Dark -A Harry Styles Fanfiction

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39. Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Our bodies were cuddled under the duvet. My toes wriggled as the hair on Harry’s legs tickled at my bare skin. His head was resting on my chest as I carefully combed through his tousled curls with my fingers. His arm was wrapped round my waist, softly snoring. I shifted slightly, Harry’s grip intensifying as he held me close. He looked so beautiful, his hair in tight ringlets, pink, plump lips. I watched almost in awe as long eyelashes fluttered on his cheeks, drawing in a deep breath before settling to rest on my chest once more. His breathing leveling to a slow, steady pace, it calmed me.

I had found him in this position a short while before as I woke. The pillows in disarray above and below the duvet. Instead he had subconsciously opted to use me, wrapping his limbs round my body. It wasn't so much protective, but almost a little frightened, reminding me of a child clinging onto a loved one for comfort. The length of his legs were entwined with mine. Fingers occasionally twitched, lightly fisting at his t shirt adorning my upper half.

I was quite certain Harry’s slumbering position was in fear of me leaving. Desperately holding on. But he needn't have worried. There was no chance of me disappearing. The feelings I had developed for the stunning guy currently keeping me overly warm, were something I had never felt before.

We were yet to say how we really felt about each other. I knew Harry cared for me, he had told me a number of times. But deep down I was frightened I possessed a stronger attachment to him than he did to me. I had never been in a relationship before, never felt such a desire to be as close to someone before.

I was unable to ponder over the thoughts racing through my mind for any longer. My attention was drawn back to Harry. He lightly mumbled my name, his warm hand sliding over the duvet. Seconds later I realized he was in search of my smaller one. I offer my touch to him, long fingers oddly entwining with mine and encouraging it up to the ringlets flopping over his head. I smiled, even in sleep Harry still found comfort in someone playing with his hair. A heavy sigh fell from my mouth, my bottom lip taken between my teeth.

“I think I’m in love with you.” I barely whispered.

My heart began to thump against my chest and I felt almost certain Harry could sense my increased pulse. His presence suddenly felt overbearing, weight pressing down on me. I couldn't breathe. My fingers struggled to gently pry his arm from round my waist, attempting to wriggle out from under his large frame. I found it difficult as Harry’s long limbs were heavy with sleep; he had quite literally tangled himself with me. The strength of his body still profoundly evident even in his weakened unconscious state. Frustrated mumbles could be heard as I tried to free my leg from between Harry’s thighs. The sounds grew louder as I resisted his arm which intended to drag me back to him. All the while, Harry’s sparkling green eyes remained hidden from me. I pressed a kiss to his cheek, fingers running lightly through his ringlets. The gesture seemed to calm him, allowing me to ease my leg out from between the strength of his thighs. The throaty moan that accompanied the action flushed heat to my body. My eyes widened slightly as my knee lightly brushed the growing hardness between the top of Harry’s tensed legs. I ignored the images that sprung to my mind, my lover panting and glistening in sweat above me. My head shook, denying myself the indulgence of a glance under the covers; knowing the thick erection I had felt rather intensely hours before, would be straining against the black fabric tightly hugging Harry’s lower half.

I felt like self-appraisal was in order as I eventually became free of my protector’s superficial strong hold. My absence was voiced in a strained whimper from Harry, his forehead creasing in a frown, eyes still remained shut. Despite his displeased expression, Harry was still the most beautiful male I had ever seen.

His restlessness continued until he shifted over slightly to the spot I was previously laid in. Long legs stretching out under the duvet until his feet poked out the end. I couldn't help but smile. His full, pink lips were parted as I placed a soft kiss to his cheek. My presence retreated, leaving Harry to grab the nearest pillow to entice closer into his bare chest.


My mind was on other things as I swiped the knife over the toast, spreading the purple jam. I didn't hear Harry enter the kitchen. It startled me when his arms wrapped round my waist from behind. I smiled as he hummed in my ear, resting his head on my shoulder. He tickled my neck with his plump lips leaving teasing kisses across my skin.

“I don’t like waking up alone.” He mumbled. “I thought you had made a run for it.”

His words confirmed to me that my assumption was correct. He was scared.

“I had to get head start, what with your long legs.” I teased.

This only encouraged him further, his teeth nipping at my exposed shoulder as he playfully growled. I wiggled round in his hold, laughing as he pressed me between his body and the worktop. His eyes fell to my mouth as I brought my bottom lip between my teeth. I watched as his pink tongue slipped out, wetting his lips.

“Oh I um…”

We both swiftly turned to see my mum stood in the doorway. Her eyes quickly shifting, uncertain on where to look as Harry stood in his low slung, grey joggers. However, this didn’t seem to faze him as he smiled at her, wrapping his arms round my waist from behind before kissing the top of my head. Harry’s t shirt hung loosely off my shoulder and I silently praised myself for putting on some shorts. My hair cascaded over my front in waves. Apparently I had inherited my rosy cheeks from my mother.

