Dare To Dream

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  • Published: 30 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 30 Jul 2013
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Dare To Dream; Louis and Kim has been friends since they were in the 2nd grade when Kim and her mom moved into the neighborhood. When Kim and Louis started 7th grade, their friendship starts to fade when Louis meets Eleanor. But just when it starts to picks back up with Louis telling his feelings to Eleanor about Kim, something happens. Louis was moving away leaving Kim behind. A few years later, Louis joined a band called One Direction and Kim was left alone in the normal world. But not long, Kim got an offer and became something she never knew she would be. A few months pass and it is said that One Direction will be performing at the Victoria Secret fashion show. What happens when Louis is performing his solo part and comes across supermodel Kim?


1. 1.1

Johanna: Louis! 

Louis: *playing with his toys and hears his mom calling him*  

Johanna: Louis! 

Louis: *putting his toys down* Yeah mum? 

Johanna: *walks to Louis* Louis, I was calling you. Come and meet your new neighbor. 

Louis: But I answered you mum. 

Johanna: Louis, meet Jean and her daughter Kim. 

Louis: *smiles* Hi. 

Jean: *smiles* Hi Louis. 

Kim: *gets shy* 

Jean: Say hi to Louis sweetheart. 

Kim: *shyly* Hi. 

Louis: Don't be shy, I'm nice. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles a bit* Thank you. I'm Kim. 

Louis: That's a pretty name, I'm Louis. *smiles* Do you want to come with me to play with my toys? 

Johanna: Yes, why don't you take Kim and go play with your toys Louis. *smiles* 

Louis: *grabs kims hand* 

Kim: *gets startled*  

Louis: *smiles kindly* C'mon, let's go play with my toys. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. *walks off with Louis* 

Jean: He's really cute, how old is he? 

Johanna: Thanks. *smiles* He's eight. 

Jean: Really? My daughter's seven. 

Johanna: She's beautiful. 

Jean: Thank you. *smiles* 

Louis: *showing his toys* This one is my favorite. Do you have a favorite toy? 

Kim: I do, but it's still in the box in my house. 

Louis: We can get it and play with it. 

Kim: My mommy says I can't take out any toys until we're done unpacking. 

Louis: Awh, ok then. We can just play with mine. *smiles* 

Kim: *sits down* Ok. *smiles* 

Louis: *shares his toys with kim* 

Kim: *playing with louis's toys* 

(Five Years Later) 

Kim: *on the phone* Where are you? I can't find you Louis. 

Louis: *walking towards kim* I'm closer than you think, just keep looking forward. 

Kim: *looks for Louis* I really can't Louis. 

Louis: Hang up. 

Kim: What? 

Louis: I'm right behind you. 

Kim: *turns around* 

Louis: *smiles*  

Kim: *chuckles* 

Louis: *walks up to kim and hugs her* I can't believe we're already in the 7th grade. 

Kim: Me neither! It seems like it was just yesterday that we both started 2nd grade together. 

Louis: *laughs* I know right. 

Kim: This is crazy. 

Louis: *smiling* I know right. *sighs* We're getting closer to graduation now. 

Kim: Oh please, I don't even want to talk about that right now Louis. 

Louis: *laughs again* I'm just stating the truth. 

Kim: Yeah, but we still have five years to get there. 

Louis: *chuckles* Yeah, you want to go grab some breakfast? 

Kim: Sure. *smiles* 

Louis: So let me ask you something. 

Kim: Ok. 

Louis: But I need you to be honest with me. 

Kim: Yeah, what is it? 

Louis: So we've been friends all our life almost. *chuckles* 

Kim: *smiles and then laughs* Yeah uh huh. 

Louis: *smiling* So you do have like a crush on anyone?  

Kim: Louis! 

Louis: *laughs* I just want to know, like you never talk to me about guys, or is it that you like girls? 

Kim: Well you don't talk to me about your girl crush, why should I talk to you about my boy crush? 

Louis: Ok, yes I have a girl crush. 

Kim: Really? *smiles* 

Louis: Yes, I was talking to her before you called me. 

Kim: *doesn't take it seriously* Oh yeah and who was it? 

Louis: Her name is Eleanor Calder. 

Kim: Oh? So you already know her name and last? 

Louis: Yeah, she told me, so I told her. 

Kim: *chuckles* 

Louis: What? She's gonna be joining us math. 

Kim: *smiles big* That's great news! I can't wait to see how she looks like. *chuckles* 

Louis: She's hot. 

