Live While Were Young (Harry Styles Love)


Its Kylies Birthday And Kelly Her Fraternal Twin Sister's She Decides To Surprise Her Parents And Sister By Staying The Whole Summer. What Kylie Doesn't Know Is Harry Styles Decided To Stay The Whole Summer As Well. What You Don't Know Is They Used To Be Best Friends What Happened Well Read To Find Out What Happens While They Try And Live While Their Young. <3 <3 :*


2. Late Night Party

Later that night after setting up the stuff I bought for our tent well a small trailer now since we called Dibs on the trailer and the boys got stuck in the tent. My friend Stanley ended up showing up and he is staying the night so me and Kellie will introduce him in the morning.

"Im bored"

I muttered and the two girls agreed while we were watching the breakfast club and eating popcorn Stanley was fast asleep I turned to my twin.

"does Tony still have those late night beach parties Kellie"

She turned red and tried to hide her face as she nodded I know that look anywhere a huge smile spread onto my face holy shit.

"you dirty biotch you slept with Tony"

I said dropping my mouth and shrieking with her Tony was a cute guy not cute that's an understatement hot as fuck is more like it. He had a huge crush on me and I didn't return it and friend zoned him but he was ok with it he wasn't really my type at all.

"yeah up until something happened when we were having sex in his trailer"

I wiggled my eyebrows.

"what happened he farted didn't he that's awkward"

"no something way worse"

"he had a heart attack"

"no he uhm..... maybe had...."

She was almost too embarrassed to say anything but she sighed defeated.

"he moaned your name"

me and Gemma burst out laughing.

"I told you he still liked you"

I heard Kellie say.

"oh my god he still is crushing on me holy shit"

I saw Stanley groan hitting my sister with a pillow and telling her to shut up before falling back asleep.

"lets go"

I said putting on my bathing suit and crop top and shorts I saw my sister in bathing suit shorts and a large t-shirt covering her bikini top and Gemma was wearing a one piece.

"bye Stanley be back later were going to have a lady orgy"

I groaned and fell back asleep I rolled my eyes and snuck out I stepped on something and Tiny growled.

"Tiny shhhh its mommy be quiet"

I said making him happily Yip before rushing into the trailer making me smile ad us quickly going by the boys tent and heard snores.

"lets go everyone is asleep and I planned on getting laid tonight"

I said before we all quietly ran out of the site and down to the beach, I howled and stepped on the beach scaring Tony.

"don't scare me like that Kylie"
he said pushing my shoulder making me bite my tounge and show off the top pearly whites with

a smile he hugged me with a huge smile.

"so how's life and by the way happy twenty first birthday"

"good we were all about to hit the waves you want to join"

"you know I would love too but cant have work tomorrow ad cant snap my

"I have every magazine you have been in kind of as a cheer on and the one
playboy you were in haven't looked in it though"

"yeah right you probably did to jerk off"

I heard Kellie mutter so only I could hear making me bust out laughing I knew shouldn't have done the Playboy but did you couldn't see nothing but if my prents found out.

"its ok I think im going to have a beer and sit by the fire"

I took small sips of my beer and then we saw flashlights.


I howled once more watching the bodies disappear into the waves and grabbed the pail of water next to the fire and put it out grabbing Gemma and Kellie and pulled them into the woods. I saw five familiar shapes and rolled my eyes, I walked out and boy was I mad.

"what the hell are you doing here"

I could feel all eyes on me and I mean everyone's.

"we heard you guys were going to a party so we sort of maybe eavesdropped on

I heard Niall say.

"no one wants you here especially these people"

"don't talk to him like that"

I heard Zayn say.

"well you shouldn't have followed me you mess with a lion she might go for thekill"

I said screaming at him.

"hey no need to be a bitch"

I heard Harry say and I put my hands in the air.

"what are you the bitch police no your the im going to take your virginity and then im going to bully you police"

I said with a bitch smile.

"Harry is that true"

I heard Louis say making all tension build up to only Harry, Zayn and Niall
only mad towards him.

"yes but I have changed"

"did he tell you I was 167 pounds and he used me when I was sixteen to win a bet then I lost all the weight and became a model"

I said turning to let them think I knew everyone heard but I really didn't care but then I tripped and fell and darkness overtook my body. But I woke up a second later and I was looking in Louis's blue eyes.

