Dark -A Harry Styles Fanfiction

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15. Chapter 15

Chapter 15

I walked back into my bedroom from changing my clothes in the bathroom. Harry propped himself up on his elbows as he watched me enter. The covers had fallen lower on his bare chest and I hoped to god his lower half was still clothed. I made my way over to the bed as Harry pulled the duvet back for me to slip in. It was warm, but goose bumps quickly rose on my skin as a strong arm dragged me closer to Harry’s body. There were a few minutes of silence before my mind wondered back to the picture in Harry’s flat. My mouth seemed to have a mind of its own, the words tumbling out before I could stop them.

“Who were the people in the photo with you?”

I felt his arm tense tightly round my waist. The subject was obviously something that touched a nerve. My body wriggled round in his hold, our faces close. Harry’s curls flopped onto the pillow as we both lay on our sides. His big green eyes stared at me as I felt his warm breath fan over my skin. I was about to tell him not to worry about it, but he quietly spoke.

“My mum and my sister, Jess.”

I noted that he and his sister looked nothing alike.

“They’re beautiful. Do you see them often?”

He lightly shook his head, his gaze falling away from my face. I could tell something wasn’t right. The hurt in his eyes, painfully clear.

“Harry.” He slowly rolled his head back. “What happened?”

I patiently waited as he seemed to be divided as what to say.

Harry’s POV

No-one had really asked about them before. Bo’s blue eyes peered into mine as she waited for me to say something. It may have been the fact alcohol still flowed through my system, giving me the push I needed, but it surprised me when the words fell from my lips.

“M-my dad used to hit my mum.” I stuttered.

I watched as her eyes filled with concern.

“I tried to stop him, but I wasn’t strong enough.”

My eyes squeezed closed at the painful memories. My mum urgently pushing me into my sister’s room in a desperate attempt to keep him away from us. I remember sitting on the floor with Jess, my older sister’s arms wrapped round me as we tried to block out the sound coming from downstairs.

“But a year later my mum kicked him out, they split up and the beating stopped. That’s why I couldn’t believe it when Jess started going out with a complete bastard. She used to come home with bruises up her arms and when I asked her about them she would just brush it off saying she had fallen or knocked into something…she told me she loved him.”

I looked back to Bo, she had pushed her long hair back from her face. Her beautiful eyes locked on me as I continued to talk.

“Jess brought him home one night.”

*Flash back*

I laid back on the sofa, aimlessly flicking through the TV channels trying to find something to watch. But the task left forgotten as I intently listened to the sound of voices in the hall. I turned the volume down attempting to distinguish what they were saying.

“For god sake, just say goodbye and let’s go.” He demanded.

I heard a dull thump against the wall, my feet instantly moving towards the noise. I found him pulling her towards to door, her wrists held tightly in his hands. Her face displayed pain as tears slipped from her eyes.

“You’re hurting me.” She whispered.

His head turned in my direction and I swiftly walked forward.

“Get off of her!” I shouted.

I roughly grabbed his shoulder, yanking him back. Jess was released, her body slumping to the floor as she rubbed her sore wrists. My hands angrily fisted his t shirt as I dragged him outside. I was bigger, stronger than when my dad was around.

“What are you gunna do, Kid?” He taunted.

I didn’t think. My fist slamming into his face, again and again. I shoved him to the floor, before climbing on top of him, hitting him. Blood covered his face, making my knuckles dark red as I brought my clenched fist back again. I pictured my dad as I repeatedly brought my arm down, thinking about all the times I wished I could have hit him, the man who was supposed to love my mum.

“Harry! Stop!”

My mind didn’t register the voices until my mum tried to pull me off.

“Harry, I love him. Please stop!” My sister cried.

I continued to hit him until my arm ached, my breathing erratic. I forced myself up, not being able to look at the mess of a guy on the grass. My head turned to find my mum tightly holding my sister as she cried.


I started to walk towards her, but she stepped back. The hurt I felt as I recognised fear in her eyes was almost unbearable. She was scared of me.

“Please, mum.” I begged.

But she shook her head, urgently taking my sister back inside the house.

*End of flash back*

I intently watched Bo’s face as she processed what I had told her. She hadn’t moved from her position, still propped up on her elbow beside me.

“I nearly killed him in our back garden.” I spoke quietly.

My vision fell to her lips which were parted but no words came out. She nervously fiddled with her fingers.

“Does that scare you?”

My heart sunk. There was no reaction from her.

“Do I scare you?”

“No.” She didn’t hesitate to answer.

I felt her grip my right hand. My fingers curled up in a fist before she gently pried them open.

“I just wanted to protect her, keep them both safe.” I paused. My body leaned slightly closer into hers. “I want to keep you safe.” I whispered.

As I withdrew I noticed her eyes had closed. She opened them again as she slowly brought my hand up to her mouth. Her soft, warm lips delicately kissed over my knuckles as she held my eye contact. I allowed her to nudge my shoulder so I was laid on my back. Her body hesitantly moved so she straddled my waist. Her small hands roamed my chest before dipping her head, sprinkling kisses over my skin. I noticed her jump slightly as I rested my hands on her hips. But she continued her actions as my thumbs rubbed small circles into the warm skin below her t shirt.

I couldn’t remember the last time someone had been this gentle and tentative with me. Normally it was rough, finger nails and teeth leaving marks over each other’s skin. But it was almost as if Bo wanted to kiss away the painful reminders and make me forget.

Bo surprised me when she found a sensitive spot on the right side at the base of my neck. My throat released a deep moan. She instantly pulled back; wide eyes connecting with mine. Her long hair fell out around her as her vision flicked back to the area. I observed her as she cautiously leaned down again. I tilted my head a little to the side to allow her more access. My mouth parted, eyes squeezing closed as her warm lips touched over the skin as she gently sucked.

A short while later she withdrew. But not before she planted a soft kiss to my injured lips. Her hands hesitantly travelled up to my hair, carefully twisting a curl round her finger. A low hum released from my lips as she combed her other hand through my hair. The muscles in my body had gradually relaxed with the delicate touches Bo had given me. I felt her eyelashes tickle my skin as she placed another kiss on my cheek before she lay down beside me.


My hand caught hold of her forearm, pulling her into me. Her head rested on my chest as I snaked an arm protectively round her back. She didn’t object. I liked the way she felt against my body.

“I understand.” She quietly spoke into my skin.


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