Dark -A Harry Styles Fanfiction

**I DID NOT WRITE THIS STORY!!** All credits go to @han_rawrr :) And please stop asking me to update because this is NOT my story and when a new chapter comes out, I'll post.


29. Chapter 29

Chapter 29

We stood together, Harry’s arms protectively wrapped round my shoulders from behind as we gazed at the exploding rockets. The colours were bright, lighting up the darkened sky. I felt his arms tighten as I fidgeted in his hold, mumbling my name to stop me. There was nothing much I could do about the current buzz the candy floss had struck me with.

My vision darted round, there were any number of young couples. Many of them encircled in each other’s arms. A few of them were sweetly stealing kisses. The images in front of me caused my mind to race, fuelled by my over consumption of sugar. Thinking back to the conversation I had with the girls a sudden pulse of energy pounded through my body. My fingers gripped hold of his wrist. I turned, dragging a confused Harry behind me, weaving in and out of the people watching the firework display.

When we passed under the funfair sign I was practically running. Harry jogged to keep up. There were so many cars in the dim field in front of us. I had no idea where Harry’s large vehicle was.

“W-Where’s the car?”

“Err, over there.” He pointed.

I immediately took off in the direction he had called my attention to.

“Bo, is everything alright, do you feel ok?”

I ignored his questions, towing him along behind me. I surprised even myself with my new found strength. As soon as we reached the car Harry was shoved up against it. He winced before I pulled him down to my level, planting a wet kiss to his mouth. To say he was surprised was an understatement. My hand felt round his bum for the keys.

“Hey, heEY” He protested.

The door was unlocked.

“Get in, get in.” I instructed.

“Bo, you look…. high.” He squinted his eyes slightly, moving his head away.

I huffed before shoving him into the vehicle. My legs climbed up, straddling Harry’s lap whilst he sat in the driver’s side. I slammed the door behind us. The stuffed, toy turtle was thrown to the back of the car in my haste. My hand searched for the leaver, sliding the seat back slightly.


I didn’t give him time to finish what he was saying. My mouth pressing forcefully to his. I felt down his stomach before roughly palming him through his jeans. A low, muffled moan emitted round the car. I pulled away from our heated embrace, my fingers desperately fumbling with his belt. The simple task was proven more challenging by my nervousness and the heavy sugar rush currently causing my hands shake. I grew frustrated, wiggling back slightly to get a better look at the buckle in the dwindling light.

We both jumped when the horn went off, my back pressing to the steering wheel.

“Bo.” Harry laughed.

I ignored him before he gripped my wrists, tugging my hands away from his crotch. My eyebrows came down in a frown as I took in his amused expression.

“Bo, slow down.” He chuckled.

My head fell forward onto his chest. It rumbled underneath me as he couldn’t contain his laughter.

“What are you trying to do?” He humorously asked.

When I didn’t answer he cupped my chin, bringing my head up. A smirk played on his plump lips as he curiously peered at me for my reply. He must have had some idea, I was hoping he wasn’t just asking to embarrass me further.

“Hmm.” He encouraged.

“I-I wanted to do something f-for you.” I spoke quietly.

Harry’s eyebrows came down, frowning slightly. I turned my head away, cheeks flushing. Long fingers still held my chin as he guided me back round to him again.


“Well, you’ve done stuff for me, I just…” My voice trailing off.

I became silent, not really knowing what to say. Harry’s mouth formed an “o” shape when he realised what I meant. He smiled, running his thumb along my upper then lower parted lips. But he didn’t say anything. I felt the heat tingle on my face.

“D-Don’t you want me to?” I stuttered.

He grinned.

“I would love for you to do that for me.” Harry paused kissing the back of my hand. “But don’t feel like you have to.” He added.

I still felt a little suspicious of his answer. Maybe he was just saying that to make me feel better. I think he realised my uncertainty. His arms drew me in closer, lips meeting the skin just below my ear.

“Just the thought of your pretty lips wrapped round me has got me excited.” He hotly whispered.

He held my hips as he rolled his up into mine. I gasped feeling the prominent bulge pressing into me. His thumb passed over my mouth again as he smiled. I lightly bit down onto his thumb as he slowly pushed it between my lips. He withdrew, leaving a heavy kiss to me.

“Another time.” He whispered.

Groups of people had started to walk back to the cars. A few of them walking between ours and the one parked next to us. I hadn’t really thought this through. Of course we couldn’t do it here, I felt so silly. It was that damn, pink candy floss.