"you ok Love"


"do you know Eleanor Calder"

I nodded and realized.

"oh your dating Elle nice I thought it was a different Louis"

"yeah so how you feeling"

"im fine"

I repeated with a chuckle and he sat me on the log.

"Elle talks about you a lot"

I said and he smiled I felt no ones eyes on me but his I guess everyone ditched and ran wow thanks a lot so much for friendship.

"yeah she also told me a lot about bedroom things if you know what I mean"

he groaned and rolled his eyes.

"I thought this was going to be a beautiful friendship until you said that"

"so what actually happened to you two three years ago"

I patted the seat next to me and he sat I saw the boys were talking and haven't noticed I was awake yet which gave me some time.

"I wasn't the skinniest girl but Harry still chose to be my friend even though everyone hated me uhm.. the year he tried out for x-factor we did the you know for good luck it was both of our first times"

I then shook my head.

"when he was dismissed from x-factor you know I tried to comfort him but you know he yelled at me telling me how me being fat and stupid and creepy was holding him back and how he slept with my best friend for his first"

I felt my eyes fill with tears.

"uhm it wasn't Just me and Harry that got into a fight I went after her and told her I forgave her but she sort of hated me because I had him but I didn't. we ran into the street fighting and we didn't see a car coming she pushed me out of the way but her I couldn't sat the same"

I wiped the stray tear on my face.

"my two friendships were ruined one left one dead I sort of snapped and changed going to the gym, using makeup, eating healthy, then one day I was offered a modeling scholarship and accepted"

I said with a shrug.

"he tried to contact me after the modeling began but I refused to answer him I didn't want to hear how beautiful I am come out of his mouth because I changed it hurt too much"

I said and Lou nodded I then stood up and shrugged.

"im going back to the site im tired I think you and the boys could or should do the same"

I said walking back to the site and seeing the two girls passed out already
and Tiny asleep on my bed it was cute.
I woke up the next morning to my eyes hurting but that's from my small hangover I felt fine but there was melted ice on my forehead well was now on my lap. I changed into a crop top and shorts and walked out to the cabin where everyone was eating breakfast.

"morning sunshine"

"morning family"

"happy birthday"

I heard and dropped my fork I forgot it was my birthday.

"oh I forgot its sort of sucks"

I said making everyone chuckle I ate my breakfast with a smile and for once in my life in a while im being happy. I had about two hours before Oliver the photographer shows up but I have a few hour but Nina and Laurie will be here any minute.

"When are Laurie and Nina coming"

I heard the honking of two different cars I shoot my head up.

"that's not Laurie and Nina Kellie that's the wicked bitches"

Stanley muttered an oh shit under his breath.

"that's Mickie and Lena"

I heard him say and I felt my face flame up in anger.

"out of all the dahm models they could send they send Mickie and Lena"

I heard Kellie mutter under her breath.

"why what's wrong with them"

I heard Tiny growl and Kellie and I turned to Louis.

"they are two of the meanest people ever but have a seductive game of a tiger or lion but complete and utter turn offs by their personalities like Lindsey Lohan except thousands times worse"

"that's so mean they can be ok on a good day"

"they have good days wow"


I heard as Tiny backed away from the red head Lena growling his fur standing up and ran away before I stood up and was attacked in a hug by one of the evil co-workers.

"hey I wasn't expecting you guys"

"I know so Reba but its ok right"

Mic asked and I nodded.

"I guess so I was just you know expecting Nina and Laurie"

they nodded and looked at my sister.

"KETTLE how are you love you look normal as usual"

"and you still make me want to shove a foot up your ass I see"

I heard my sister say before my mother wacked her telling her to apologize but Kellie rolled her eyes and just walked off I know she hates them but she hasn't told me why. I saw them look at the boys at the table they both eyed Harry more than the others.

"so Ladies when Is Oliver supposed to you know get here im kind of busy since today is mine and Kellies birthday and my day is business and everything too but I need my vacation"

I said and she (Mickie) said that he was on his way here he was grabbing glitter and bug spray.





EDITED :) (;

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