Dare To Dream

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  • Published: 30 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 30 Jul 2013
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Dare To Dream; Louis and Kim has been friends since they were in the 2nd grade when Kim and her mom moved into the neighborhood. When Kim and Louis started 7th grade, their friendship starts to fade when Louis meets Eleanor. But just when it starts to picks back up with Louis telling his feelings to Eleanor about Kim, something happens. Louis was moving away leaving Kim behind. A few years later, Louis joined a band called One Direction and Kim was left alone in the normal world. But not long, Kim got an offer and became something she never knew she would be. A few months pass and it is said that One Direction will be performing at the Victoria Secret fashion show. What happens when Louis is performing his solo part and comes across supermodel Kim?


3. 1.3

Mike: Ok, just lay on this chair and strike a pose* 

Kim: *strikes a pose* 

Mike: Perfect, you are perfect. 

Kim: *smiles and makes another pose* 

Mike: Alright now I need you to be a little more sexual for me. 

Kim: I'm sorry? 

Mike: Just be sexy I mean. 

Kim: Ok? *makes a different pose* 

Mike: Move your strap a bit down from you. 

Kim: *moves her strap and gives mike a look* 

Mike: That was it Kim, give me more. 

Kim: *makes another sexy pose* 

Mike: Alright, that's it, go back to your locker and change into your second lingerie. 

Kim: *leaves to go change* 

Mark: Alright let's go. 

Mike: Alright I need you to strike the most sexy pose ever. 

Kim: *strikes with a pose* 

Mike: Alright, now give me a better one. 

Kim: *strike more poses* 

Mike: Alright, now go change into your last one. 

Kim: *goes and changes again* 

Mike: Alright, let's finish this.  

Kim: *poses* 

Mike: Alright just a few more poses* 

Kim: *strikes her best pose* 

Mike: Alright that was perfect Kim, you are perfect. 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you. 

Mike: Alright you're all done, you can now go change into your clothes. 

Kim: Ok. *leaves and changes into her clothes* 

Jean: That was beautiful honey! 

Kim: Thanks mom. *chuckles* 

Jean: You are one hot daughter you know that. 

Kim: *chuckles* Mom that's enough. 

Jean: Sorry. *chuckles* 

Amy: Alright, I'll give you guys a call if we want her. 

Jean: Alright, thank you for having us. 

Amy: And thank you for coming. *smiles* 

Kim: Thank you. *smiles* 

(A Week Later) 

Jean: *screams* Really? You guys want her? Oh my gosh, ok well come there right now. 

Kim: *gives jean a look* Mom, what is it? 

Jean: *hangs up* They want you! 

Kim: *stands in silence* Shut up. 

Jean: Yeah! Let's go, c'mon get ready supermodel! 

Kim: *smiles big* I'm gonna be a supermodel? 

Jean: Yes! 

Kim: *goes and gets ready* 

Harry: Louis who's this girl? 

Louis: Who? 

Harry: I found her picture in your dresser. *chuckles* 

Louis: Oh that's Kim. Where'd you find it? 

Harry: In your dresser, why? 

Louis: I forgotten all about her.  

Niall: Who was she? 

Louis: I was in love with her back in the days. 

Liam: What happened? 

Louis: I moved here and everything changed. 

Zayn: So you haven't talked to her since? 

Louis: Nope, but I'm sure she has a boyfriend now. 

Harry: She's hot. 

Louis: She is beautiful guys. 

Liam: She looks beautiful. 

Zayn: She is. *smiles* 

Jean: *driving* 

Kim: *changes the radio channel and hears one direction* Hmm, what song is this? *listens to best song ever* One Direction? Hmm, they sound pretty good. 

Jean: Aren't you excited? We're almost there. 

Kim: Yes mom. *smiles* 

Amy: Hello thank you guys for coming in. 

Jean: No problem. 

Kim: *smiles* Hi. 

Amy: Well, we'll get straight to the point. You are officially now a supermodel Kim. 

Kim: *smiles big* Really? I can't believe it, how did you guys? I mean there was so many people auditioning. 

Amy: Well we weren't really planning on selecting you, but we kept going back to yours somehow. Your looks just really caught our eyes. 

Kim: *smiles* Awh. 

Amy: Maybe it was the eyes or the angle of your body that made us come back to it multiple of times. 

Kim: This is awesome, thank you. *smiles* 

Amy: We also have chosen a cover. 

Kim: Really? Which one. 

Amy: *pulls out a revealing one* We have chosen this picture to be on the cover of our magazine. 

Kim: *smiles big* Oh my gosh. *cries a little* This is so awesome. I can't, thank you so much. *smiles calmly* 

Amy: Congrats. *smiles* Now here's the hard part. *explains everything to kim* 

Kim: *takes a deep breath* Wow, ok, I will do my best. *smiles* I won't let you down, I promise.  

Amy: Alright, I'm counting on you. 

Jean: Thank you for having us come by. 

Amy: No problem. 

Kim: *screams* Mom, I'm a supermodel now! 

