2 Years Later (a Harry Styles Fanfiction)

One Direction split up 2 years ago, i have gone to 14 of their concerts. I guess you could say they made it out there longer than most bands, 12 years, 14 tours, and 14 albums. Well to let you know my name is Caitlyn and this is my story when Harry Styles yes THE Harry Styles was pushed into my life, when I least expected it!! Well things were going alright but see how me and my new best friend, boyfriend, my everything get through it all.


14. Chapter 32

~~We arrive at the store and Daniela gets out of the car. "You know you don't have to worry about this tour because think about it the boys are gone for a week and then they come back for three weeks for their Christmas break." Daniela says to me. "Yeah I know." I say, that's a huge relief for me. I still have to get Harry and Adrian gifts. My mom, dad, and grandma are leaving in two days so I'll send them gifts in the mail. I get out of the car and gets Adrian out too. We walk into the store and Dani grabs a buggy. "Well I need deodorant so we are stopping by that stuff first." Dani says. We get there and she gabs a thing of deodorant and I decide to grab some feminine products. "I want to dye my hair again." Daniela says. "I want to too, I'm thinking brown with purple tips?" I say. "Pink tips." Dani says lifting Adrian up. "Good idea." I say making my way to hair dye. I grab a box of a cute brown and a hot pink. Daniela grabs a box of a reddish-purple. "Okay to the pancake mix!" I say turning the cart and heading to the aisle with pancake batter. I grab two boxes and put it in the cart. I grab 2 bags of chocolate chips and put them in too. We walk to the dairy section and grab eggs and milk. Then we walk and grab a thing of bananas. "Do we need anything else?" Dani asks me. "I don't think so babe, legoooo." Dani laughs and I notice Adrian is asleep in her arms. "He falls asleep in the most random places, one time when I lived in America we were out eating and I looked over and his head was in a plate of food." "Hes a crazy child." She says, I nod in agreement. "So what all happened with Niall and Vanessa?" Dani says as we get to the self checkout. "Well it was me, Harry, Niall, and my friend Merry at Niall's house and Vanessa walked in with her legs wrapped around Louis and told Niall she didn't love him and I think you get the rest." I say. "That's horrid. I can't imagine the pain Niall is feeling right now." She says. "I know it must be horrible." I finish scanning the items and get my card out. "I'm thinking of getting a job soon." I say. "Harry isn't going to like you having a job, I think it makes him feel like he can't care for you. Also your going to get a job with the wedding not being planned at all? Do you even have any ideas yet?" "Not one, I need to get someone to go dress shopping and to help me plan this whole thing." I say. "I'll help you, we can just facetime while I'm away. Anyways we will never be out of this continent except when we go over to North America." She says. "True. I can always fly or drive out and see you guys." "Well atleast they stay in London for the first week of their tour, so the can stay in their homes." "Yeah then they are touring in other parts of England and then to France they go." I add. "What time will the boys be home tonight?" Dani asks "Harry said he will be home at 6 with Liam and Niall." Dani nods her head and I grab the bags. "Is he heavy, because I can take him for you." I ask. "He's fine hes really light actually." She says. We walk out of the store and drive home. "Hey what time is it?" I ask when we pull up at my house. "3:30, so we have time to do our hair first." Dani says. We get out of the car and I grab Adrian from the back. "Can you grab the bags please?" I ask her. She grabs them for me and I walk to the door and unlock it. "Can you grab the dye and put the eggs and milk up while I put him in my bed? You can bring the dye up and we can do it me and Harrys bathroom." I say. I walk upstairs and lay Adrian under the covers and not long after Daniela is upstairs.



I mix the batter and start making the pancakes, Dani had stated making bacon and it smells really good. I hear the door open and close. "Hey can you watch these for me?" I ask and she nods. I walk into the hallway to see Harry in a big jacket and Liam and Niall standing in the living room. "Hey baby, how was practice." I ask walking behind Harry. "Go-" Harry says turning around and stopping mid-sentence while looking at my hair. "What you don't like it?" "No I love it, it looks hot." He says picking a strand up and twirling it. "Aw thanks babe." I say hugging him. He kisses the top of my head and hugs me back. "And I think your hair looks really good straightened too." He adds. "Thank you Harry." "Your welcome babe, is the food almost ready, it smells good." "Yeah I just started the last batch." Dani yells from the kitchen "Can you go get my parents and Adrian while I set the table?" I ask Harry. He nods and starts walking upstairs. "Here let me help you set the table." Liam says. "You don't have to Liam." "No its fine." Liam says. We walk back into the kitchen and I go to the cupboards and reach for plate, I get on my tip toes. "Do you need help?" Liam asks. "No I got this." I say grabbing one and it slips from my hand and breaks on the floor. "Fucking great." I say. Liam goes to pick it up. "Liam no I got this don't touch it you will cut yourself." "I'm fine Caitlyn its just gla- I cut myself." Liam shrieks. "I just told you not to touch it and look what happened." I say grabbing his hand and putting it under water in the sink. "What happened?" Harry asks walking in. "Your short girlfriend broke a plate." Dani says. "Okay Im 5'2 gosh." I say. I start picking it up and throwing it in the trash can. "My hand hurts." Liam says. "I told you not to touch it, I know how to clean it up, this happens to me often." I say. "It does." Harry says agreeing with me and grabbing plates and setting them on the counter. "Liam there is bandaids under the sink." I say "Okay." Liam says. "Oh i have to tell you something." Harry says grabbing my hand and dragging me out of the kitchen. We get to our bedroom shortly after. "Okay what? " I say sitting down on our bed. "We might be touring with 3/5 or 4/5." "What no. Fans will be so disapointed." I say. Harry breathes out nervously. "We know. Thats why we think its best if you come with us so it looks like even without one of our members we are still not broken." "Wait! You're saying I can come?" I shriek. "Wait what about Adrian?" "He can come babe chill." "Are you sure?" "Already talked to Simon about it." I hug him tightly and he runs his fingers trough my hair. "I love you, I'm the luckiest girl in the world." I say. " No I'm the luckiest guy with the most perfect girl in the world."

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