“I’ll um..just…”

She turned quickly and headed down the hall to the living room. It hadn’t been my intention for my mum to discover us like this, but there was little I could do about the situation. However, the male who was currently kissing at my neck appeared to have no discontent with the scene. I pecked Harry on the cheek, moving to the doorway. A giggle escaped my lips as he grabbed my hand, effortlessly tugging me back to him. He left a heavy kiss to my mouth before flicking his head to the door in indication. I squeaked as he squeezed my bum, slapping it lightly in encouragement.

“Go and put a top on.” I laughed.

I watched him cheekily take a bite out of the toast before jogging over to the door and up the stairs to my room. My body took in a deep breath as I prepared myself to have the inevitable conversation with my mum. I found her sat on the sofa, her eyes darting up to me as I walked through the door.

“Bo.” She smiled.

She stood from her position, quickly wrapping her arms round me. I smiled as she kissed my cheek. Her hands went to my shoulders, holding me at arm’s length, curiously peering at me. Her auburn hair was taken back in a ponytail, soft blue gaze holding mine. She still adorned her nurse uniform, the pale color something she disliked about working at the hospital.

“So, you and Harry.”

A blush crept onto my cheeks as I gave her a small nod, finding it a little difficult to meet her eye contact. She squeezed my shoulders.

“You were safe?” Her eyebrows rose questioningly at me.

“Oh god, mum yes.” I squirmed.

She lightly nodded in relief, her smile returning. The heat hadn’t had a chance to disappear from my face before another wave of embarrassment rolled through. I hastily brought my hair round to cover the spot I knew Harry’s lips had brought blood to the surface on my neck. A reminder of our intimate activities the night before. My mum mumbled something about being young as she laughed.

“I told you he was sweet.”

She had no idea the events that had taken place the space she had last seen Harry. But I found myself smiling, she was right.

“I really like him.” I admitted quietly.

I had yet to tell anyone my true feelings for Harry. But by the understanding expression on my mum’s face, she was fully aware of what I left unspoken.

“The way he looks at you. It’s like how your dad used to look at me.”

The words clenched at my heart. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes at the mention of my dad. Even when growing up, I couldn't deny the love that could be seen between my parents. They had cherished each other. When my dad was harshly ripped from us it practically broke my mum, I had never witnessed her in anything comparable to the time after my father’s death. The meaning behind her words was so powerful.

Our silent conversation was interrupted as Harry appeared in the doorway. His jeans were slung low on his hips, the black band of his boxers peeking over the top. He stood still bare chested grinning at us, completely oblivious to the profound situation he was a part of.

“I’ll leave you to it.” My mum squeezed my hand as she walked away.

“Nice to see you, Harry.” She spoke whilst passing him through the door.

“You too, Mrs Ellis.”

“Heather.” My mum corrected.

His raspy chuckle echoed before he made his way towards me.

“I thought you were going to put some clothes on.” I giggled.

His fingers playfully tugged at the hem to the t shirt I was wearing. Green eyes were sparkling in amusement as his height loomed over me. I placed my hand on the smooth skin of his hip as he leaned down. His warmth comforted me.

“You’re wearing my shirt, and as good as it looks on you, I kind of need it back.” He smirked into my neck.

My fingers left goose bumps in their wake as I trailed my touch up his toned back. A light moan fell between us, tangling my digits between his messy ringlets, keeping his lips pressed to my shoulder.

“You’ll have to catch me first, Styles.” I whispered.

I drew back to discover Harry gaping at me. The playful glint was overwhelmed by a subtle darkness as I met his gaze. He looked so hot. Bruises still scattered across his tanned torso from the fight that had taken place the previous day. I prayed that the marks had gone unnoticed by my mum. I felt a little awkward at the thought of her assuming I had inflicted such impacts during our bedroom activities.

“Challenge accepted.” Harry’s voice sounded huskier than usual.

The deep tone sent shivers across my skin before I hastily dashed for the door. I had barely made it to the stairs before a large hand grasped at the baggy fabric concealing my torso. I managed to evade him, turning and pressing a small kiss to Harry’s lips in a distraction. Surprisingly the gesture provided me with an advantage, which I grasped stumbling up the stairs. I could hear my mum laughing as I shrieked, Harry hot on my heels as he pursued me to my bedroom.

I had nowhere left to run as he smugly closed the door behind him. My body backed away as Harry stalked forward, a satisfied smile gracing his face.

“Looks like I win.” He stated proudly, eyes grazing up and down my smaller frame.

The tips of his fingers burned my skin as he hooked them into the neck of my t shirt, tugging it down slightly. My body felt weak as he decreased the distance between us, touch skimming down my sides to the hem of the clothing.