Jean: I know! *screams* Now you just have to get used to the paparazzi's, the fans, and... the rumors. 

Kim: Yeah. I can do it. *smiles* 

Jean: I'm so happy for you baby. *hugs kim* 

Kim: Me too mom, thanks to you. *hugs jean* 

(A Few Weeks Later) 

Kim: *walks the red carpert* 

Host 1: Look who it is! It's Kim Torres the newest Victoria Secret model! 

Paparazzi's: *taking kims pictures* 

Kim: *smiles and poses* 

Amy: Just remember whatever happens ignore it and just go along. 

Kim: *smiling for the camera* Ok. *strikes more poses* 

Amy: Please welcome my new supermodel Kim Torres! 

Kim: *walks up on stage and smiles* Thank you all for attending this party with me. It means so much for you all to be here with me and to celebrate with me. Again, thank you. *smiles for the cameras* 

Amy: *walks kim off stage* You did a great job tonight Kim.  

Kim: Thank you Amy, thanks to you for guiding me. 

Amy: *smiles* Now you can go enjoy the party or you can leave, it's up to you. 

Kim: Eh, I think I'll hang out here for a bit. *smiles* 

Amy: *smiles* Alright, enjoy the rest of the night. *leaves* 

Kim: *goes to the dance floor and checks it out then goes and grabs something to eat* 

Simon: Hello Kim. 

Kim: Simon?! Oh my... Hi. *smiles/chuckles* 

Simon: May I? 

Kim: Feel free to grab whatever you like Mr. Cowell.  

Simon: Thank you. So you're a supermodel now huh? 

Kim: Yes. *smiles* 

Simon: So what made you want to be a supermodel instead of a singer? 

Kim: My mom influenced me to be a model, so I took the risk and did it and here I am. *smiles* A supermodel now. 

Simon: You do know that my group I created called One Direction will be performing at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show this year right? 

Kim: Yeah, I heard of them, but never really gotten the chance to listen to them much. But I'm really excited to have them at the fashion show this year. *smiles* 

Simon: They're most excited to see you. 

Kim: *chuckles* All of them? 

Simon: Yes all five of them. 

Kim: Awh, well that's sweet of them. I hope I'll get to talk to them before the show starts or after. If not then hopefully I'll meet them in between then. 

Simon: *smiles* Enjoy the night Kim. *walks off* 

Kim: *looks at the place/sighs* I think it's time to go now too. I have school tomorrow. *leaves* 

Jean: How was it? 

Kim: It was great mom. *smiles* 

Jean: I'm so proud of you honey. *hugs kim* 

Kim: Thanks mom. 

Jean: You're really working hard in school, ignoring rumors, dramas, and still smiling and shining out there. *smiles* 

Kim: I learned from the best. *chuckles* 

Jean: *chuckles* I love you sweetie. 

Kim: I love you too mom and I appreciate everything you done for me to get me here. 

Jean: Awh. *smiles* 

(A Few Months Later) 

Host 2: Ladies and Gentle welcome to Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2013! Please welcome our first performer and guest at this time... One Direction! 

1D: *comes out and performs what makes you beautiful* 

Kim: *backstage* This is so nerve-racking.  

Model 1: Just breathe, everything will be ok. Just like rehearsals, it's gonna be like that except with a full crowd of audiences. 

Kim: *takes a deep breath* Ok, I'm ready, I'm excited. *smiles big* 

Model 1: Alright, I knew you had that spirit in you. *smiles*  

Kim: *smiles* 

1D: *performs Nobody Compares* 

Model 1: Just relax babe. 

Kim: *exhales* 

Model 1: You're out next so like I said, just breath and smile and do your walk. *smiles* 

Kim: *walks out* 

Louis: *sings his solo part in nobody compares*  

Kim: *looks at Louis and smiles* 

Louis: *singing and recognizes kim* 

Kim: *cont. her walk* 

Harry: *sings the next part and gives Louis a look* 

Louis: *carries his mic back up and sings* 

Kim: *walks back to the entrance* 

Louis: *singing and stares at kim walking by again* 

Kim: *goes backstage* 

1D: *finishes performing* 

Louis: *runs backstage* Have you seen Kim? Have anyone of you seen Kim? Kim! 

Liam: Louis, what are you doing? 

Louis: Kim! 

Kim: *hears her name* 

Liam: Louis! 

Louis: That was Kim! 

Liam: Who? 

Louis: When I was singing my part! 

Liam: How sure are you? 

Louis: I know her look and I know how she smiles Liam! It was her! I have to get to her! It's been seven years and I'm not gonna lose her again! 

Liam: Lou... 

Louis: Please. 

Amy: Hi, boys, thank you so much for performing for us. We can't wait to do the finale with you guys. *smiles* 

Kim: *walking in the background* 

Louis: *sees kim* I'm, I'm sorry, who's that over there? 

Amy: That is the newest supermodel Kim Torres. 

Louis: Kim Torres! Kim! *runs to kim* 

Liam: *fakes a chuckle* Huge fan he is. 

