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22. Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Harry’s POV

My hands darted up to push Kim away by her shoulders. She seemed a little surprised by my forceful actions. Anger washed through my body as a seductive smirk spread across her features. Her tongue slipped from her mouth, gliding over her lips. She hummed in satisfaction. I tightly gripped her left wrist before she could touch over my chest again.

That’s when I saw her. Bo. She was stood a short distance away. Tears threatened to brim over her watery eyes as she stood staring at us. A look of despair over her face as her lips parted. Her fingers urgently brushed away the moisture rolling down her cheeks as she refused to meet my gaze. Bo’s head turned to the right. I knew exactly what she was going to do. Run.

I watched as she hastily weaved through the people in the room. She quickly disappeared, her small height enabling her to hide amongst the groups. I was about to chase after her when long nails dug into my bicep. Kim looked up at me expectantly, my irritation growing stronger. I wiped her lip gloss from my mouth with the back of my hand in disgust.

Her eyes widened in fear as I shoved her back into the wall.

“Don’t come near Bo or I again. You hear me?” I spat.

I knew she was scared. But at that moment in time I couldn’t care less. Kim had seen me at my most hostile; I had a feeling my violent behaviour was a turn on for her. But neither she nor any other girl had ever been my target. I refused to take my anger out on a woman. I would never be like my dad. Trembling breath forced from her mouth as she shook in my hold. I released her wrists. My body turning away from her and heading for the exit.

I hastily yanked the door open, my eyes scanning the darkened street for any sign of the fleeing girl. Seconds later I spotted her. Long, dark hair flowing down her back as her feet carried her at a quick walking pace along the path. She passed people giving her sympathetic looks.


She didn’t stop. Her speed increasing at the sound of my voice as she tried to escape. I needed to talk to her. My legs pumped as I jogged after her. I didn’t care if we were causing a scene. The only person I was worried about was Bo.

“Bo, wait.”

“Leave me alone, Harry!” She shouted back.

It confused me when she slowed a little, before her hands tugged off her shoes as she hopped forward. She stumbled slightly before regaining her balance. Bo’s pace increased considerably as she sprinted down the pavement barefoot; her shoes tightly clutched in her right hand. I cursed, continuing to chase after her. The wild thumping of my heart beat against my chest as she disregarded the cars, running straight across the road. Beeping horns echoed through the night air, but Bo took no notice. It hurt that she was so desperate to escape me.

“Bo, stop!”

I continued to follow her. It surprised me at the quick pace she maintained. Even with our noticeable height difference and my longer legs, she still managed to keep me running trying to catch up with her. Bo led us through gates to a park. The surroundings were dimly lit along a path by a large pond. It put me on edge slightly, the eerie nature of the environment. The darkness between the trees not a comforting sight. There was no way I was going to let her run off on her own, not here. I noticed her smaller body start to tire slightly; quickly I took the opportunity to reach out to her.

Bo’s POV

The burst of adrenaline I felt was beginning to fade. My mind became increasingly aware of the tiring muscles in my legs. I started to panic a little when I realised how close Harry was. His heavy breathing could now be heard, the sound combining with the sharp gasps of air emitting from my mouth.

“Are you bloody crazy, you could have gotten killed?! Don’t run off like that again.” Harry shouted behind me.

I winced as long fingers tightly wrapped round my left wrist. My body was yanked round to face Harry. His bold actions surprised me, my shoes slipping from my hold to the grass. The burning image of him and Kim together pushed to the front of my mind. I ground my teeth as my right hand flew up connecting with his cheek. The force turned his head.

“Get off.” I spat.

However, Harry seemed unfazed by my harsh words. He released my wrist, not giving the tingling pink of his face a second thought. My shoulders were forced back to a tree trunk, my body flinching at the contact. Harry’s large hand gripped my chin, attempting to turn my head to face him. But I resisted, shoving his touch away. I knew my defiance was irritating him; Harry being so used to having his own way.

“Stop it.” I cried.

