Love Struck ~ Marcel Love Story ~

I don't know how to explain this story, just read it to see if you like it?


3. Chapter One

~ Alexandria's POV ~


The cold water from the shower soaked me. I looked down at the pink tiled floor and watch as soapy water runs down into the rusty drain. I always hated using the school's showers after gym class. But apparently it lowers our grade if we don't use it. I turn the knob to the shower off and look around, noticing I was the only one left in the showers. I grab my towel and dry myself off, wrapping it around my body as I walk to my clothes, sliding on my underwear before I drop my towel and pull on my bra.


"Ugh, you disgust me." I hear Jenna spit out, outside the locker room.

"B-But... Just give me a chance!" I hear a familiar voice, I automatically knew it was Marcel. He's been trying to get Jenna to go on a date with him for a while, but in my opinion she doesn't deserve him. He's so sweet and kind while she's rude and disrespectful. But I guess you can't help who you like.

"Get away you freak!" I hear her shriek and the clicking of her heels as she runs away.


I sigh deeply and slide on a blue Jack Wills t-shirt, followed by a pair of black skinny jeans and a black Jack Wills hoodie. I tug on a pair of socks and my blue Vans before I grab my blue drawstring back and sling it on my shoulders. Like I said, I like the color blue. I shove my gym stuff into my locker and walk out of the locker room, meeting up with Marcel. He sighs. Good thing it's the end of the day and we can go home.


"Why doesn't she like me...?"  Marcel whispered softly. I raise my eyebrows.

"You know Jenna. She only goes for the hot, popular guys." I say, shrugging. He stays silent, I can tell he's thinking. To be honest, I always had a crush on Marcel. But I never said anything because I know he likes Jenna. I just wish he'd realize he's not the for him and I'd treat him so much better.


"Can you give me a makeover?" Marcel asked suddenly. I shrug.

"Yeah sure, I guess. Do you want to sleepover? We can go shopping and pick out some stuff for you and everything." I say.

"Yeah! I'll meet you at your house with my overnight bag in a while!" He said eagerly, running off.


I sigh softly as I start walking towards my own house. Wow. I just agreed to give the love of my life a makeover for the girl he 'likes'. But as long as he's happy.

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