Amy: Security! 

Louis: *about to grab kim* 

Security 1: *grabs Louis* 

Louis: Kim! 

Kim: *turns around* Hi? *smiles* 

Louis: Let me go! 

Security 1: Mam' do you know this guy? 

Kim: Yea, he was just performing with the guys. *chuckles* What can I help you with? 

Louis: Are you Kim Torres. 

Kim: *curious* Yes? That's me. 

Louis: It's me. Louis, Louis Tomlinson. 

Kim: *shocked* 

Mark: C'mon Kim, we have to get to the next outfit. *pushes kim first* 

Security 1: You need to go to your spot Louis. 

Louis: *walks back to the lads* 

Kim: *changes to her next outfit/thinking about what just happened* 

Usher: *performs* 

Kim: *walks back out there and then strikes her pose and the end and walks back* 

Host 2: Please welcome back One Direction to the finale! 

1D: *performs Best Song Ever* 

Models: *walks the stage first* 

Kim: *the last one to walk out with her big wings* 

Louis: *stares at kim singing* 

Kim: *taking her time walking and smiling then poses and goes back* 

1D: *finishes performing* 

VS Models: *walks in a single file line and goes around finishing* 

Louis: Amy right? 

Amy: Yes. *smiles* 

Louis: Is there a way I can talk to Kim? 

Amy: I heard you were harassing her? 

Louis: Harr... harassing her? I'm her best friend since she moved here to LA. 

Amy: Joe, I need a confirmation from Kim Torres. 

Joe: Copied. 

Amy: I need you to ask if she knows Louis Tomlinson personally. 

Joe: Copied that. Kim, Amy needs a confirmation that you know Louis Tomlinson personally.  

Kim: Will I lose my job? 

Joe: I don't know. 

Kim: *takes a deep breath* Yes I know him. 

Joe: Amy? 

Amy: Yeah. 

Joe: It's confirmed. 

Amy: Alright bring her here. 

Joe: Alright. Come with me Kim. 

Kim: *walks with joe* 

Amy: Hi Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Am I in trouble? 

Amy: Of course not babe. You have ten minutes to talk to Louis. *leaves* 

Louis: Kim, do you remember me? 

Kim: Yeah I do, I remember you Louis. You were my best friend yeah. 

Louis: Were? I still am. 

Kim: We haven't talked in seven years. 

Louis: I joined X Factor. 

Kim: Really? 

Louis: Yeah, but I didn't make it, but got put into a band and didn't make it still. 

Kim: What place? 

Louis: Third. 

Kim: That's good! I mean it was better than being the first one out. 

Louis: *chuckles softly* Yeah. 

Kim: Well, you look great, I can see that you're totally busy because I heard you guys were everywhere. 

Louis: Yeah we have been everywhere.  

Kim: That's great, I'm proud of you Louis. I knew you sanged, but never knew you would try out for it. 

Louis: Yeah me neither, but I did and now here I am.  

Kim: Yeah. *chuckles* 

Louis: You're still beautiful Kim and you're smile, it still makes my day. 

Kim: *smiles* Aw Louis. 

Louis: *chuckles* So will we ever talk again or this is goodbye after our minutes are up? 

Kim: *takes a deep* Well you pretty much hurt me and left me for seven years.  

Louis: I know and I'm sorry. 

Kim: *chuckles softly* You can call me sometimes, get my number from my agent. *walks off* 

Louis: *looks at kim walking off* 

(2 Months Later) 

Louis: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *opens the door and gasp* 

Louis: *on one knee holding out a ring* 

Kim: *fakes a chuckle* Louis, what are... *stands in silence* 

Louis: Remember seven years ago you told me to come back for you. Will I did Kim and I'm just not coming back for you, but I also came to ask you to marry me, so... will you marry me? 

Kim: *smiles big* Yes, yes I'll marry you. 

Louis: *puts the ring on kim and kisses her* 

Kim: *jumps on Louis and cont. kissing him* 

Louis: Let's go get married. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles and laughs* Ok. 

Father: Do you Louis Tomlinson take Kim Torres to be your beloved wife until death do you two parts? 

Louis: I do. 

Father: Do you Kim Torres take Louis Tomlinson to be your beloved husband until death do you two parts? 

Kim: *smiles big* I do. 

Father: You may now kiss. 

Kim: *kisses Louis* 

Louis: *kisses kim back* 

(The Next Day) 

News 1: Today's headline is... 

News 2: Louis Tomlinson... 

News 3: And Kim Torres... 

News 4: Eloped in Vegas and got married. 

News 5: One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and Supermodel Kim Torres had eloped and are now married.  

News 6: Today's headline made a huge impact on our lives! One Direction's... *cont. talking* 

Louis: *turns off the tv* I can't believe we are married. 

Kim: *chuckles* I can't believe it neither. 

Louis: *kisses kims cheek* I love you Kimberly Jeannette Torres. 

Kim: *smiles shy* I love you Louis William Tomlinson.  

Louis: *kisses kim*

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