Dark -A Harry Styles Fanfiction

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14. Chapter 14

Chapter 14


He stumbled slightly before turning round to face me. A frown etched into his brow as he scanned for the person calling his name. His eyes locked on me. One of the guys took his distraction as an opportunity to hit Harry hard in the face. My hand flew up to my mouth in shock. Why was he fighting again? My thoughts jumbled as I ran across the road to the group. Harry up against the wall as he took another fist to his face. Fear coursed through me as I recognised the guy beating Harry. Jake. His cuts had healed slightly, but his bruised eyes looked painful. The right, darker than the left. A smirk crossed his injured features as he watched me sprint up to them. When I reached them my arms were roughly tugged behind my back by the man I assumed to be Jake’s friend. I was forced to watch, desperately looking to Harry; his jaw tight with anger.

“Nice to see you again, Bo.” Jake teased.

His attention diverted back to Harry, who was intently staring at me. That was until I witnessed Jake’s clenched fist pound into Harry’s stomach. A grunt was forced from his parted lips, his body bent over slightly as he clutched his abdomen. I knew he had been drinking, the air around them smelling strongly of alcohol. Jake’s fist rose again.

“Don’t.” I warned.

My elbow sharply jutted back into the stomach of the man detaining me. He cursed before shoving me away. He quickly disappeared out of the alley and onto the street, clearly displeased that I had put up a fight. I urgently placed myself in between Jake and Harry, who was slumped against the wall. Jake sniggered, reaching out to brush his fingers against my face, but I quickly pushed it away.

“You shouldn’t bother with him, babe.”

He dipped his head down slightly to my level.

“I’d give you what you need.”

I didn’t really have time to process what I was doing. My right hand rose and smacked him hard across his cheek. The force caused his head to turn. My chest quickly moved as my rate of my breathing increased. I heard Harry deeply laugh behind me. Jake angrily stared at me; his vision then diverted behind me towards Harry.

“You need a girl to protect you.” Jake taunted.

We both knew this would provoke him. Harry shoved himself off the wall, stumbling forward to try and get to Jake.

“For god sake, Harry. Just stop.”

I forcefully pushed him back, the action more affective when he was intoxicated. Any other time his body wouldn’t have budged. His curls lay messily over his forehead, his normally sparkly green eyes looked dull. His beautiful face left injured after taking multiple hits. I spun round, my back nearly touching Harry’s chest as I defensively stood in front of him. My hands trembled at my sides as I looked up at Jake’s smirk.

“Just leave.” I told him.

It surprised me when Jake slowly turned, strolling away.

“I’ll be seeing you, Styles.”

I fell back slightly, Harry’s warm breath trickled over my neck. Relief washed through me.

“Oh, and you too, gorgeous.”

The comment angered Harry and I felt him struggle behind me. My body hastily spun, desperately trying to keep him there. My hands caught hold of his face, angling it down to me.

“No, no.” I spoke. “Look at me.” My voice deliberately soft as I attempted to calm him down.

His focus stayed fixed on me until I was sure Jake had gone. Harry’s breathing was still fast but at least I had managed to prevent him from challenging Jake. I caught hold of his chin, tilting it to get a better look at his injuries. Harry’s swollen bottom lip had been split open, blood smeared across his cheek from his nose. The small cut just above his left eyebrow oozed blood. His dark gaze never left my face as I sighed and shook my head.

“Harry.” I whispered.

He was clearly drunk, finding it tough to walk in a straight line. I caught hold of his arm and placed it over my shoulder. He tried his best to lean as little of his weight as possible on me.

“I’ll drive.” He mumbled.

I noticed Harry reach behind his back, his long fingers digging round in his back pocket before he retrieved his keys.

“No you’re not. Don’t be stupid, Harry.” I sternly told him.

His deep chuckle sounded as I struggled to pry the keys from his grasp, but he raised them higher. He saw it as a game. Eventually I succeeded, taking them from Harry and shoving them in my pocket. I found it difficult to steer him in the opposite direction to his car. He huffed at me, reluctantly allowing me to take control.

“Where are we going?” His raspy voice somewhat slurred.

I pondered over his question before sighing.

“Back to mine.”

He seemed more than happy with this decision. A gasp escaped me when his large hand slipped down my back, resting over my bum before squeezing it. I tightly gripped his wrist, yanking his arm back up and round my shoulder, whilst he laughed.

The walk back to my house was difficult to say the least. Constant attempts were made to either hold my hand or squeeze my bum. My reluctance towards both gestures only encouraged Harry. I sighed in relief as we approached my front door. Harry leant against the doorframe, grinning at me as I unlocked it. I caught his wrist and tugged him inside, dreading to think what my neighbours would say if they saw us.

I made Harry drink a couple of glasses of water, hoping it would sober him up slightly. The ascent up the stairs was a little easier than I was expecting, his strong arm still round my shoulders as I led him to my room. I released him, Harry’s body falling back onto my bed.

“Stay here.” I told him.

When I returned his t shirt laid strewn across the floor. I watched as he awkwardly attempted to see the large red mark on his stomach. He prodded the area with his long fingers, before wincing in pain.

“Ow.” He mumbled, then flopped back on the bed.

I couldn’t help but think how childlike his behaviour was. When he noticed me in the doorway he sat up, grinning. I walked over to him, large hands quickly grasping mine as he used his strength to try and pull me onto his lap.

“Harry, no.”

He frowned when instead I sat down next to him. I felt the heat radiate from his body, our thighs brushed as I told him to turn towards me. Harry intently observed me as I raised my hand. He squirmed under my touch as I tried to clean the blood from his face.

“Hold still.”

He refused to listen so I placed my hands on his shoulders, pushing him down on his back to the bed.

“Hmm, I like this side of you.” He teased. “It’s hot.”

I rolled my eyes, dabbing the cloth over his plump lip which was pouted slightly. I could tell Harry was staring at me, his gaze burning into my skin. We stayed quiet for a minute before the silence was broken.

“Why did you defend me?”

I was somewhat taken aback by his question, not really sure of the answer myself.


“Y-You were getting hurt.” I shook my head in confusion.

Harry’s eyebrows furrowed. I jumped as he pushed my hands away from him.

“I can take care of myself.” He angrily stated.

He stood up, pacing towards the door. I jumped as his hand slammed into the wall. He stayed with his back towards me, his breathing deep. I nervously watched as Harry slowly turned. His green eyes came back to my frightened face. I watched his jaw clench and then relax as his features softened. His bare chest slowly rose and fell, calming himself down.

I held my breath as he slowly came back to the bed. He sat on the edge, my body subtly moving away from him. His large hand carefully reached for mine, but he frowned as I pulled away. Harry didn’t quite know what to do, the alcohol in his body gradually losing its affect as he realised he had overreacted.

My hand gently rose and continued to wipe away the red liquid that had trickled down the side of his face.


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