Live While Were Young (Harry Styles Love)


Its Kylies Birthday And Kelly Her Fraternal Twin Sister's She Decides To Surprise Her Parents And Sister By Staying The Whole Summer. What Kylie Doesn't Know Is Harry Styles Decided To Stay The Whole Summer As Well. What You Don't Know Is They Used To Be Best Friends What Happened Well Read To Find Out What Happens While They Try And Live While Their Young. <3 <3 :*


3. Lies

Where the hell is Oliver when you need him I said holding back my sister from beating the shit out of Mickie over calling her a freak.

"take it back bitch"

I saw Mickie making faces at my sister as I was holding her back and I was almost going to let her go, almost I said almost.

"Mickie stop instigating"

I heard Oliver saying before making her cower in fear a bit at the scary man before us who could even probably make a shark cower in fear.

"Oliver thank god"

I exclaimed running over to him and then hugging him thanking him like what felt like a million times before he sent me off to change into a new bathing suit.

"off you bitches to change"

he said to Mick and Lena making them walk into the quick change tent I did the same changing into the new ruffled pick bikini top and throwing on the bottoms quickly before Stanley sat me down and put light mascara eyeliner and lip-gloss on. I stood up after reeling my fingers through my straight blonde hair and I walked out and saw my sister and she whistled making me twirl and she nodded.

"thank god we have similar bodies I want one"

she said making us both laugh and I was then covered with sparkles by Stanley rubbing his hands on my body but he gets so mad when I tease him his boyfriend hates it too.

"ooo babe I love it when you make me sparkle now its my turn to make you sparkle hug me"

I said going to hug him.

"you do your a dead ass fucker"

I stopped holding my hands up in surrender but puckered my lips and pointed to them.

"sorry but let me kiss you to make up for it"

"oh bite me straight bitch"

he said walking away laughing and flipping his non existent hair.

"Kylie come now"

"sorry you have to work for that"

I said joking with him making him glare at me while he chuckled handing me a surfboard and I smiled at him waiting for my instructions.

"run a hand through your hair and laugh"

I raised an eyebrow at him and he clicked his fingers meaning he means business and I posed like he wanted me too and he snapped it just as Tiny sat down in front of me.


I heard Oliver yell making me laugh at how he exclaimed the photo was perfect and that for the next one to go sit with Kellie my sister and he did and we did the photo again.


After four long hours we were finally done and I was absolutely grateful for it because I was starving and he told me I didn't have to change the outfit was mine. It was a nude colored #SELFIE crop top and light blue and white ripped booty shorts and boots with my hair in a ponytail and my eyeliner done with nude eye shadow and red lipstick.

"thank god"

I sat down with my family but noticed a bit ago Lena and Mickie left with Styles but what do I care so if they want to have sex with him fine with it, its not like me and Harry are friends. I sighed loudly taking a bite of my food my mom left a second ago to pick up the mail and when she came back she slammed a playboy in front of me.

"why are you handing me a playboy mom"

she glared at me.

"look who's on the cover"

she said making Kellie grab it and start laughing.

"oo busted"

"Kylie why"

"it was a dare plus I am covered"

she glared at me drumming her nails on the table she was mad intimidating.

"Oliver took them"

I said pointing at him who was packing up but she just started at me.

"ooo Ky you look hot in these especially this one"

Kellie said turning the magazine before I ripped it from my sisters hands.

"not helping Kell"

"im so proud of you"

my mother said confusing the fuck out of me making my eyebrows raise and everything.

"not a lot of women are that confident enough to do that and I am proud of you"

"your not mad that probably thousands of men might have this"

I heard Stanley say making me punch him in the junk.

"thanks mom"

I said while Stanley groaned and I smiled and finished my lunch.


I heard getting up and seeing Lauralie, Unger, and Hailey and I smiled and got up with Tiny behind me and rushed to hug her.

"hey guys"


the two kids yelled at I smiled and beckoned for them to meet my family.