Kim: I wouldn't doubt it. *smiles* 

Eleanor: *walking by* Louis. 

Kim: *turns to look* 

Louis: *smiles big* Eleanor, I was just talking about you to my friend. 

Eleanor: *smiles* Hi, I'm Eleanor. 

Kim: *smiles* I'm Kim. 

Eleanor: Wow you are really pretty. *smiling* 

Kim: Thanks, but not like you. *chuckles* 

Eleanor: *chuckles* Well thank you, but I have to get to class, I'll see you guys soon. 

Louis: Oh Kim has math with us. *smiles at kim and then back to Eleanor* 

Eleanor: *gasp/smiles* I can't wait to see you there then.  

Kim: Me too. *smiles* 

Eleanor: Ok, bye. *leaves* 

Kim: *chuckles* Wow she is hot. 

Louis: Hey!  

Kim: What? *laughs* I thought I would agree with you. 

Louis: Well thank you Kim. *smiles and looks away* 

Kim: *smiling* We should get to class. 

Louis: Yeah, I'll drop you off to your science class. 

Kim: Ok. 

Louis: *leaves with kim* 

Kim: Ok, here's my class, you can go now. 

Louis: *smiles* We still have like 7 minutes. 

Kim: I don't want you to be late for your class. 

Louis: My P.E. class is just right there, I won't be late Kim. 

Kim: Ok then. *smiles* 

Louis: You really want me to go? 

Kim: I just told you, I don't want you to be late on the first day. 

Louis: Fine, I'll go then. *hugs kim* 

Kim: *hugs Louis back* 

Louis: I'll see you at lunch hour. 

Kim: Me too. *smiles* 

Louis: *smiles and leaves* 

Eleanor: Louis! 

Kim: *turns and sees Eleanor and Louis* 

Louis: *turns around* Oh hey Eleanor. 

Eleanor: *hugs Louis* Where are you going? 

Louis: *walking to class* I'm going to P.E. and you? 

Eleanor: Me too! Oh my gosh. *chuckles* 

Louis: *chuckles* Well let's go together then. 

Eleanor: Yeah. *smiles* 

Louis: So what elementary did you come from? 

Eleanor: I came from East LA Elementary. 

Louis: *chuckles* So, we're supposed to be enemies then. 

Eleanor: Really? What school did you come from? 

Louis: West LA Elementary. 

Eleanor: Ouch. The talented school huh? 

Louis: Talented school with the smart school? We seem to be getting along. 

Eleanor: *smiles* I know right. 

Kim: *sees Louis walking with Eleanor* 

Louis: Oh hold on. Kim! 

Kim: *walks to Louis and smiles* Hey. 

Eleanor: Hi. 

Kim: Hi.  

Louis: Where were you going? 

Kim: I was gonna go get a drink. 

Louis: Oh well here, buy me one too. *cont. talking to Eleanor* 

Kim: *stands in silence*  

Louis: *looks at kim* Sorry did you need something? 

Kim: *fakes a smile* No I just forgot, I didn't bring my wallet. *walks off* 

Louis: *looks at kim walk off* 

Kim: *sits and eats her food* 

Louis: You didn't buy me one? 

Kim: No, but where's Eleanor? 

Louis: She's with her friends. 

Kim: So you really like her don't you? 

Louis: I have a huge crush on her. Do you think she'll want to be my girlfriend? 

Kim: Who knows, you are tall, good looking, handsome, and you even have a great personality and humor. 

Louis: Really? You think so? Thanks. *chuckles* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Louis: So how were your classes so far? 

Kim: They were ok. 

Louis: Met anyone? Or friends maybe boy crush? *chuckles* 

Kim: Louis, I shouldn't be having a boy crush. 

Louis: Why? Because you're boy crush is me? *laughs* 

Kim: *gets silent* No, it's not you Louis.  

Louis: *stops smiling* Oh? Well what do you think of Eleanor? 

Kim: She's cute, she's a great match for you. 

Louis: So you agree she looks good with me? 

Kim: Yeah sure, whatever, look I'm gonna go to the library, I'll see you in math. *gets up and leaves* 

Louis: *concerned* Kim? 

Mr. Frisky: Hello class, please stand up against the wall, so I can seat you guys down in roll call. 

Louis: *stands next to Eleanor* 

Mr. Frisky: Kim Torres? 

Kim: That's me. 

Mr. Frisky: Ok, you're on the left. Louis Tomlinson? 

Louis: Yes. 

Mr. Frisky: Next to Kim Please. 