“Do I get to take it off you?” He grinned.

My lashes fluttered, large hands finding my bare hips as he crinkled the fabric up higher. I giggled as Harry lightly squeezed my sides, knowing full well how ticklish I could be. But the laughing ceased. Hot, wanton breath trickled across the skin of my neck. Harry nudged his face into the crook. The light bites tingled through my entirety. Lips brushing my ear.

“I woke up with a hard-on this morning.” He lowly mumbled.

The tone of his voice descended straight to the aching I felt for him. His seductive touch continued to gradually remove the clothing I had commandeered.

“I was disappointed to find my girlfriend wasn't there to help me out.”

The t shirt was gently pulled over my head leaving my chest completely exposed to the lustful green that grazed my skin.

“Maybe next time.” He smirked.

He swiftly tugged down the grey fabric to cover his toned torso.

“Mm, it’s still warm.” Harry teased.

My right forearm traveled up to conceal my breasts as he chuckled. When I had asked him to find me another t shirt, I wasn't best pleased with his carefully selected choice. My cheeks blushed as he held it out expectantly to me, his eyes glinting in mischief. I turned away from him as he waited for me to dress.

A frown etched into my features at I held up the clothing.

“Harry, this is practically see-through.” I called out behind me.

“I know.” He playfully confirmed.

Before I could complain another, less transparent, top was gently pulled over my head. I felt like a little child as he helped me dress, guiding my arms through the sleeves. He encouraged me round to face him, his cheeky grin lightly up his stunning features. But I was left disheartened as the adorable indents in his cheeks disappeared, along with his happy mood. Harry’s focus had landed on my hip, my hand tugging his fingers away as he attempted to lift up the fabric veiling the small, impacting bruises he had created.

“I’m sorry I hurt you.” His voice was hushed.

To be honest, the reminders of his darkened state didn't really bother me. I smiled at the situation, marks covering both Harry and myself. Some bruises, nail scrapes and other softer colors, evidence of heated, seductive lips. We matched.

But that wasn't the hurt I was worried about.

“You’re just really…” I trailed off.

I had a feeling Harry knew what I was attempting to approach. The slight curve of his lips calmed me a little. He took amusement in noticing my eyes nervously glance down between us. My subtlety was something to be desired.

“Your body will adjust to me. The more times we have sex the easier it will be.” He explained.

His face nuzzled into my neck, lips attending to the sensitive skin for a second before moving to my ear. Arms holding me close, our clothed chests pressing together. The heat radiating from Harry warmed my entirety.

“No pain, just pleasure.” He purred.

A blush flushed across my cheeks as he spoke the last word. There was something about the way Harry’s slow, raspy voice took the powerful word to a whole new level. How his full lips caressed the meaning, firmly assuring me he had every intention of standing by his statement. I was breathless as Harry drew back, eyes locking with my shy ones.

“What’s wrong?” He frowned.

My hands were taken in his vast palms, thumbs carefully rubbing over the backs.

“You want to do it again with me?” I asked quietly.

He grinned, nodding as his untamed hair fell round his face.


I hadn't really wanted Harry to leave. Our parting kiss had been passionate and I could tell he was more reluctant than I was to separate. He wouldn't allow me to walk with him to his car, so instead I sat on the doorstep and watched the black vehicle disappear down the road.

Just from the way he pressed his lips to mine, the gentle entwining of our fingers. I knew the intensity of his protective nature would heighten. Harry wanted to keep me safe. Even more so now that we had taken our relationship to the next level. That night would be something I would never forget, our connection strengthening.

Harry had promised to ring me from work, so when his name flashed up on my phone screen an uncontrollable smile broke out on my face. I quickly told Poppy I had to take the call, she laughed, ushering me away before I quickly made my way to the back room. The hard stare received from Dan didn't go unnoticed.

“Hello, Beautiful.” Harry’s usual greeting echoed.


I was sat on the desk in the small room to the back of the shop, my legs dangling off the side, swinging back and forth.

“How are you feeling?” Harry’s raspy voice spoke down the line.

“Bit sore but I’m alright. How’s work?” I quickly moved on.

I think he could sense I didn't particularly want to discuss over the phone, the aches and pains my body was currently riddled with.

“Yeah, not too bad. I’m just waiting for a new client to come in and train.” He didn’t sound very enthused.

My back arched, attempting to ease the tightness of my muscles. I was about to comment on his lack of excitement when he spoke again.

“I couldn't take my top off today.” Harry stated.

I furrowed my eyebrows, holding the phone closer to my ear. A few stands where pushed back, curiosity taking hold.


“Someone left scratches all down my back.” He spoke lowly.

My eyes widened with his words. I had forgotten my nails had caused such obvious indications of my presence on Harry’s body. It wouldn't be difficult for anyone to figure out the scrapes were the result of some rather intense tangling in the bed sheets.