"guys this is Lauralie and her two kids Unger and Hailey I ran into them the other day and I was wondering if you wanted to come out with me and my friends tonight to celebrate my birthday"

she looked at my begging face and then nodded.

"sure I will ask  my mom to watch them"

"yes your my bae ok were leaving in about three hours so you guys can go do whatever and meet us here at 5:30"

she nodded and waved saying goodbye and the two children said goodbye before they left and I smiled about how it was going to be the best birthday ever.

"I know that face"

I heard mom said.

"your extremely happy right now"

"its going to be the best birthday ever and I want it to be"

I saw the three missing people come back and asked what they missed.

"you missed covering that hickey on your neck is what you missed"

I said with a chuckle before he put his hand there and I smirked at him before shaking my head sadly at him giving him the most disappointed look I could give him making him turn away from me.

"good job Styles"

I heard Kellie say before I decided I needed a shower so I could get changed for the club tonight.


it was now five and I was done, I was in a dress that hugged my body that hung tightly to mid thigh with rips down my arms and on my right thigh making sure not to expose underwear. I had Smokey eye shadow on with lip gloss and eyeliner and mascara the works with black stockings that went to my knee and black glittery heels.

"you look hot"

I hear Kellie say wearing a black flowey skirt that hit lower thigh and a white less revealing blouse with her makeup done with only eyeliner and lip gloss and flats. Her hair was in a bun she looked bad I would not let my sister go out like that being a model I get good clothes. so I flipped my straightened hair behind my shoulder.

"you look cute like a kindergarten teacher"

she sighed.

"let me help you"

I said pulling out a blue dress that was knee length with elbow length sleeves and lace covering the chest and black heels and I added mascara and blue eye shadow with a nude lipstick. I pulled away after curling my sisters long hair and she looked beautiful I saw it was 5:28pm.

"lets go show off how hot you are baby sister"

she maybe even looked better than me as soon as we walked out my mother gasped.

"Kellie oh my goodness you look stunning"

"your welcome"

I sung to them and then Stanley made her twirl.

"your a miracle worker you got her to show that ass"

he said slapping her bum making her laugh, Gemma decided to stay in she wasn't feeling good but Lauralie was standing there in a pair of high waisted shorts and a crop top and she had the works of makeup on with boots.

"your looking good Laura your one hot momma literally"


she said blushing as we chose that Laura, Liam, Niall, and Stanley would be with me and she would take the rest and she nodded, thank god Mickie and Lena left earlier or it would be a worse night.

"ok who's not drinking who is"

"Liam is staying sober along with Zayn"

"I am staying sober"

Laura said from the back.

"im getting so wasted that whoever I fuck tonight will question their sexuality"

 this made me bust out laughing.

"you whore"

I said pulling into the club I quickly grabbed my birthday girl sash out and saw Kellie wearing hers and we strutted up to the club the bouncer eyed us he bit his lip and stopped us.

"ID's please"

me and Kellie showed him our Id's at the same time and he nodded and we giggled walking in with huge smiles on our faces and we saw tons of sweaty and dancing bodies all around us.

"can I have a sex on the beach  and a gin and tonic please"

I asked the bartender and he nodded giving me a quick wink before handing me the drinks as I slid the gin over to my sister as we both drank them we smiled paying the bartender. Sooner or later I was handed shot after shot and jumped between sweaty bodies.

"hey baby want to dance"

I heard and I tried to decline him nicely but he wouldn't take no for an answer that's until Liam and Zayn came to my rescue.

"leave my sister alone"

I heard Liam say before he raised his hands before disappearing into the crowd.

"your really drunk Kylie"

"im not that drunk"

I slurred barley understanding what I was saying but I didn't care I was having so much fun, I saw Harry from the other side of the club I waved at him, he smiled at me waving back.

'come dance with me'

I mouthed and he bit his lip fixing his bandana and made his way over to me before grabbing my hand pulling me to the dance floor and we grinded to Bad Girls by Mia.

"lets leave to the hotel Love"

I was to fuzzy to say no so I just followed him.

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