Dare To Dream

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  • Published: 30 Jul 2013
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Dare To Dream; Louis and Kim has been friends since they were in the 2nd grade when Kim and her mom moved into the neighborhood. When Kim and Louis started 7th grade, their friendship starts to fade when Louis meets Eleanor. But just when it starts to picks back up with Louis telling his feelings to Eleanor about Kim, something happens. Louis was moving away leaving Kim behind. A few years later, Louis joined a band called One Direction and Kim was left alone in the normal world. But not long, Kim got an offer and became something she never knew she would be. A few months pass and it is said that One Direction will be performing at the Victoria Secret fashion show. What happens when Louis is performing his solo part and comes across supermodel Kim?


2. 1.2

Johanna: Hey honey, how was... what's wrong? 

Louis: Mom, Kim is hurt. 

Johanna: What?! What happened? 

Louis: I guess she really liked this guy, but he kissed another girl and she saw it. 

Johanna: Aw, honey did you comfort her? 

Louis: That's the funny thing; she didn't want to talk to me. 

Johanna: Really, but I thought you two always shared information? 

Louis: I did too, but I guess people grow older and they need their privacy. 

Johanna: Yes, but you two are still so young. 

Louis: I'm gonna go work on my homework. *leaves to his room* 

Johanna: Oh hey Jean. 

Jean: Do you have a minutel 

Johanna: Yeah, why? 

Jean: Did you know your son has a girlfriend? 

Johanna: Really? Is and your daughter? 

Jean: No with Eleanor. 

Johanna: Oh wow, he didn't tell me, but he brought her up a few times. 

Jean: Yeah, I think that's why my daughter's been so... jealous? 

Johanna: No, Louis told me that she has a crush, but she saw him kiss another girl and it broked her heart. 

Jean: And she didn't tell me? I'm her mother Johanna. 

Johanna: I guess we're even. 

Jean: Yeah, so what are you doing tonight? 

Johanna: I was gonna cook, did you and Kim want to come by? 

Jean: We would love to. 

Johanna: Yeah, feel free to come by, I have to announce something too. 

Jean: Ok, we'll be here, just call us. 

Johanna: Ok, see you in a bit. 

Jean: You too. *leaves* 

Kim: Why are we eating there? 

Jean: Because we were invited honey. 

Kim: Fine. 

Johanna: Please, come in. *smiles* 

Jean: *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles softly* 

Johanna: I just got done setting up the table. 

Jean: Oh ok I could of helped you. 

Johanna: It was nothing. 

Louis: So you said you had something to tell us, what is it? 

Johanna: *smiles* 

Jean: What is it? *chuckles* 

Johanna: Well... I don't know how to explain this, but... I found a job. 

Jean: Oh my gosh! Congrats! I'm so proud of you. 

Johanna: Thank you. 

Louis: *hugs Johanna* Congrats mum, I'm happy.  

Johanna: Thanks honey. *kisses louis's cheek* 

Kim: *smiles* I'm happy for you. 

Johanna: Thank you honey. *smiles* 

Jean: Well thank you for dinner, Kim and I should start leaving now. 

Johanna: ok, thank you for coming and celebrate with me and my son. *smiles* 

Jean: No problem Jay. *smiles* 

Johanna: Bye Kim. 

Kim: Bye. *smiles and leaves* 

Louis: So where'd you find the job at? 

Johanna: In London. 

Louis: What?!  

Johanna: Yes, in London honey. Grandpa helped find me a job. 

Louis: So I have to leave too? 

Johanna: Yeah. 

Louis: Mom. 

Johanna: I know Louis, I know. 

Louis: When are we... 

Johanna: Next week, so tell your girlfriend Eleanor that you have to leave her. 

Louis: She's not my girlfriend; I don't like her like that. I thought I did, but I don't. 

Johanna: Hmm, then who is your girlfriend? 

Louis: I don't have one, just a crush. 

Johanna: On Eleanor right? 

Louis: I can't say who. 

Johanna: Well you better tell them or forget about them because you won't be seeing them anymore. 

Louis: Yeah. *gets sad* 

Eleanor: Louis! *smiles* 

Louis: Did you talk to her yet? 

Eleanor: No I didn't get to, she was in a rush. 

Louis: Well you need to do it sooner. 

Eleanor: Well I tried to, but she keeps saying she has to be somewhere. 

Louis: You know what; I'll just do it Eleanor. *leaves* 

Kim: *closes her locker* 

Louis: Kim. 

Kim: Oh hey Louis. 

Louis: I feel like I haven't talk to you in so long, but really it's only been three weeks. 

Kim: Yeah three weeks is long, it's almost a month Louis. 

Louis: Look, you know how my mom found a job? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Louis: Well that wasn't the end of it. 