He took the opportunity to nuzzle into my neck as my attention was momentarily diverted out of the window. Long fingers guided my face back round, plump lips dotting random kisses all over my cheeks, forehead, nose, mouth. I giggled pushing him away. Harry’s nose rubbed against mine before he helped me off his lap and I took my place in the passenger seat.

“I not giving you anymore candy floss.” Harry laughed.

A large warm hand rested on my knee before it slowly slid up my thigh.

“Or maybe I should.” He winked.

I batted his hand away as he chuckled. A second later he leaned in, kissing my cheek.


“Baby.” A voice whispered.

A light kiss was pressed to my mouth and I struggled to open my eyes. My tongue running over my lips, taking in the moisture. I heard Harry quietly chuckle.

“Wake up, Sleeping Beauty.”

I cuddled into his warmth as he lifted me from the car. My arm drifted up to wrap round his neck. The door was closed with Harry’s foot.

“What happened?” I mumbled.

“I was talking to you and when I turned you were asleep.” He smiled. “You crashed pretty bad.”


Harry’s fingers clutched my shoes that I had kicked off in the front of his car. I hooked my index into the neck of his t shirt, tugging it down a little so I could place a kiss at the base of his neck. We were half way up my path when I realised I had forgotten something.

“Wait, wait. I forgot my turtle.”

Harry laughed, playfully huffing as he spun with me still in his arms. He walked us back to his car, opening the rear door with one of his hands. He allowed me to climb in, rummaging round under the seat as I fumbled for the stuffed animal. I clutched the toy turtle to my chest.

“Come on.”

I giggled, attaching myself to his back as I wrapped my legs round his waist. The stuffed animal in my hand hung down Harry’s front as I draped my arms over his shoulders.


My teeth were quickly brushed before I washed my face and pulled on an old t shirt. The length of my hair fell in waves over my right shoulder as I combed it through. When I opened the bathroom door I found Harry sitting on the end of my bed, head down, staring at his phone. He was still fully clothed.

“Are you not staying tonight?” I asked.

“You have work in the morning and so do I.” He replied.

Harry’s focus didn’t remain on my face for long, his sparkling eyes trailing down the length of my body. The t shirt came to mid-thigh before my bare legs swept to the floor. I couldn’t help but shyly smile as I made my way over to him. His knees parted so I could stand in between. Large, warm hands rested on my lower back, slipping down to cup my backside. I quietly gasped, but allowed him to gently squeeze.

“You’re testing my patience.” He mumbled.

My fingers stroked his curls as his head rested on my stomach.

“No, No, you need to go to bed.” He abruptly spoke.

I jumped as he stood swiftly from the end of the mattress, his height shadowing over me before drawing back the covers.

“In.” He spoke whilst flicking his head.

I complied, climbing into bed.

“Please stay.” I whispered.

I watched him close his eyes, quietly sighing before staring down at me. His converse were kicked off and I made room for him to lay next to me. Harry remained on top of the covers as I snugged into my pillow, settling down on my stomach.

“I’ll stay until you fall asleep.”

“Well, I’ve been having trouble sleeping the past few nights, so you might be here a while.” I teased.

“Bo.” Harry warned, fighting to keep the smile from spreading on his lips.

He was laid sprawled on his back, head turned to me. He really was beautiful. Shock of chestnut curls adorning his head, striking green eyes and the fullest lips I’d seen on a guy.

“You have to close your eyes to sleep.” He whispered.

“I’d rather watch you.”

I shuffled a little closer to him as he observed me. My intention was for it to be a small goodnight kiss but it became a little more. Our lips savouring one another’s as they meshed together. My hair tickled against his skin, fingers slipping into his curls. Harry’s tongue pried into my mouth, invading my senses but as I tried to get closer he gently pushed on my shoulders. We were both breathless as we parted. But close enough for our lips to continually brush.

“Don’t tempt me.” He warned.

I reluctantly flopped back to my previous position, head still facing Harry. We laid for a little while in silence before I broke the quiet.

“You have long eyelashes.” I commented.

He smiled, slightly confused.

“Good thing?”

I nodded as Harry raised his hand, gently pushing my hair back from my face. Breath caught in my throat as he leaned over to me. A giggle escaped my mouth as he deliberately brushed his lashes against my cheek before placing a soft kiss to my lips.

“Go to sleep, Bo.”

I was startled awake by the sound of my alarm. My eyes blinked multiple times, adjusting to the light. But a smile spread on my lips when I saw the stuffed toy turtle in the place Harry had occupied before I drifted into unconsciousness. I vaguely remembered him carefully stroking my hair, his husky voice quietly singing as I fell asleep.



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