Lily and the Mockingjay

*SEQUEL TO Lily Potter and The Hunger Games?* Scorpious and Lily survived the games. Along with Beetee, Finnick, Katniss, and Kendra. But they don't know about Peeta, Johanna, and a girl Finnick loves. They will do everything to help the districts and get their friends back. Even if it means death. (In Lily's Point of view the whole time.)


2. Chapter 2

 I look to Katniss. It's been scorching hot and dry as a bone this summer. There's also been next to no rain here to wash the ashes away. They shift here and there, in reaction to our footsteps. No breeze to scatter them. Katniss keeps her eyes on what I guess used to be a road. I know why too. Earlier when she landed in the meadow, she hadn't been careful and walked into a rock. Only I realized it wasn't a rock - it was someone's skull. It rolled over a couple times and landed faceup, and for a long time she couldn't stop looking at it.

 We walked along what used to be a road, but it's a bad choice, because it's full of the remains of those who tried to flee. Some were incinerated entirely. But others, probably overcome with smoke, escaped the worst of the flames and now lie reeking in various states of decomposition, carrion for scavengers, blanketed by flies.

The surface beneath our feet hardens, and under the carpet of ash, I feel paving stones of, I think, the square of District 12. I look at the ashes of what used to be shops. A heap of blackened rubble has replaced the biggest building in the square, the Justice Building. We walk to a part of the square where there is a melted lump of something.

Katniss suddenly backs away and bumps into something, losing her balance, and sits on a hunk of metal. I puzzle over what it might have been, then remember what Katniss told me. The stocks, whipping posts, and that, the remains of the gallows. Bad. It's bad. I could tell Katniss is having a flood of images that torments her.

She get's up and runs. Away from the square and to the one place that the fire didn't destroy. I run after her. Ashes billow up around me, I pull my shirt up over my mouth.

She runs to Victor's Village and bolts into the house she had lived in for the past year, and slammed the door closed. I could tell she's leaning on it. I wipe my feet on the mat and apparate in front of her. The place looks as if nobody has touched it. It's Clean. Eerily Quiet.

"What am I going to do?" she whispered.

I could tell she hadn't seen me yet. So I decided to break the silence.

"Don't you mean, what are we going to do?" I said.

She looked at me. Wondering how I got in.

"How did you-" she began.

"I apparated. This place is kind of too Capitol like. Don't you think?" I replied.

She smiled a little, but frowned after a second.

Suddenly I heard a meow.

"Did you hear that?" I asked.

"Buttercup." Katniss said.

"Prim's cat?" I asked.

"Yep." she repied.

I go into the kitchen to see a tomboy cat, arched in the doorway. He came to me and sniffed around. He purred and let me pet him.

"Wow your pretty good with cats." Katniss said.

I laughed a bit. "You have no idea."

Buttercup hissed at Katniss.

"Want to see Prim?" she asked him.

His ears perked up at her name. He gives a rusty meow and jumps out of my arms to her. She picks him up and goes to the closet and gets out her gamebag. She puts him in it along with a book and goes upstairs.

We walk into a study and she grabs a few things but something catches her eyes. I look over and see two fresh roses in a vase with other wilted flowers. They both have a tag. One tag says Lily, the other has a tag that says Katniss.

They're from President snow.

We both run down the stairs and outside and a helicopter throws down two ladders. I get on one and Katniss gets on the other.

"Are you two okay?" Gale asks us.

"Yeah." Katniss and I say.

Positioned on a dresser were two fresh roses. A personal message to both of us. It whispers, I can find you. I can reach you. Perhaps I am watching you now.

I'm scared and I could tell Katniss is too. The mockingjay and the lily are being threatened by President Snow. And It's either us or him. I pick him.

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