Lily and the Mockingjay

*SEQUEL TO Lily Potter and The Hunger Games?* Scorpious and Lily survived the games. Along with Beetee, Finnick, Katniss, and Kendra. But they don't know about Peeta, Johanna, and a girl Finnick loves. They will do everything to help the districts and get their friends back. Even if it means death. (In Lily's Point of view the whole time.)


1. Chapter 1

I looked down from the 13th district's hovercraft and saw Katniss staring at the ground at ash. It must've been her old house because the Victor's Village was standing. It's been a month since we escaped to Hogwarts or what everybody else calls it. District nine and three quarters. We had taken almost all of district 12 and all of 13. They had to bring there transportation so that's why I'm on this instead of my broom. 

Almost nothing remains of District 12. But Katniss wanted to come here. But she almost didn't get to so I convinced them. But only a brief visit because everyone, not including me, thought it was a costly and pointless venture. But what I think is stupid is there's at least a dozen invisible hovercraft are circling above her for 'protection'. I know that Katniss had to see this place though. At least once before we go through any plans. She said it herself. 

Nobody, but me, would budge. But finally, Plutarch Heavensbee, the Head Gamemaker who had organized the rebels in the Capitol, threw up his hands. "Let her go. Better to waste a day than another month. Maybe a little tour of Twelve is just what she needs to convince her we're on the same side." 

The same side. We didn't believe it. Katniss and I have become friends ever since we became alllies in the hunger games. 

I thought about the method Katniss uses. To think of the simplest things I know are true and work towards the complicated stuff. The list is in my head…

My name is Lily Potter. I am seventeen years old. My home is District 9 3/4. I was in the Hunger Games. I escaped. The Capitol probably hates me. Peeta was taken prisoner. He is thought to be dead. I don't believe he is dead. It would probably be best if he was dead…

"Katniss should I come down?" Gale asked. 

I could tell she said no. But I apparated down to her. 

We went into her house in Victor's Village. I knew this adventure was going to end with death. But I didn't care. I needed to save the innocent people. I wouldn't let more die because of Snow. 


Tell me how you liked it. I'm sure if you haven't read the books of either of these series your confused. But read its good for you!

~ Primrose Buttercup Mel 

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