Dark -A Harry Styles Fanfiction

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48. Chapter 48

Chapter 48

I clung to Harry, ankles locked around his waist as he effortlessly carried me up the steps to his flat. His hair was tangled between my digits, lips kissing at his jaw as Harry fiddled with the keys in the lock. The door was slammed shut with his foot, pressing me against the wood as his fingers fumbled with drawing the chain across. I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck, hands tickling their way under the blazer Harry wore to hold him beneath the clothing. I felt safe as I cuddled further into his comforting warmth, absorbing the hard heat whilst breathing in a scent that seemed to cloud my senses. But comfort soon transformed into desire; from soft kisses into marks of passion brandishing his skin as my lips uncompromisingly sucked at the base of his neck. A rough grunt followed sharply inhaled breath as Harry responded in harshly squeezing my backside.

 “I want you so bad.”

“Let me down.” I breathlessly laughed.

My feet touched the floor, backing away as Harry stalked forwards. It was faintly lit in the hall, but it wasn’t difficult to detect the seductive smirk plastered on his face. There were barely a couple of inches separating our needy bodies. The simmering heat of Harry’s eyes remained teasingly on me as he undressed, taking his time to remove the dark blazer he wore. The material dropped to the floor.

“I want to be dirty with you.”

Harry’s forehead pinned to mine, crinkling my dress as a hand skimmed leisurely up the inside of my thigh. Dimples were indented as I affectively ceased his efforts, squeezing my legs together.


Gripping the material of Harry’s shirt, I took him by surprise, shoving him back against the wall with as much strength as I could muster. Swollen lips were parted in pleasure, eyes clamped closed. I decreased the distance between us, hastily attempting to unbutton Harry’s shirt. His sudden movement left me in a daze, yanking either side of his shirt to forcefully rip it open. The sound of scattering buttons hit the floorboards. I’d never witnessed something quite so desperately hot, my hands palming at Harry’s exposed stomach and chest. He looked almost god-like, all tanned and muscled…and mine.

“I like it when you’re rough with me.” Harry admitted.

The last few words had barely left his mouth before I scratched my nails down the length of his torso, sure to leave a few raised lines in evidence of my harsh gesture.

He cursed through gritted teeth.

“I’m gunna take you in my bed.”

My heart pumped with his promise, pressing a heavy kiss to where hot air was being expelled. Regrettably I pulled away from the temptation of his lips, turning and walking down the hall. My shoes were kicked off but I came to a halt at the bedroom door when I strained to hear his trailing footsteps. I peered behind me to discover he’d been observing my every move. A heated stare burning at the skin I knew he desired to uncover. We stood directly facing each other, a good distance between us as he carelessly brushed his clothing from his broad shoulders. I had quickly grown to learn Harry’s body was close to perfection, in my eyes at least. Even the variety scars he had sustained during fights held an intriguing and somewhat endearing beauty. I wondered if he would ever fully open up and educate me in the origins of all the permanent reminders.

My hand rose in front of me, teasing Harry with the flick of my index in a gesture to coax him towards me.

“Come here.”

His smile tugged up further on his right cheek than his left, kicking off his shoes as he strolled forward. We were soon in the comfort of Harry’s bedroom. Once the small lamp was flicked on my attention drifted back to him, now stood barefoot in just his black jeans. Harry’s eyes were alight with mischief as I raised my hand to keep him from approaching. His patient compliance was noted as I leant forwards; my fingers travelled up the skirt of my dress, hooking into my underwear and trailing them down my legs. I stepped out of them, dropping the material to the floor before standing up straight once more. The look he gave me was one of lust, having me blush as he practically undressed me with his eyes.

A rough hum rumbled from Harry as I mirrored his movement forward with a step backwards. He seemed to enjoy the game, intent on victory with the distance between us closing rapidly. I quickly climbed back, as gracefully as I could, onto the bed. Harry soon joined me.

“Where are you going, Baby?”

The depth of his tone left me covered in goose bumps, my heart pumping. I was instructed to lie down whilst Harry’s fingertips explored the soft skin of my thighs. He spread them apart, indulging in an unhurried glance to the heat between my legs. My cheeks were on fire as I hooked my hand to the back of his neck, pressing my fingertips into his nape in encouragement.

“I want to try something different.”

I hastily sat up, attempting to cover my exposed area with my dress. Harry chuckled. I think he recognised my apprehension.

