Lily and the Mockingjay

*SEQUEL TO Lily Potter and The Hunger Games?* Scorpious and Lily survived the games. Along with Beetee, Finnick, Katniss, and Kendra. But they don't know about Peeta, Johanna, and a girl Finnick loves. They will do everything to help the districts and get their friends back. Even if it means death. (In Lily's Point of view the whole time.)


3. Please Read!!


Well hi guys. I just wanted to say thanks for reading my first one and reading this one so far. Tell me how you like it and I have another Trailer competition. Please. Can somebody make me a trailer for this Movella? If you guys do put a link down below. I am just not good at editing or making trailers. And If you've read my other ones I need trailers for them too.

Now If you've made a trailer just put a link down below. Or put it on here and whoever makes the best one can have there own character in this movella and It'll be the official trailer. I'll try to Update again Later but school you know.

~ P.B.M

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