and Louis aren't here. "They aren't coming if thats what you are wondering." Harry whispers. "Okay and we are back. Today we have most of One Direction and their families. Guys introduce yourselves, starting with Harry." "Hi I'm Harry." "Hi I'm Caitlyn." "Perrie and this is Amelia." "Zayn." "Liam." "Daniela." "Um hi I'm Adrian." We all laugh. "And I'm Niall." Niall says, he seems so much happier. "Okay and we have some questions for you guys. The first two are for Harry and Caitlyn. So first everyone wants to know who Adrian is." "Well Adrian is Caitlyn's little cousin, he will be coming with us on tour." Harry explains. "Okay the next question is from twitter. Harry and Caitlyn since you two are engaged, when are you having kids?" "I would love to have kids, but I want to wait a little while longer." I say and Harry nods in agreement. "Okay thank you the next is for Zayn and Perrie. How do you two feel being new parents?" "I know I speak for both of us when I say its hard but we are loving having our baby girl." Zayn says. "Okay to Niall. Wheres your girlfriend?" "We are no longer together." Niall says. "Oh I'm sorry Niall. Daniela and Liam, you see any kids soon?" "Yes I can say we will real soon." Liam says and Harry squeezes my hand. "Okay this ones to the boys. Are you excited for the tour?" "Yes really excited, I know we are home right away with Christmas and stuff but we will be right back after Christmas then we are all over the road for almost 7 months." Liam says. "Okay we only have a little bit of time left so this has been an amazing interview, thank you all so much." The cameras go off and Adrian runs to us. "Caitlyn did I do good?" "Yes baby. We will be leaving soon so get your jacket on." I tell him. "Hey baby. Will you be coming home now? Or do you have stuff to do?" "No I'm coming home. I rode here with Zayn,  can I come with you?" Harry ask me. "Of course baby. I was going to stop by the mall to get you a Christmas present but if you want I'll go tomorrow." "No we can go today. I need to get you something too." Harry says. "Okay but you still haven't put our tree up." I say. "I know. I'm going to do it tonight." Harry says.


Okay hello hello. Sorry for the wait. Lol. And thank you so much for 1.1k views! I love you all

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