“Nothing majorly different” He reassured. “Just a new position.”


“Harry, I don’t think I’m..”

“Come on, Baby.” Harry huskily drawled, a slow smirk gracing his features.

His large frame sprawled out over the duvet, head to the one of the corners of the bed. When I remained stationary his tongue teasingly slipped from his full, rosy lips; lightly flicking it back and forth before drawing small circles in thin air. The muscles in my stomach were uncontrollably clenching; I knew exactly what he was doing.

I watched his mouth pucker into a mocking kiss before the blushing pink of his lips was seductively wetted with his tongue.

“My lips would very much like to become acquainted with yours.” He laughed.

I could handle kissing. My body crawled over to Harry. Our embrace was hot and heavy unable to keep our hands from one another. Regrettably I drew back for air, my hair falling in a curtain around us.

“That’s nice.” Harry hummed in appreciation. “But I meant your other lips.”

My entire body flushed with heat, recognising what he was asking as the material of my dress slipped higher up my thigh. Harry had shifted me forward within seconds to sit astride his chest, just over his ribs. His defined arms hooked under my thighs and I gripped his shoulders as he attempted to encourage me closer.

“It’s alright.” He quietly comforted.

The smile he displayed was gorgeous, eyes sparkling up at me. Rough hands slid up my thighs, crinkling my dress before skimming around to my backside. Despite the fact that I held the dominating position I felt that Harry remained in control. I hadn’t fully realised how my body had reacted until a groan of teasing complaint was heard. My fingers had tightly wound into his hair, securing his head to the bed as Harry attempted to urge me closer to his pouted mouth.

“Wait, wait.” I gushed in a panic.

“It’s no different than before.” Harry lightly reasoned.

“It is quite different, Harry.” My voice rose in surprise at how casual he was with everything.

The grip I used to hold his curls loosened slightly.

“Why? I still have my face between your legs.”

Harry could be such a boy at times. But he soon became acutely aware of my annoyance, my thighs tightly squeezing around his head as he laughed.

“Alright, alright.” Harry surrendered.

His hands pried at my constriction, freeing himself from my strength.

“If you’re not comfortable then we don’t have to.”

I was relieved as my body was allowed to wiggle from Harry and up towards the top of the bed. But the freedom didn’t last long. He promptly moved to grasp my ankle, tugging me closer to him as he loomed over. Harry’s words were hushed, the invitation for my ears only.

“Just know the offer still stands for you to sit on my face.”

He was highly amused with my reaction as I shoved at his shoulders to push him away.

“Another time.” He smugly continued.

 I didn’t have time to pull myself together before warmth could be felt against the inside of my leg. Harry’s kisses trailed up along with the navy material of my dress to commence in an act that he had openly admitted he enjoyed just as much as I did.

It was when Harry encouraged my right hand to his hair, taking hold of the soft curls between my fingers that I could feel myself nearing the end. But it had been his next few words that had knocked me over the edge.

“Hold me down.” He whimpered.

I was still seeing stars as Harry crawled up to become face to face with me. His smug grin said it all, curls a wild mess. But I beat him to it before he could voice an arrogant remark concerning the short time it had taken for him to force my climax.

“Can we get under the covers?”

His dimples seemed to indent further, eyes alight with a now playful warmth.

“Course we can, but I want to get this dress off you first.”

We scrabbled off the side of the mattress to negotiate the removal of our remaining clothes. There was an element of grace as I began to rid myself of the dress, shimming the material higher. But this soon descended into something of a frustrated fluster. I could hear Harry laughing, the unceremonious dropping of his jeans was obscured from my vision with the tricky clothing I struggled with.

“Help me.” I pleaded.

Hands took hold of the dress, wiggling it higher.

“How did you get this on?” He humorously asked.

“With difficulty.”

“I can see that.”

Once off it joined Harry’s jeans on the floor.

“Holy shit.” He cursed.

I was completely bare apart from my bra, my embarrassment becoming apparent with the noticeable speckle of pink littering my cheeks. His mouth curved into a beaming smile whilst hooking his thumbs into the band of his boxers and promptly tugging them down. Harry’s boldness was always astounding.

I struggled to keep his silly grin from rubbing off on me. But I was fighting a losing battle, shyly glancing away as I laughed. He shifted to stand in front of me before my arm drifted up to secure around his neck. Our mouths met, the tenderness causing my eyes to flutter closed as we gradually made our way towards the mattress. Harry blindly reached behind me to entice the covers back and gently place me onto the dark sheets of his large bed.