“Oh gosh, I’m sorry, Harry.”

He chuckled at my concern.

“Don’t be, it’s really hot.” He paused momentarily. “It’s like you've marked me yours.”

I was surprised by the seductive tone that sent shivers through my sore body. I found myself wondering if Harry would have any objections to me using my mouth to leave possessive marks elsewhere. I blushed, imagining the potential his stunning collar bones could have. But our conversation was interrupted by Dan, he pushed the door open.

“Steve wants you back out on the floor.” He spoke rather abruptly.

I silently nodded in confirmation, but his lingering stance in the doorway remained.

“Is that him, your boyfriend?” Dan flicked his head to my phone.

There was a certain hostility to his voice, a clear dislike to the male I had taken time away to talk to. I hummed in response, turning away.

“Who’s that?” Harry asked. “It’s that stupid prick from your work, isn't it?” His voice lowering.

I found it a little difficult to focus on both of the males demanding my attention. The egos flying round were a little overwhelming.

“Bo?” Dan called.

“I heard. I’ll be there in a minute.” I bit back.

I didn't mean to snap at him, Dan only leaving when he finally recognized my annoyance. And even when he did, he left the door wide open. It was almost as if he knew the frustrating gesture was one of my pet peeves. Harry continued to speak at me through the phone.

“Seriously Bo, if he doesn't back off I’m going to kick the shit out of him.”

His aggression was blatantly clear through the rough tone of his voice. I knew full well his threat was anything but empty. And when I didn't reply I heard what sounded like a door slam on the other end of the line.

“Harry, what are you doing?” I gushed.

“I’m coming over.” He harshly stated.

“Oh God, Harry stop!” I pleaded. “Stay there.”

There was a few enraged swear words exchanged with what sounded like Tom. I found myself thankful for his presence. Tom wasn't scared of Harry like most individuals were, he could stand his ground against the curly haired guy, even at his most hostile. But I had a feeling Harry’s aggression would be his excelling characteristic if it ever came down to a fist fight.

“Harry?” A few seconds passed, but I knew he was still on the other end of the line. His breathing slightly heavier. “I wish I was there. I’d kiss away the little frowny crease you get in between your eyebrows when you’re angry.” I quietly promised.

My posture was tense as I anxiously waited for any sort of response.

“I know what you’re doing.” Harry muttered.

“You look really sexy when you’re angry.” I continued.

His light chuckle confirmed I had partly succeeded in calming him down.

“Where else would you kiss?” He asked slowly.


I found Dan back on the tills. He didn't turn to me as I stood to his side. But his gaze snapped to attention when I touched his arm. He shoved some of his light brown hair back from his eyes. Their depth piercing into me. There was no doubt he was attractive, but I was unable to see him in any other way than a friend. A certain curly-haired boy might have had something to do with that. Nobody seemed to compare to Harry.

“Sorry.” I apologized to Dan.

His features soften at my words.

“That’s alright.” He smiled. “But I probably shouldn't be talking to you.” Dan commented.

I frowned, a little taken back by his words. I thought we were friends. Most of our shifts coincided and I had spent many hours with him as we brought out new stock for the floor. He was easy to talk to and made me laugh.


“Didn't your boyfriend tell you?”

But he was unable to finish his explanation. I grew a little impatient as I waited for him to serve a customer. I quickly bagged the item being purchased to speed up the process. Of course I knew Dan and Harry had taken a sudden dislike to each other from the start, but this seemed a little extreme.

“Dan.” I encouraged.

His eyes found mine, scanning my face.

“He wasn't best pleased that we were working together.” His voice casual and I knew he was referring to the short conversation I was excluded from.

The information was already common knowledge.

“Harry is just a little protective.” I reasoned.

The scoff Dan emitted from his mouth took me by surprise.

“A little protective?” His level rose, sarcasm thick in his words. “He told me he’d fucking kill me if I ever tried to touch you. And that’s me putting it nicely.”

I was unsure of how to reply. The shop had grown a little quieter, the tills free of customers as Dan turned to me.

“Come on, Bo. You can’t tell me he doesn't scare you.” His brow creased.

The assuming statement irritated me. Dan, nor anyone else knew anything about my relationship with Harry. I stepped a little closer, my height proving a disadvantage.

“I’m not frightened of Harry.” My tone harsh.

He stared down at me, glancing over my head before drawing back to my gaze. It almost looked as though he as deciding on something in his head. His eyes flickered over my features, lingering on my lips for a second too long before returning to my curious blue.

“Your boyfriend assured me he would find no difficulty in acquiring a gun. Then proceeded to tell me he had no reservations on giving me another hole to breathe out of.” Dan paused. My eyes widened, visibly gulping. “You scared now?”

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