Kim: What do you mean? *crosses her arms* 

Louis: My mom and I are moving. 

Kim: *smiles* Great, I mean you been living in that house all your life right? 

Louis: We're not moving anywhere near here Kim. 

Kim: Oh? 

Louis: We're moving to London. 

Kim: *gets heartbroken* London? Why there! 

Louis: My grandpa was the one that found my mom her job. 

Kim: *heartbeats faster* 

Louis: Yeah, I just came to tell you that. So this week will be my last. *walks off* 

Kim: *stares at Louis walking off trying not to cry* 

Eleanor: Hey. 

Kim: What do you want Eleanor. 

Eleanor: Did he tell you? 

Kim: Yeah that he was moving to London and this week is his last.  

Eleanor: No, what I was actually hoping to hear was...  

Kim: What? 

Eleanor: Kim, Louis is in love with you. 

Kim: What? 

Eleanor: I know this sounds crazy, but he is. He told me. 

Kim: I thought he was interested in you. 

Eleanor: I thought so too, but we're both wrong, it's you. 

Kim: How do you know? 

Eleanor: Kim, he's been in love with you since the 5th grade. 

Kim: *silent* 

Eleanor: Kim. 

Kim: He told you that? 

Eleanor: He told me yesterday and that's what I was trying to tell you. Kim, this guy is in love with you. It even shows in his eyes. It's obvious he doesn't want to leave because of you. 

Kim: Eleanor, I... 

Eleanor: He knows you been acting strange, if you were jealous, I'm sorry because we never really had a thing going on and like I said... he loves you. *walks off* 

Mr. Frisky: Kim, can you please tell me how you solved your problem. 

Kim: How I solved my problem? It was easy. I thought I did it wrong, but at the end, I was right. 

Mr. Frisky: Come up here and show us. 

Kim: *walks to the board* 

Mr. Frisky: Go ahead. 

Kim: *shows her work* 

Louis: That was perfect. Everything you do is perfect Kim. 

Mr. Frisky: Excuse me? 

Louis: Her work, it's well done and it's well proven that she's that smart. 

Mr. Frisky: Yes, yes she is smart. *smiles* 

Kim: *sits down and looks at Louis* 

Louis: *stares into kims eyes and then smiles* 

Kim: *smiles softly* 

(A Week Later) 

Johanna: I'm gonna miss you so much. 

Jean: Yes, I'm gonna miss you too. 

Kim: So you're really leaving huh. 

Louis: Yeah, I'm leaving Kim, I'm leaving to London. 

Kim: *holds in her tears* Why can't you finish the 7th grade with me here. 

Louis: I want to, but there's no family here that will take care of me. 

Kim: I'm sure my mom will take care of you. 

Louis: *hugs kim* I can't believe I'm leaving you. 

Kim: Eleanor told me that you were in love with me. 

Louis: What? I wasn't in love with you. 

Kim: *cries* I knew it. 

Louis: It's because I'm in love with you. 

Kim: *stares at Louis* 

Louis: I'm in love with you Kim. I am, it's crazy, but it all started in 5th grade.  

Kim: Why didn't you tell me sooner? 

Louis: Because I was scared to ruin our friendship Kim! I didn't want to hurt you. 

Kim: *crying* But you already did Louis. 

Louis: How? 

Kim: You kissed Eleanor back. 

Louis: Wait? So your crush was me? 

Kim: Yeah. *crackles in tears*  

Louis: So it all makes sense to me now. Kim, I am really sorry that I did that.  

Kim: *crying* It's ok, I'll just have to start all over and move on because one, Eleanor's in your life now, two, you're already moving and three, you're not coming back. 

Jean: *hears kim and looks* 

Johanna: Oh my gosh, is she crying? 

Jean: Kim. *walking fast to kim* 

Johanna: *follows jean* 

Kim: *crying*  

Louis: *hugs kim* I'll come back for you Kim, I will. 

Kim: How? In what five years? Ten years? Louis, I don't know if I can wait that long. 

Jean: Kim. *hugs kim* 

Johanna: What happened? 

Louis: Mom, I can't leave Kim. 

Johanna: What? 

Louis: *slowly* I'm in love with Kim. 

Jean: *look at Louis* 

Announcement: All passengers boarding to London is now seating. 

Louis: *fakes a smile* Take care of her for me Mrs. Torres. *walks off in tears* 

Kim: *cries harder into jeans arm* 

Johanna: Take care Jean. *looks at kim and then leaves* 

(Seven years later) 

Kim: *shopping with jean* Mom, I'm gonna go into forever 21. 

Jean: Ok, I'll be in Macys. 

Amy: Hi. 

Kim: Hi? 

Amy: Are you interested in modeling? 