Harry was knelt above me until I joined him. Boldly I took hold of him, pumping at his length and nuzzling my face into the curve where neck met shoulder. Harry’s hot breath puffed out in light laughs, reaching to the right and rummaging in the bedside drawer as I teasingly nibbled at his skin.

I ceased in the movement of my hand, intently watching as Harry carried out the actions I had witnessed him perform once before. His erection rested heavy between his thighs before rolling down the condom he had ripped open with his teeth. Small kisses were playfully stolen, distracting me from the other object retrieved from the wooden confines next to the vast bed. My hands were placed on the broad expanse of Harry’s shoulders, our cheeks brushing as I glanced down between us. The small bottle’s lid was flicked open, clear liquid squirted onto the tips of Harry’s fingers. He placed it to the side, eyes hooded as he smeared the substance thoroughly over the stiff, rubber covered length. Harry’s thumb brushed over his tip, spreading the liquid. Once finished his attention was upon me. More of the clear liquid covered his long digits. Full lips were pressed to mine before his gaze travelled down to where his touch made me flinch.

“I want to do this right, it will help.” Harry spoke quietly.

An arm skimmed around my back, holding me closer as he attempted to continue with the lubricant.

“It’s cold.” I admitted in a nervous giggle.

“Sorry, I should have warmed it up.”

He smiled whilst rubbing his fingers together before gently touching the area between my legs.

“Is that alright?”

I nodded, lowering back to the bed as Harry settled to position himself above me. It was then I noticed the slight hesitation in his confident movements, the uneasiness in his eyes.

“I trust you.” I spoke whilst sweeping his hair from his forehead.

“But last time..” Harry worriedly trailed off.

“You said that wouldn’t happen again and I trust you.”

He kissed my cheek, lips peppering affection along my jaw to my ear.


I could feel my toes curling, Harry tracing the shape of my side, fingertips grazing my warm skin. He was so delicate, gently kissing my lips as his eyes remained on me. My left leg lifted to rest and curve around his back, heel pressing into his lower spine. The tip of his ready, slick length brushed me twice before carefully pressing in. Harry caught hold of the duvet, smoothly sliding it up his naked back to encase us in warmth. I knew the temperature would rise in the next coming minutes, but at that time it felt perfect. As he gradually guided himself in, small sounds escaped from my mouth, captured in the breath Harry inhaled. My fingers lightly tugged at the sheets, unaccustomed to the feeling of experiencing anything so intimate. It still felt odd, but nothing like it had when we first had sex.

“Is that alright?”

It was obvious of his anxious nature, prying my hand away from the bedding to hold in his.


“Can I go deeper?” He almost pleaded.

My small nod gave Harry permission to sink into my tight warmth. Both of us were struggling to draw in vital air, our bodies lovingly connecting. I had never felt closer to another person.

“Oh my god.”

My nails dug into his back as I attempted to relax, aiding in Harry’s gentle, persuasive movement. The position was held to allow me time, time to fully absorb him.

Broken sounds tumbled from Harry’s parted lips, eyes alight with warmth as my muscles contracted around him. I watched intently as I repeated the foreign action, enjoying the reaction I was provoking. A small knowing smile drifted onto the swollen pink of Harry’s lips. I received a barely noticeable nod in request to feel the pleasuring squeeze once more. The response was a low growl reverberating from the back of his throat.

“Please, let me move.” Harry strained.

The deliberate roll of his hips was something indescribable, rocking back and forth at a steady, unhurried pace. We had all night. Our chests were pressed together, the cups of my bra making contact with Harry’s firm torso.  My arms cuddled him impossibly close, desiring to feel that heavy masculine weight above me.

“I’ve never gone this slow before.” He admitted. “I like it.” Harry lazily smiled.

My hand cupped his cheek as our lips united in a leisurely kiss, the duvet slipping down Harry’s back until I aided in tugging it up.

“You looked really pretty in your dress tonight.”

I smiled at his sweet compliment, finding it a little amusing that we were having a conversation whilst making love. It made me wonder if it was his way of trying to distract himself from repeating previous mistakes.

“Thank you. You’ve already said that though.” Small gasps separated my sentence every couple of words.

Harry’s hips ground down onto mine, stealing the breath from my lungs.

“I meant it.”