I found it difficult to meet his gaze. The aching of my heart still heavy in my chest from what I witnessed a short time before.

“I didn’t kiss her.” Harry raised his voice.

“How can you deny it? I saw you.” I spoke unbelievingly.

He shook his head in aggravation, curls falling out of place.

“She kissed me.”

I frowned. My vision fell down to the ground between us. My bare feet looked tiny in comparison to Harry’s converse. I wiggled my toes, the damp grass beginning to chill my feet. My anger seemed to die down slightly with the cool air. I closed my eyes remembering the displeasure on Harry’s face when Kim had approached us.

“Bo.” Harry spoke quietly.

Why would he kiss her if he didn’t like her? I whimpered upon feeling his hot breath on my skin. The sensation seeming to warm my whole body. My head turned away; his nose lightly brushing my cheek. His alluring smell taking over my senses.

“Bo, you have to trust me.”

I felt my defence diminishing as Harry’s warm lips ghosted over the corner of my mouth. When I didn’t move his gentle touch travelled to my jaw, sponging kisses to the tingling skin. But my mind quickly cleared the haze of Harry’s intimate affections. My hand slid into his hair. He moaned slightly as I fisted his soft curls between my fingers, tugging at them to increase the distance between us.

“I want to know that this is real.” I whispered.

The intensity in his eyes took my breath away. He made me feel weak, my grip loosening in his dark curls as he neared closer. My eyelashes fluttered as his nose brushed mine.

“I’m yours.” He whispered. “If you’ll have me, I’m yours.”

His words left me breathless. My overwhelmed focus unable to stray from his beautiful face. I watched a small smile play on his mouth as my bare feet stepped onto his converse. It provided me a little more height to lean up to him. I brushed my lips delicately over his. Sparkling green eyes closed as I lightly sucked on his plump bottom lip. Large hands held my hips; fingertips pressing in deeper when I spoke.

“I want you.” I whispered.

My feet stepped down, back leaning against the trunk of the tree as my body was forced together with Harry’s. I gripped his strong shoulders in an attempt to keep myself standing. The seemingly simple task was proven to be more difficult as he ground his hips desperately into mine. Whimpers fell from my parted lips as I revelled in the sound of Harry’s throaty groans. Breathy whispers repeating his name. Dark curls tickled at my skin as he dipped his head. I winced, his mouth assaulting the crook of my neck, sucking, biting. I was sure to have a reminder of this heated embrace.

Our breathing was heavy as Harry reluctantly drew back. He took his slightly swollen bottom lip between his teeth, staring down at me.

“Be my girlfriend.” His raspy voice spoke quietly.

I wasn’t sure if it was a question or a statement. But I didn’t care. A dimpled smile grew on his beautiful face as I nodded. My arms wrapped round his waist, squeezing. I heard him chuckle before he engulfed me in a protective hug. I nuzzled into his chest as he kissed the top of my head. The darkness surrounding us didn’t frighten me. Harry’s warm embrace ridding me of my worries and fears. I felt safe.

“Come on.”

I still held Harry’s waist as we walked across the grass and out of the looming trees. My fingers clutched the back heels of my shoes. A strong arm was draped over my shoulder before we got to the path. I gasped as I was effortlessly lifted from the ground, bridal style. Harry grinned, my lips pressing to his cheek as he carried me from the park.


We stood at my front door. I couldn’t help but shyly smile as Harry brought my hand up to his mouth, leaving a kiss to the back of it. His touch was soft and warm. I played with his long fingers, his gaze never leaving my face as he stepped closer. My chin was tilted up to him. The kiss was passionate, tongues moving together with the urgent need to feel each other.

Harry left me breathless. The tips of my fingers running across my lips almost to check that his kiss was real. A small smile crept onto my face as I witnessed his pink tongue slip out, licking over his full lips, savouring my taste.

“Stay tonight.” I whispered.

He gave me a small nod, our hands entwining as I led him into the house. The door was closed, Harry locking it behind us.


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