Live While Were Young (Harry Styles Love)


Its Kylies Birthday And Kelly Her Fraternal Twin Sister's She Decides To Surprise Her Parents And Sister By Staying The Whole Summer. What Kylie Doesn't Know Is Harry Styles Decided To Stay The Whole Summer As Well. What You Don't Know Is They Used To Be Best Friends What Happened Well Read To Find Out What Happens While They Try And Live While Their Young. <3 <3 :*


1. Kylie goes to camp

Its been a very long year because being a model isn't the easiest thing in the entire world that's for dahm sure me and my sister Kellie are Fraternal twins well were identical but we have different hair colors. I get the blonde from my mom and she gets the dark hair from my dad its stupid because of this were classified as Fraternal.


I said answering my phone which had 3% battery left since I don't have a charger since Tiny my enormous St. Bernard who is currently in the back seat chewed up on the way.

"hey you almost here"

"yes im going to stop at the store I need to get a charger three percent batter Tiny chewed my charger"

"sucks uhm mom said we have some guest coming over don't know who yet they are pulling up now"

I heard a pause.

"uh oh"

she said before I heard car doors closing.

"who is it"

"someone your not going to lik-"

I looked at my now dead I phone five.

"no, no, no good god"

I said pulling the car into a local Walmart shop putting up the cheery reds covertable blacks top leaving the windows down for my sleeping dog who was currently snoring and walking in grabbing a charger and a portable Flat screen TV and emergency battery people use for their TVs. I then got a polaroid camera for my sisters birthday present along with a sim card and a few old time movies for us to watch.

"oh my pancakes your Kylie Stillwater can I have your autograph"

I heard catching peoples attention and I took out a sharpie which was in my pocket and nodded she held out her phone case.


I signed it quickly before checking out.

"you need help getting this to your car"

I shook my head.

"no thanks my dogs in the car and he doesn't like new people"

I said as soon as I walked out I saw a couple of kids giggling by my car, I walked up and heard Tiny snoring.

"you like my dog loves"

I scared them but they started laughing when they hear another snore erupt from him.

"he's a light sleeper he's faking it right now huh you big faker"

I said before he put his head on the window and let the children see his cute little face.

"you can pet him if you like but I have to get going in a few minutes"

they giggled petting Tiny as I opened my trunk and put my stuff I just bought in the back, apparently the children's mother came over from her car I think from putting stuff away.


I said with a smile.

"im so sorry are they bothering you"

"no not at all they were interested by my dog"

I said with a laugh making her laugh.

"im Lauralie" (Laura-Lie)

"Kylie Stillwater"

"the model"


"isn't it your birthday tomorrow"

I nodded.

"well happy birthday but right now Unger and Hailey my two beautiful children need to get to my car so we can get to our camp site"

"Jaggers Field right"

"how did you know"

"im staying there the whole summer site 58"


he said with a smile.

"well see you around Lauralie you too Unger and Hailey"

"by Kylie bye Tiny"

I heard them say before I was on my way, I plugged in my phone making Tiny come up front and sit next to me seeing the bright purple charger.

"you eat this one I eat you"

I said putting the top down to my convertible and drove to the camp my phone beeped like eight times all messages from my twin sister.

'you better have not hung up on me'

'answer me'

'wait didn't you say you had three percent left not one'

'don't you want to know who is here'

'your phone might have died'


'im going to eat your dog'

'I hate you -_-'

I snickered at my sisters stupidity it used the rest of my percentage sometimes she don't use her head but I love her all the same. I then pulled in to the site and saw three cars, I see my sister got a baby blue convertible her favorite color and the color of her room and our tent.

"Mom Kylie is here"

I then Got out leaving open my door and ran over to Kellie my sister who I haven't seen in about a year we embrased each other in a hug.

"wait where's the puppy I got you last year"

I put my fingers in my mouth whistling and watching my fat baby boy hop out of the car and run towards my sister knocking her over and licking her face.

"I guess he remembers you Kellie"

I said before I heard my name.


I heard my mom say her blonde and gray hair was pulled into a bun and her soulful blue grey eyes filled me with warmth and love or maybe that was her bone crushing hug. I turned and was picked up and spun around by MICHAEL my big brother I thought he lived in America with my sister in law.

"Michael oh my god its been at least three years"

I said before I greeted my sister in law Ingrid who was three months along.


I said before pulling myself into his arms never wanting to leave them because I had no care in the world.

"I have your present Kell"

I said opening my trunk grabbing the two gifts before watching her get off her knees from rubbing Tiny's belly she got up and her eyes widened.

"this is the camera I wanted it was like six hundred bucks"

"price doesn't matter your my baby sister and I want you to have the best shared birthday ever I mean we turn nineteen"

she started to cry.

"you stole my face"

"I had it first"

I said taking the quote we stole from Liv and Maddie a few weeks ago its a really cute show.

"so is there food or drink because im starving"

I said listening to my stomach roar causing Tiny to bark making all of us laugh.

"I need someone strong to help me his bag of food needs to be picked up with like a forklift I swear"

I saw Mike raise his hand I grabbed the dog bowls and stand and opened the back seat Tiny had been laying on it the entire ride. he looked at it mouth opened and we both laughed and I told him I got it quickly he grabbed the stand and bowls and followed me to the picnic tables leaning the stand against the trailer for mom and dad and their guests. I put the bag up against the trailer opening it up and putting the food in the bowl and pouring bottled water into his water bowl.

"ok Tiny ready"

I said making his head dip and come back up in a nod like manner.

"you can eat but use your manners"

I said watching him sit and put his two paws on the stand and dip his head into the bowl.

"Tiny paws"

I said before they hit the ground and he started to eat his food standing up.

"good what's for dinner im starving"

"waiting for our guest to come back from the lake so a few minutes"

'Wicked Witch Of The West Calling (insert witchy laugh)

"its work I will be right back"

"Kylie don't answer it come on its our birthday weekend"

"im sorry"

I said walking away swiping to answer.

'Hey Reba what's up'

'bad news sweetie I need you to come in'

'Reba im not anywhere in California'

'oh yeah that's right that camping trip'

she said almost disgusted and I rolled my eyes and put a hand on my forehead frustrated.

'I will send someone to you my dear'

'Reba I cant'

'honey darling please it would only be an hour if it is I will give you another week to your vacation'

I looked over and saw Kellie looking over to me and I gave her a defeated look and her shoulders slumped she knew I was giving in she had a devastated look on her face.


'cool Laurie and Nina will be their tomorrow'

I saw Kellie shake her head and turn around I then ended my call with her and walked over to where my family was sitting.

"how could you Kylie you promised no more work on our birthday"

I put a hand to my forehead I was extremely frustrated.

"I know Kells its that or lose my job I worked hard to get where I am in the modeling world plus if I do it im yours for the whole summer"

her head snapped up and her mouth dropped.


"you heard me bitch if I do this im yours the whole summer"

"that's the best deal except"

"except what"

"Kylie is that you wow long time no see"

I turned to see the one person who never wanted to see again but is standing currently in front of me the one who drove me to therapy the one the only Mr. Harold Styles.

"what are you doing here"

"im here the whole summer didn't Kellie tell you they told me you were going to be here a few days than leave"

"this sucks"

I said and he shook his head.


"well because now im stuck the whole summer with the one person I don't want to be stuck here with and that person is you"

"im sorry for what I said to you Kylie"

"sorry doesn't make up for it"

I said now glaring at my sister who now tried to avoid eye contact with me.








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