Love Struck ~ Marcel Love Story ~

I don't know how to explain this story, just read it to see if you like it?


7. Note

Sorry if you thought this was a second update, but I wanted to thank you guys for the comments telling me to update and the likes and people putting it on their favorites list. It really encourages me to continue writing the story :)


Also, if you guys ever have any requests or ideas for this story, just comment them below. I'm always looking for ideas to add into this story and I want to make it something you guys would enjoy reading, not just what I want to put into it. And if anyone ever wants me to add them into the story (I'll be adding in the other boys eventually in the story and they'll probably be needing girlfriends and stuff) I'd be willing to accept requests for that too :)


Okay, that is all. Thanks again! :) <3

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