My head rolled to the side as I received a heavier thrust, eyes clamping shut as I gripped tightly to his hip. It hadn’t hurt, just felt strange, oddly pleasurable.

“Sorry.” Harry gushed.

“It’s fine.” I replied, giving him a reassuring peck. “Keep going.”

Harry was still above me, supporting his body upon his forearms. The flicks in his hair tickled at my face as he kissed at my neck.

“You smell really nice.” He continued. “I’m talking a lot, aren’t I?”

His voice broke the muffled sounds of desire, remerging from my body the blush on his cheeks made me aware that he was a little embarrassed. I always found it undeniably cute, such a contrast from his sometimes unforgiving harsh exterior.

“Yes.” I strained in a giggle.

“Sorry, it’s just I-I’ve never been able to before.”

“I don’t mind, as long as you keep moving.” I playfully squeezed at his hips.

His laughter rang out before shifting slightly to the left. My mouth parted as he began to massage a new sensitive area with the length buried inside me. His name left my lips in desperate cries, the heat from both our bodies increasing. We were still taking it slow, but the depth was penetrating me further as he purposefully held the position for longer.

“Please.” I whimpered.

A lazy smile graced Harry’s features, enjoying my pleading, desperate for him to move. When he did, the same action was repeated, remaining stationary inside me. I clung to him, both my legs now secured around his waist. My arms abruptly spread out either side of me as Harry hit a spot that had pleasure bursting through my body. Fingers tightly fisted at the sheets, my shoulders leaving the mattress to plant a heavy kiss to his pouted lips.

“There?” He mumbled.

I cried out as he continually met the point that had me shaking. My arms were collected in close to my body, Harry lowering down as I caressed his jaw. There was no distance between us as he kept my bent arms pinned to my chest, our hot skin making contact. His body seemed to cage around me, resting his weight practically on top of me. Harry’s hands cupped the back of my shoulders, holding me against him as he buried his face into my neck. I could do nothing else but constrict my legs around his waist as his hips repeatedly collided with mine at an increasing pace. All the while Harry was throatily expressing the intensity of the situation in curse words.

I managed to wiggle my arms free, my hands cupping Harry’s face and guiding him down for a kiss.

“Please let me be inside you when you come.” He panted.

We’d never experienced my orgasm whilst having sex, only having carried out the act once before. Then it had been too much for me, overwhelming. But now I felt ready. I nodded, unable to voice my confirmation through coherent words.

“Tell me when you’re nearly there.”

We were still wrapped in each other, Harry leaving sweet kisses to my cheek as he rolled us over more to the left. He protected my body, arms encircling me in a safe embrace, hips grinding against my own. My hand moved from his waist to in between us.

“Are you close?”

Our noses were touching; eyes wanton with need as I gently rubbed the area above where we connected. But my hand was soon brushed to the side. My back landed flat on the mattress, Harry coming to hover of me again.

“Let me.”

The instant Harry’s fingers made contact with my sensitive nerve endings I grabbed hold of his nape. My burning muscles clenched round his throbbing intrusion, warmth beginning to tingle in my stomach. His eyes widened, lips parting as he stared down at me. Harry’s naked body lowered further, engulfing and shielding me. I knew he was finding it difficult to move despite the combination of the synthetic lubricant and my own arousal.

“I’ve got you.” He reassured. “You can come for me, you’re safe.”

I let Harry take me.

My orgasm pulsed around his stiff length, muscles clenching causing his mouth to part. It felt different, so much more, allowing it to absorb my entire body. My fingers tangled into the damp curls at the nape of Harry’s neck as he witnessed me fall apart beneath him in awe. His focused observation was short lived, preoccupied with supressing gravely moans. But I was still too immersed in my own shattering orgasm to fully take in the transformation of his features as he came.

All too soon Harry gently slipped from me before pressing his lips to mine. My awareness was still a little fuzzy, our noses rubbing in an Eskimo kiss. Harry rolled off to my left, leaving the duvet to expose my bra covered chest as he removed the condom. I shifted to watch him, a grin gracing his beautiful face.

“Who knew you were a screamer.” Harry quirked.

It took me a couple of seconds to catch onto what he was saying.


My hand bumped against his in question.

“I’ve never met the guy in the next flat over, but he certainly knows my name now.” Harry breathlessly laughed.

I suddenly found my strength to roll and pin his wrists by his head on the pillow. I sat astride his waist leaning over him.

“You’re an arse.” I weakly retaliated.

