Dark -A Harry Styles Fanfiction

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26. Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Bo’s POV

I couldn’t help but giggle against Harry’s lips as he groaned. The ringing of his phone echoing round the quiet car.

“Harry.” I mumbled.

He didn’t respond, his mouth continuing to leave wet kisses to mine. My fingers pressed into his shoulders, attempting to nudge him away. But instead of complying he lowered himself further into me. I rolled my head to the side laughing. Soft lips trailed down my neck as I traced my fingertips down Harry’s back. He chuckled as I felt over his bum for the phone in his back pocket. I pulled it out, handing it to him. He playfully huffed taking it from me. I smiled, pushing back some of his curls as he stared down at me.

“Answer it.” I whispered.

His fingers routinely touched the screen, big green eyes still intently trained on me. It was pressed to his ear as Harry hovered my body. One strong arm supporting his weight.

“Hello.” His raspy voice spoke.

His face changed slightly at the voice on the other end of the line. Harry tilted the phone away from his mouth before he spoke.

“I need to take this.” He whispered.

“Ok.” I smiled.

I kissed his cheek before he shuffled to remove himself from me. My head tiled to the side in curiosity as I strained to hear the faint “Is that her, is it Bo?” question from the phone he clasped tightly in his large hand. I assumed Harry’s awkward cough was to try and cover the quiet voice. The person knew about me? I had a feeling Harry hadn’t told many people about me or our relationship. It was all part of his possessive, protective thing. But this person was informed well enough to know it was me with him. Harry must trust them.

His long body quickly stumbled from the door he had just opened, leaving me lying, slightly confused, on the back seat. I sat up, wiggling over to the exit Harry had just taken. My feet made contact with the tarmac as I jumped down. I watched Harry pace with the phone to his ear.

“No, we weren’t doing anything.” He mumbled, his cheeks lightly tinted in pink.

I had never really seen Harry look uncomfortable before, the slight blush on his face made him appear younger. He looked adorable, a side I rarely got to see. I couldn’t help but smile. His head snapped to me as I shut the back door to his car. He seemed a little worried. But I gave him a reassuring smile, his body relaxing somewhat as I moved to the passenger door and climbed into the front. I watched him out the windscreen before fiddling with the radio, my head leaning back as I closed my eyes and listened to Jessie J.

Minutes later the driver’s door was opened. I turned my head as Harry climbed in.

“Everything alright?”

He hummed in response, long fingers running through his dark curls.

“But I’m umm, I’m going to have to take you home.” He looked a little guilty.

“That’s fine. My mum called this morning and she’s coming home tonight.”

He seemed satisfied as I smiled.


The engine roared to life as I buckled in.


The car stopped the opposite side of the road to my house. The lights were off, my mum wasn’t home yet. I turned to Harry who was curiously peering at me. I undid my belt, noticing his was already off. The music from the radio was still quietly playing. But I didn’t take much notice as Harry took his plump bottom lip between his teeth. When it was released his tongue glided out. A habit I found endearing.

I slowly moved forward, placing my hand on his thigh for support and leaning into him. The warmth he radiated seemed to tingle throughout my body. Hot puffs of air lingered between us. But my lips barely brushed his before I heard him release a throaty moan. The vibrations running through his chest. My eyes widened slightly as I realised my hand had accidently slipped to his crotch. The pressure of my touch, pulsing waves of pleasure through Harry’s tense body.

“Oh gosh, sorry.” I gushed.

Harry’s eyes remained squeezed closed for a few seconds, lips parted. The feeling of my clumsy gesture lingering, despite my quick actions to remove my hand. I was slightly confused when he started to laugh.

“W-What?” I questioned.

“Most girls wouldn’t be apologising.” He joked.

Heat flushed my cheeks as I realised what he meant. It would be a rare occurrence for a guy to be displeasured at the thought of a girl palming his crotch. My head dropped in embarrassment, not being able to meet his gaze. A familiar deep chuckle sounded before fingers gripped my chin, angling my face back to Harry’s. I was met by a dimpled smile. 

“I love that I make you blush.” Harry spoke, his fingers gently brushing my heated cheeks.

A sigh escaped my lips as he nuzzled into the crook of my neck.

“But there’s no need to be shy.” He whispered.

I was unable to stop the memories of all the intimate moments we had shared flooding into my mind; the thought of Harry’s touch which would vary from slow and gentle to urgently desperate, as we became lost in our own world. Everything was new to me and I suspected Harry was enjoying being the one to share in my foreign discoveries. I was becoming increasingly aware of my deepening feelings towards Harry, the more time we spent together.

I was yanked back to the present when plump lips sucked at the warm skin of my neck. A smirk graced his face as he pulled away. It seemed only seconds and he was opening my door, helping me down. He retrieved my bag from the boot, taking my hand and crossing the road. We walked together up to my house, Harry bending down slightly to kiss my forehead. He seemed a little rushed as he said goodbye, making a beeline for his car. It made me even more curious as to who he had been talking to on the phone and where he was so keen to attend. With my keys hanging in the lock, I turned to see him just about to open the car door.

“Harry!” I called out to him.

He swiftly spun on the spot, stunning green eyes instantly locking with mine. He waited for me to continue.

“I find it incredibly hot that you’re a boxing trainer.” I smiled, biting my lip.

He deeply laughed before proceeding to flex his toned muscles for me. I playfully fanned my face, pretending to swoon. But I stood staring at him as he neared closer, his determined walk carrying him back up my path. In seconds Harry was stood directly in front of me. Our proximity almost non-existent. My mouth parted as I gasped. Strong forearms were placed under my thighs as he lifted me effortlessly, my legs wrapping round his waist. The smug look he wore matched the satisfied smirk. I was growing more accustomed to Harry’s sudden gestures of sweeping me off my feet. His dominant actions proving not always to be a bad thing. Green orbs sparkled as I smiled. My back pressed against the wall to the left of the front door. Harry easily held me in place, lips forcefully connecting to mine. The kiss was messy, a desperate attempt to feel each other. His tongue parting my lips as he invaded my mouth. A deep moan vibrated between us, my fingers tugging at Harry’s curls. Hands finally settling on the back of his neck as he withdrew his presence from me.

“I really have to go.” He mumbled breathlessly.

Our noses brushed as he spoke. I smiled, pressing a small kiss to his cheek. My fingers still clasped round his neck as I slipped from his hold, my feet touching the floor. I traced over his strong shoulders then continued down his toned arms, squeezing his biceps gently. My fingers gripped his hands.

“Go.” I whispered.

Harry leaned down placing a lingering wet kiss to my slightly swollen lips.

“I’ll see you soon, Baby.”

My body felt cold as his long fingers slipped from mine. I watched him cross the road and climb into the driver’s side of the large vehicle before he drove away.


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