Kim: Modeling?  

Amy: Yes, I saw you from afar and you just caught my attention. 

Kim: Um, I like modeling, but I don't think it's for me. 

Amy: How old are you? 

Kim: I just turned twenty. 

Amy: You're young, beautiful and people would love you if you were a model. 

Kim: Um, I don't know. I'm still in college. 

Amy: *hands kim her business card* My name is Amy James, I'm the CEO of Victoria Secret. Call or email me if you change your mind. *smiles* 

Kim: *takes the card* Thank you, I'll think about it. 

Amy: *smiles* Ok. 

Kim: *leaves* 

Jean: What's that? 

Kim: Mom, a girl name Amy James gave me her business card. 

Jean: She wants you to join her business? *looks at the card* Victoria Secret Modeling! 

Kim: *gets embarrassed a bit* Mom, not to loud. 

Jean: Honey, it's what you always wanted to be when you were in 3rd grade. 

Kim: Yeah, but mom, I'm twenty now. I don't know if I want to do it anymore. 

Jean: You have to do it, wait what is it for? 

Kim: It's an opening audition. 

Amy: Hi, are you Kim's mother? 

Jean: Yes, I'm Jean Torres. 

Amy: Amy James, CEO of the company Victoria's Secret. I would like to cast your daughter for an audition for modeling. 

Jean: Yes! I mean wow that is awesome; I would love my daughter to be in it. What will she win if she does? 

Amy: She'll be on the cover of Victoria Secret and if I along with six other creator likes her, she'll get to be a Victoria Secret model. *smiles* 

Jean: Honey wouldn't that be awesome? 

Kim: Mom, I don't even... I mean yeah, it'll be great. 

Amy: Great, I'll be looking forward to see you next week at the opening on Sunset Blvd.  

Jean: We'll be there. *smiles* 

Amy: See you guys then. *leaves* 

Kim: Mom, you're serious? 

Jean: Yeah, it was my dreams, but then I had you. 

Kim: So it was your dream. 

Jean: Yes, but now I'm doing something else. I want you to do it. *smiles* 

Kim: I can give it a try. *leaves* 

Niall: Thank you Houston for having us here tonight! 

Zayn: You guys were amazing tonight. 

Liam: Loudest crowd we had since Manchester! *smiles* 

Kim: Hi, is Amy James here? 

Joe: Amy there's someone here to see you. 

Amy: Send them in. 

Joe: *opens the door* 

Amy: Kim, it's good to see you. 

Kim: *smiles* Hi Amy. 

Amy: Well since you are here; let's get you changed and dressed up shall we? 

Kim: Ok. *smiles* 

Amy: Meet your hair and makeup artist Diane. 

Kim: Hi. 

Diane: Hi, I'm really looking forward to work for you. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Amy: And this is Mark, he'll be your stylist. 

Kim: Hi. *smiles* 

Amy: Alright, I'll leave you guys to do the work. 

Jean: This is so exciting baby. You're gonna be a star out there. *smiles big* Remember, just smile and strike poses. 

Kim: Yes mom. *smiles* 

Jean: See you out there. *leaves* 

Diane: *fixes kims makeup and hair* 

Amy: So tell me a little bit about your daughter? 

Jean: She really into school and really wants to accomplish her father's goal. 

Amy: What happened to him? 

Jean: He died from cancer when Kim was only 2 years old. 

Amy: I'm sorry. 

Jean: It's ok, she's doing better now. *smiles* 

Amy: She will be, trust me. *smiles* 

Diane: Mark!  

Mark: Yeah. 

Diane: How does she look? 

Mark: Wow she is sexy. 

Diane: Alright, she's all yours now. 

Mark: Alright, let's go get you dressed. 

Kim: *walks with mark* 

Mark: Alright, let's wear this bra with this underwear and then we'll wear this sexy revealing one piece lingerie. And after all that, we'll go back to the two piece lingerie's yeah? 

Kim: Um, yeah. *smiles shy* 

Mark: It's ok, it's gonna be fun. Here, go change. 

Kim: *goes and changes* 

Mark: Go ahead and come out when you're done. 

Kim: *walks out*  

Mark: Wow, you are looking sexy Kim, let's go meet your photographer. 

Kim: Ok. 

Amy: *gasp* Wow. 

Jean: *gasp with tears* Oh my gosh, you look so beautiful honey! *hugs kim* 

Kim: Mom, careful. *chuckles* 

Jean: Sorry. *chuckles* 

Amy: Kim, this is Mike, he's gonna be your photographer for today. 

Kim: Hi. *smiles* 

Mike: Hi. *smiles* I'm ready when you are. 

Kim: Yeah I'm ready. 

Mike: Alright, let's take you to your place.  

Kim: *follows mike*

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