Dark -A Harry Styles Fanfiction

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7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

“Just get in the car.” He aggressively demanded.

My breath trembled out of my mouth as I looked at him. My fingers released Harry’s hand and I stumbled back. Urgently I turned taking off into a sprint across the car park. My body quickly weaved through the many cars. My heart rate increased when I glanced back, Harry was right behind me. His longer legs gave him a stronger advantage, it would have been difficult for me to outrun him.

I whimpered as a large hand wound round my wrist, preventing me from escaping. My body was tugged back to his. I couldn’t control my actions as my hand flew up to Harry’s face. It was the second time since meeting Harry that I had slapped him and by the looks of it, he wasn’t any happier. His green orbs narrowed on me.

I shrieked as his warm hands placed themselves on my hips before lifting me up and slinging me over his shoulder. My fists pounded into his back, in an attempt to force Harry to release me. But he didn’t. Ignoring my protests he walked us across the car park.


I fisted the back of his t shirt between my fingers.

“Let me down!”

A few seconds later I was lifted from his shoulder and he placed me in front of him. Harry stepped closer, instinctively I moved back; only to let out a gasp when my body made contact with the side of his car.

“You hit him.” I accused.

“Yeah.” He replied casually.

His response was almost taunting. He wanted me to retaliate.

“Well, why?”

“He got in my way.” Harry raspy voice sounded.

I didn’t say anything in reply. What could I say?

“Get in the car.”

His hand reached for my wrist but I flinched away. Instead of fighting with me he yanked the passenger door open and waited for me to climb inside. My back stayed pressed to the vehicle as I made my way to the door, keeping as much distance between us a s possible.

The car ride home was quiet. I’d glance to Harry every now and then, this hands gripped tightly to the wheel. His jaw was tensed as he kept his gaze out the window. Soon we had pulled up outside my house.

“I’ll pick you up at nine tomorrow.”

He didn’t even look at me. Why was he angry at me for, I wasn’t the one who had just punched someone in the face. My eyes flickered to his right hand, the small cuts being a reminder of his short temper and that I probably shouldn’t anger him. I unbuckled my seat belt and waited for Harry to walk round and open my door. Once I had stepped down I quickly walked past him and crossed the road to the path adjacent.


I swivelled round just as Harry caught my hand. It surprised me when he leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to my cheek. His curls tickled my skin as he pulled away.

“See you tomorrow.”

I gave him a small nod before he released my hand and strolled back over the road to his car.

Next day.

“You’re going out with him again, after what happened the first time?” Lucy spoke astounded.

I hit the loud speaker before placing the phone on my bed.

“It’s not that I want to, but you should have seen what he did to Steve’s face.”

“All the more reason not to go.” Lucy replied.

I jumped slightly as there was a knock on my door.

“Sorry Luc, I have to go.”

She said goodbye before I hung up the phone.

“It’s open.” I called out for my mum to enter.

I had my back to the door, my focus currently on the clothes hung up in my wardrobe. My fingers flicked through the hangers before pulling out a top.

“Mum, what do….”

I turned round, only to drop the clothing I was holding up. Harry stood with a smirk, his eyes staring into me. I became very aware I was just wearing shorts and a tank top. His vision grazed up and down my body before he spoke.

“I was hoping you were going to wear something a little sexier.” He winked, gesturing to the clothing I had dropped.

No words came out of my mouth as I watched him stroll over to my bed. He sat down, leaning back on his elbows as I stood in front of him. Harry glanced round my room, taking in the surrounding before connecting with my gaze again.

“I…How did you get in?” I shook my head.

“Your mum let me in.”

I was going to have to have serious words with her.

“You should wear a dress.” He continued.


That was the last thing I was going to wear, especially round Harry and his wandering hands. He deeply laughed at my blunt response. I turned away from him to pull out some black skinny jeans and a top. A gasp fell from my lips at his close proximity as I spun round. Harry smiled, his chest practically touched mine as he reached his arm up behind my head.

His blazer I had hung up on my outside of my wardrobe door was now off the hanger and he shrugged it on, pushing up the sleeves. Harry’s scent filled my senses, but I shook it off.

“I’m going to change.” I informed him.

“You can change in here, I don’t mind.” He smirked.

I let out a groan before pushing him away from me and walking to my bathroom. I made sure the door was locked before undressing.


Once changed I opened the door only to find Harry stood over by my chest of drawers.


He turned with a grin on his face, showing off his dimples. My mouth fell agape at what he held in his hand.

“I love these.” He winked.

Quickly stumbling over to him, I yanked the lace underwear from his grip. Shoving them back in the drawer before slamming it closed.

“What is wrong with you!?” I asked rhetorically.

He stood laughing as the pink rose in my cheeks. I sharply turned from him slipping on my shoes, grabbing my jacket and bag.

“You look hot.” He whispered in my ear.

My breath trembled at the feeling of his strong arms wrapping round my waist from behind. I squeezed my eyes closed as his fingers brushed my hair to the side; full lips connecting to the skin just below my ear. He sucked lightly, then moved up nibbling on my ear lobe.

“H-Harry.” I stuttered quietly.

He pulled away, grabbing my hand and leading me out of the room.


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