He was still laughing, unsuccessfully trying to nudge my cheek with his nose as I pulled away. Harry flopped back to the pillows, staring up as me as he remained my captive.

“Well, I quite like your arse.”

His tone made it clear he was in a playful mood.

“Shut up.” I bit back.

“Make me.” He didn’t miss a beat. His voice lowered considerably with the challenge.

I subtly smiled, dipping my head to pepper kisses across the burning landscape of Harry’s chest. It rose and fell quickly with my attention, sucking on his left nipple. I felt rather smug as I glanced up through my lashes; Harry’s eyes were closed in pleasure. I took the rare opportunity of his current immobilisation to lick a teasing stripe up his neck. His groan was all the encouragement I needed before my lips met his ear.

“I want to do it again.” I spoke softly.

I had a suspicion Harry wasn’t used to the feeling of being speechless. Well, not in this sort of situation anyway. He looked a little baffled before collecting himself together.

“Give a man a chance to recover.” He joked.

I lay flat to him, my head resting on his sweating chest as his fingers brushed through my hair.

“Just let me know.”

“Oh, I can guarantee you’ll be the first to know.”

I hadn’t realised just how literal that statement would become as I felt Harry harden against my thigh a short time later. My body propped up to meet his eye contact.

“Like this?”

I didn’t quite understand what he was asking. The confusion must have been clear on my face as he smiled up at me. His thumb traced the outline of my lips.

“You’re so cute.” Harry kissed my nose.

His erection was made obvious with the movement of his hips. I gulped down my surprise. I then knew Harry was referring to me being on top. I became quiet with thought, the image of him underneath me as we had sex clouding my mind. We’d never done that before. Would I be in control? The idea intrigued me. But my thoughts were short lived as Harry’s chuckle sounded.

“Bo, if you want to ride me all you have to do is say.” He smirked.

I didn’t think it was possible for my face to flush any more. By that time Harry was grinning like an idiot.


He could sense I was struggling, unaccustomed to this foreign position as I sat astride his lap.

“Would it help if I sat up?”

I nodded, smiling as his muscled torso rose from the mattress. The hardness of Harry’s chest pressed to the contrasting softness of mine, sticky skin making contact. We both wore shy smiles, Harry’s nose nudging against my cheek.

“Try again.” Harry encouraged me.

He aided in guiding my hips up, my hand grasping hold of his hardened length and positioning it for me to slide down. I winced, my left touch finding support on his waist as I failed to connect us fully. My face squinted in concentration which Harry found a little amusing. Words of support were spoken in hushed tones, lips stippling kisses to my shoulder.

When Harry’s hand came to rest over my nervous one I found myself thankful for his patient guidance. Small adjustments were made in our positions before his swollen tip gently pushed partly in.

“Slowly.” Harry whispered.

I sank down according to Harry’s instruction, whimpering at the fullness I felt as I impaled myself on his thick shaft. His lazy smile spread in content. A kiss was left to my parted lips almost as a sign of his imminent departure from our cuddle to lie back on the bed. But I wouldn’t let him, my arms wrapping around his neck in resistance.

“Please don’t. Stay with me.” I begged.

“It’s alright.”

His reassurance was solidified in the protective hug, remaining in a seated position with me. My head rested on his right shoulder, the length of my hair tickling down his side. As we began to cautiously move I couldn’t prevent the breathless sounds from escaping. Harry was doing most of the work, taking my weight under my thighs and working me against him.

This time Harry took me with him to fall back into the sheets. I desperately kissed at his face as he confessed his love between gasps. My bra clasp was released, the pretty material trapped between us until I bravely sat up on my own. The straps were taken down my arms, fingertips burning against my skin. I was left at a loss not knowing how to position myself comfortably. Harry stayed almost motionless as my body rose and fell cautiously, allowing me to ride him. The satisfied expression he wore was a result of finding pleasure in the dominating female form above him. I had a feeling he was less than concerned with my lack of skill. Just happy to be with someone that reciprocated the love he gave.

“Bo, you can lean on me.”

He took my hands placing my palms on his chest to alter my position forward. It provided me with leverage to roll my hips as I rested my weight onto his body. Harry’s happy aura was contagious, fingers running freely up and down my sides.

The bending of Harry’s knees brought me to hover over him, lips swollen and pink.

“Hi.” He breathlessly smiled.


“You alright?”

“Mmm.” I hummed.

