Love Struck ~ Marcel Love Story ~

I don't know how to explain this story, just read it to see if you like it?


4. Chapter Two


"I don't like these clothes." Marcel says as he comes out of the fitting room. He wears a white v-neck with a black leather jacket, black skinny jeans, and a pair of white, high-top Converse. He actually looked better than he did before, not that he didn't look good before.

"Well that's the kind of clothes the guys at school wear. Go back and change into your regular clothes and I'll buy these." I say, pushing him back into the room before I took out my wallet, checking to see if I had enough money. When he came out he was back to the regular Marcel I know, and I smiled, taking the clothes and walking to the counter.


I paid for everything and we walked out of the mall and walked to my car, getting in and setting the bags into the back. I sigh softly and drive back to my place. When we arrived Marcel grabbed all the bags and I grabbed his night bags, walking out and into the house.


"Mom, I'm back!" I call, the smell of pepperoni pizza filling my nostrils. I smile, my mom's homemade pepperoni pizza is the best. No one has ever argued with that statement before.

"Alright, dinner's on the table. I'm going out with your father for a while to go shopping for more food. We'll be back around 9 maybe." Mom said. I nod and she kisses my cheek before walking out with my dad, leaving Marcel and I alone with my older brother, Matthew.


We sit down at the table and grab our plates, grabbing slices of pizza and pouring ourselves glasses of Pepsi. We talk about the makeover and Jenna, though I felt uncomfortable talking about it. He's so oblivious to everything, he doesn't even realize the kind of girl he really needs is right in front of his face, not on the cheer squad. But anyway, when we finished eating we put all of our dirty dishes in the sink and walked up to my room. 


"I'll do your hair and stuff tomorrow, we'll have to wake extra early seeing that I take forever anyway with my shower and doing my hair and stuff." I say as we entered my room. Marcel just nods. I go to my drawers and pull out a pair of pajamas. 

"I'll go change in the bathroom." Marcel says, grabbing his pajamas and walking out of the room. I shut the door behind him and slip on a black tank top with a pair of Batman pajama shorts and open the door again. I walk out as Marcel comes out in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I smile at him and walk into the bathroom, brushing my teeth and brushing my hair out. I walk back out and to my room, putting a random Disney movie in the DVD player and playing it. Marcel and I both crawl into bed, going under the covers into the spooning position. 


His arms wrap around my waist, pulling me close and making me feel comfortable. I giggle softly, smiling as we watched the movie, though we both ended up falling asleep half way through.


A/N: If you'd like the chapters to be longer, let me know. I'll see what I can do to try and make chapters longer :)

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