Dark -A Harry Styles Fanfiction

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19. Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Harry sat on the end of my bed as he waited for me to shower and change in the bathroom. I decided to wear shorts and a t shirt, the hot weather making it nearly impossible to wear anything else. I gathered my long hair together before tying it back from my face.

“You know, I still don’t mind if you change in here.” I heard Harry’s raspy voice through the door.

“Still not going to happen.” I called back.

I heard him laugh.

“Oh, come on, Bo. I’ve already seen you naked.”

I blushed at his words, there was no way I was going to forget that. My mind had a difficult time thinking of anything else but, the way his large hands touched me. His fingers, lips, tongue. I had never experienced anything as overwhelming as that night. I was broken from my thoughts by a knock on the door.

“Booo.” Harry pleaded through the wood.

I unlocked the door to find Harry leaning against the frame. A smirk was plastered across his beautiful face; dark curls flopped over his forehead as his green eyes scanned me up and down.

“Damn it, you’ve got clothes on.” He teased.

I looked away from him, finishing off my hair in the mirror when I felt his warm hands on my hips behind me. His long fingers nudged my t shirt up slightly, tips tracing over my tingling skin.

“But we could always change that.” He whispered.

Harry’s deep chuckle filled the room as I batted his hands away.

“Let’s go.” I tugged him out of the bathroom.


Our fingers were entwined as we walked through the park. The sun beat down as children took part in games of hide and seek in the playground. My eyes fell upon a group of guys playing football. I could never understand how they were able to sprint up and down the grass whilst the weather was like this. Just looking at them made me feel hot.

I almost couldn’t believe it when I had to take a second glance at one of the boys. Jake. Praying that Harry hadn’t seen him I tried to steer us off in another direction, but it was too late.

“Alright, Love?” Jake called over to me.

Harry’s head turned in the direction of the voice. His hand squeezed mine before letting it fall to his side. I watched as his green orbs grew impossibly dark, eyebrows coming down in a frown. My hands pressed to Harry’s chest as he angrily attempted to move forward.

“Harry, stop. You can’t solve everything with violence. I know you’re smarter than this.” I pleaded.

“Bo, go and wait over there.” He stated without making eye contact.


Harry looked down at me, annoyance crossed his features. Large hands gripped my wrists as he attempted to push me behind him. But I didn’t comply, wriggling out of his hold.

“Look at all the kids here. I know you don’t want to scare them. Just think about what you’re doing for a second.”

Harry’s sparkly green eyes locked on my face, realisation hitting him that we were in a park full of children in the middle of the day. This was neither the time or the place to start anything with Jake.

“You stay here.” I poked him in the chest.

I could tell he was going to protest; I dragged him over to a bench and forced him down by his shoulders.

“Please stay here.”

His breathing was deep, chest rising and falling heavily. Harry didn’t move as I walked the short distance to stand in front of Jake who was smirking at me. The football was kicked back to one of his friends. Jake’s right eye dropped in a wink before he looked up to snigger at Harry. I turned to see him get to his feet, his jaw tensed and fists clenched. “Please don’t.” I mouthed to him. A sigh released from my lips as Harry held in place.

“Well, you’ve got Haz on a pretty tight leash. I didn’t think anyone would be able to have that sort of control over him.” He paused leaning down to me slightly. “You must be amazing in bed.” He whispered.

I let out a sound of disgust.

“If you come near Harry or I again I’m going to go to the police and tell them that you attempted to rape me behind the club that night. Do you understand?” I told him sternly.

Worry flashed through his eyes before he pushed it aside and laughed.

“I think you’re forgetting what your little boyfriend did that night. I’m sure the coppers would love to know how I got these scars.”

“Defence. Harry was defending me from you. And anyway, who do you think the police are more likely to believe?” I stepped closer. “You or me?”

My words wiped the smirk right off his face. I turned to walk away before Jake spoke.

“Harry deserves you. Bitch.” He spat.

I squeezed my eyes closed before swiftly spinning round to him again. Jake was smirking, assuming his comment had upset me. He wasn’t really prepared for the actions I carried out seconds later. My hand caught hold of his shoulder as I sharply jutted my knee up to his crotch. Pain etched into his features.

“Shit.” Jake strained as be bent over.

His hands shielded the throbbing area, even a few of his friends were sniggering at him. I turned to see Harry grinning at me. He started to laugh as I neared closer.

“I thought you said violence wasn’t the answer.”

“I did, but the little prick deserved it.” I admitted.

Harry was still laughing as my hand gripped the back of his neck, tugging him down towards me. Our lips forcefully pressed together as I felt his arms wrap round my waist, bringing our bodies closer. Harry’s moan vibrated through his chest as his tongue forced its way into my mouth. I let out a small shriek as his large hands gripped my hips before hauling me up over his shoulder and carrying me in the opposite direction across the grass.

“Come on, Love.” Harry deeply chuckled.


Harry’s head rested on my lap as I aimlessly played with his soft curls. We were sat under a tree, in the shade and out of the heat. I noticed Harry enjoyed it when my fingers combed through his hair, finger nails lightly scratching across his scalp. I thought he had fallen asleep until his husky voice spoke.



“Where’s your dad?”

I hesitated for a second, stopping my actions in Harry’s hair before continuing. His question had caught me off guard.


“I, umm..”

He shifted his body, removing his head from my lap to sit up in front of me. I smiled at his dishevelled curls before he ruffled them and swept them to the side.

“H-He died when I was 11.” I paused looking down at my hands. “He was in a car crash.” I spoke quietly.

Harry’s large hand reached out to me, engulfing my smaller one.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered.

My head rose to look up at his face, green eyes full of worry as he stared at me. I gave him a weak smile, before he opened his arms for me. A sense of protection washed over me as Harry pulled me down with him to lie on the grass. I felt safe. His lips softly kissed the top of my head.

“You loved him.” Harry stated quietly.

“Mmm.” I hummed into his chest.

We stayed silent for a short time, the tips of Harry’s fingers tracing over my warm skin. The light of the afternoon was gradually fading as we stayed sprawled out on the grass. Harry’s touch moved up my back.

“I like your hair when it’s down.” He whispered.

I didn’t object when he gently tugged the tie holding my hair up. The dark length flowed over my shoulders, Harry’s long fingers combing through.

“That’s better.”

I placed my hand on his chest, propping myself up slightly to place a kiss on his cheek. But he moved his head at the last second, our lips connecting in a lingering kiss. Dimples appeared as I drew back, a smile spreading across Harry’s face.

“Hey.” I playfully hit his arm.




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