Our exchange left me distracted, Harry disappointingly slipping from me. My hand skimmed his toned stomach to take hold of him again. I felt more confident, taking less time to unite our bodies. Kisses weren’t spared in showering over the heated skin of my lover. The discovery of Harry’s soft spot was soon made at the base of his neck before I rose for air. My movement was irregular, lacking fluency in my hips. It was all new to me and the responsibility of setting the pace was an alien idea, having relied on Harry before.

“Stop thinking about it.” Harry’s hands came to rest on my waist. “Let’s find your rhythm, Baby.”

His palms slid down to my hips, cheekily cupping my backside and under my thighs. I allowed him to guide me in rocking back and forth, settling on a steady pace like nothing I’d ever felt before. My tight walls caressed Harry’s length as what felt like every inch moved within me.

“You like that?” He questioned.

His smile was laced with pleasure, intently witnessing the seductive roll of my body, something that felt abnormal to me. I had never thought of myself as being sexy, it was a characteristic quite remote from my usual clumsy behaviour. But as Harry lifted his hips to meet mine I instantly reacted by arching back and tilting my chin to the ceiling; the process pushing my chest out as I leant back on his thighs.

“Fuck, you’re so hot.” He groaned.

I squeezed at his legs whilst biting my lip in a failed attempt to supress the string of sensual moans. We continued to move against one another, eventually coming to linger over Harry once more. Our kiss was heated with the tug of my bottom lip. My laugh emitted in broken air as his fingers playfully dug into my sides, only to cry out seconds later. I retaliated to the heavy thrust by digging my nails into Harry’s glistening chest whilst grinding down with my hips.

“Stop, stop Bo.” He pleaded.

I ignored him, only concentrating on forcing him to reach his high. Our breathing was heavy at a loss for breath. It was probably the closest I would ever get to feeling the constriction of your chest at a high altitude. Harry’s large hands caught hold of my hips in an attempt to control the situation but it was too late. I whimpered at the feeling of Harry releasing into the condom, pressing my palms flat to his chest as my hair flowed down around me. It was hot and fast. His eyes were clamped closed, desperately trying to prevent the moans falling from his mouth. His plump bottom lip was taken roughly between his teeth, sure to leave some kind of reminder of his still engulfing orgasm. And my only thought at that time was how much I wanted to kiss it better.

Harry was still buried deep within me. The frosty green of his pretty eyes soon came to flutter open, but he appeared less than happy, a frown descending. He caught hold of my wrists when I attempted to shift from him.


 “No.” He growled.

In the blink of an eye I was trapped beneath him. He had both my wrists pinned above my head with one hand. Harry’s name shaped on my lips but I couldn’t speak it. His thrusts were sharp, forcing the air from my lungs as his index and middle finger drew quick circles into my clitoris.

 “Come on.” Harry roughly drawled. “Come on, let go.”

The knotting in my stomach was tightening with the determined pace and deliberate touches. Harry then witnessed something only his eyes had ever seen as screamed his name.


“Why did you tell me to stop?” I asked.

My fingers continued to trace over the lines on his stomach as we lay together.

“I’m a firm believer in ladies first.”

His voice emphasised the word “firm”, squeezing my hips. I giggled, nestling deeper into his side as he tugged the covers over our heads.

My arm rested over his waist.

“Well, Mr Styles, your chivalry precedes you.” I teased. “But I like watching you come.” I spoke quietly, avoiding his playful gaze.

“Oh yeah.”

“Your eyes screw up and you bite your lip.” I told him whilst running my thumb over the swollen bottom lip.

“Well, I like it when you scream my name.”

I was about to tell him to shut up when a ringtone I recognised as Harry’s sounded. The sheet became tightly wrapped around me as my warmth climbed from bed. He hastily tugged up the boxers left on the floor before taking his phone from the back pocket of his jeans. I curiously examined his reaction to the caller, cancelling the line before turning to me.

“I’m going to check if the door is locked.”

“It is.” I abruptly spoke. “You put the chain across when we came in.”

“I’ll just make sure.”

“Don’t leave me.”

I knew I sounded a little whiney but I didn’t want to be left on my own.

“Two minutes. Don’t go anywhere.”

“What am I going to do, jump out the window?” I laughed. “Fine.”

When five minutes passed I decided to get up and brush my teeth for bed. I secured the sheet like a towel under my arms, the excess trailing behind me to the adjoining bathroom. Upon rinsing my mouth out I took a better look at myself in the mirror. I soon realised there wasn’t much I could do with my unruly hair, settling to comb my fingers through the tuck stray strands behind my ears. My cheeks were a little flushed, but I didn’t mind the colour. It contrasted greatly to the deep blue of my eyes.

I glanced at the clock display. It had been a good 10 minutes now and I found myself wondering down the hall in search of Harry. He was in the living room, back turned to me as he pressed the phone to his ear. The length of his legs was a feature a found myself jealous of. But my admiration of Harry’s body was pushed to the side.

“If you can do it, it has to be tonight. They’ll be out until early this morning.”

My curiosity got the better of me before clumsily stumbling over the sheet. Hands darted out to the back of the sofa to prevent myself from face planting. Harry suddenly turned, features softening with my presence.

“Hang on.” He spoke into the phone.

The mouth piece was covered.

“You alright?”

“Are you coming back to bed?”

I shifted on my bare feet as my question was left unanswered; Harry scanning my entire body as I clutched the cover tightly to my chest. I gathered my hair over one shoulder.

“Harry?” I prompted.

“You look like a goddess.”

It wasn’t quite the reply I was looking for, his compliment unexpected. I thanked him quietly as I lingered in the doorway.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“You said that ten minutes ago.”

“I promise.” He winked with a smirk.

I turned to leave the room, glancing back over my shoulder.

“Well, just so you know I’m getting cold without you.”

“Duly noted. I’ll have to make it quick then.”

The teasing in his tone was evident, eyes mischievously sparkling. I laughed upon hearing him tell the person on the phone to rudely shut up. It was clear they had heard our conversation despite Harry’s efforts at trying to retain some privacy.


I felt the bed dip as Harry climbed back in. I had instructed him that I would only let him cuddle with me if he brushed his teeth. Harry had played along, returning from the bathroom and grinning at me to display the white of his stunning smile.

“All clean.” He proudly proclaimed.

Butterfly kisses were sweetly fluttered against my cheek before my lips pressed to the corner of his right eye. I nuzzled into his side, resuming our cosy positions before Harry made the mystery call.

“Come lay on me.” He offered.

“No, you’re uncomfortable after a while.” I replied honestly.


“It feels weird.” I explained. “You’re kind of solid to lay on and I’m…squidgy”

“Squidgy?” Harry laughed.

I poked at his stomach, the muscles taut and defined; evidence of hour upon hour of training. My index trailed up to his chest nudging at one of his pecks. I couldn’t help but giggle, squirming away as Harry repeated my actions, poking at my chest.


Even if I had someone telling me how beautiful I was every day, I would still hold those stubborn insecurities. Ones that were continuously circulated in magazines to make you awful about yourself. I didn’t think I’d ever have the thigh gap that most promoted. Well, maybe if I stood in a superhero pose. But I just wasn’t built that way, and I had come to the conclusion that I had to make the best of what I had.

Harry had helped though. It was just the way he looked at me. He didn’t care if I had a few stretch marks or carried a little more weight on the curves of my hips. I had laughed at him when he told me it was more for him to hold on to.

“You can put a pillow on me if you want.”

I was tugged up to lay upon Harry’s outstretched body. I sat up whilst he retrieved a pillow from the mess of sheets and placed it on his chest. It was adjusted to my need before I lowered down. He nudged a leg between mine, my foot subconsciously brushing back and forth over the hair covering his calf.  

“Stop wiggling.” Harry lightly complained.


I settled to rest my chin on the pillow, staring at the boy who lay comfortably beneath me.

“You good?”


The covers were pulled up and draped over my back. Harry softly hummed as I twirled a curl around my index. It was quiet, a peacefulness that I soon broke.

“You’re really pretty.”

I found it somewhat frustrating at the fact Harry hardly put any effort in to look absolutely stunning.

“Thanks, so are you.” He grinned. “And for future reference, I quite like your squidgy bits.”


I hadn't a clue how long we stayed up talking. And for those hours I had completely forgotten about the amount of times Harry had acted out violently because of his temper. He was sweet, interested in what I had to say and not shy of poking fun at me. He could take just as good as he could give. Conversations weaved from music to baking. I had promised to teach Harry how to bake a cake in return for him taking me to see a band play at the local park. It must have been the early hours of the morning before I watched him drift off to sleep. It couldn't have been a few minutes later before I quickly followed into an unconsciousness state filled with a boy, all dimples and curly hair. 


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