Louis: Ok. *sits down and smiles at kim* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Mr. Frisky: Eleanor Calder? 

Eleanor: I'm here. 

Mr. Frisky: Right next to Louis. 

Eleanor: *smiles and sits next to Louis* 

Louis: *talks to Eleanor* 

Mr. Frisky: Ok, before class ends, just remember to bring an extra binder and notebook to class tomorrow. 

Kim: *leaves class* 

Jean: Hey honey, how was school today? 

Kim: *staring out the window*  

Jean: Honey, I'm talking to you. 

Kim: Ok. 

Jean: What happened? Did you and Louis get into a fight? He normally stays with you afterschool. 

Kim: I couldn't find him. 

Jean: I thought you two had math together last? 

Kim: Yeah, but he took forever, so I left first. 

Jean: Oh. 

Kim: Where are we going? 

Jean: We're gonna go eat with Johanna and Louis. 

Kim: That should be fun. 

Johanna: So how was school Louis? 

Louis: Oh my gosh mom, I met a girl name Eleanor and we just bonded all day long. 

Johanna: Really? 

Louis: She's perfect mom. We talked all day at school and just, it was great. I really like her too, not to mention. *chuckles* 

Johanna: Well I want to meet her someday. 

Louis: I can't wait for you to meet her. 

Johanna: What'd you do Kim? 

Kim: Um, I stayed in the library and read. 

Johanna: Wait, Louis you didn't hang out with Kim? 

Louis: Well... 

Kim: We were, but I wanted to leave them two alone, so I left. 

Johanna: Is everything ok? 

Kim: Yeah, why? *chuckles* 

Johanna: You seem kind of down. 

Kim: My classes, just this one person in there was really annoying and he irritated me. 

Jean: Honey, you're never irritated or anything like that. You're a happy child. 

Kim: Maybe I'm not after all. 

Jean: What do you mean? 

Louis: I think I know why. 

Johanna: Why? 

Louis: *laughs* Because she has a boy crush that she won't tell me. 

Kim: *gets annoyed and leaves the table* 

Jean: Kim? 

Louis: *makes a serious face* 

Johanna: Wow, that's a first time I seen her like that. 

Jean: I know, she's never like that.  

Louis: I'll go get her. *leaves the table* Kim! 

Kim: *turns around* 

Louis: *hugs kim* Hey, what's wrong? 

Kim: What do you want? *pushing Louis away* 

Louis: What happened? 

Kim: Nothing Louis, everything is fine, I just need to get home. 

Louis: Kim, you know I'm your best friend; I'll always listen to you. I won't judge you or make fun of you. 

Kim: Louis! It's nothing, I'm fine! 

Louis: Is it Eleanor? 

Kim: No, it's not her neither ok. 

Louis: Well what is it? 

Kim: Nothing. *walks back into the restaurant* Mom, I'm ready to go home. 

Jean: Actually, you'll be leaving and staying with Johanna and Louis; I have a meeting to go to. 

Kim: Why can't you just drop me off home?! 

Jean: Ok, if you want to go home, I can take you as well. Maybe Johanna and Louis will stay with you at home then? *looks at Johanna* 

Johanna: Yeah we would love to. 

Kim: No, I'm fine home. I just want some peace and quiet to myself. 

Jean: Ok, then let's go then. 

Kim: *leaves first* 

Johanna: I'll stop by to check up on her. 

Jean: Thank you. *leaves* 

Eleanor: Hey Louis. 

Louis: Oh hey Eleanor. *smiles and hugs Eleanor* 

Eleanor: Where are you going? 

Louis: I was just gonna head to my locker, do you want to come with me? 

Eleanor: Yeah. *smiles* 

Kim: *opening her locker and sees Louis with Eleanor* 

Louis: So how was your first day so far? 

Eleanor: You know it was great, I met you and Kim and it was just great. I told my mom about you. *chuckles* 

Louis: Really? I did too! *laughs* 

Eleanor: *laughs* 

Kim: *slams her locker and leaves* 

Louis: *looks and sees kim walking off* 

Eleanor: So what are you doing afterschool today? 

Louis: Home. 

Eleanor: Mind if I come over? 

Louis: You? Want to come over? 

Eleanor: Yeah. *smiles* 

Louis: That'll be great. *chuckles* 

Eleanor: *kisses Louis* I'll see you at lunch. *smiles and leaves* 

Louis: *touches his lips* My first kiss. 

Kim: *walking to class* 

Louis: Kim! 

Kim: *turns* Oh hey Louis. 

Louis: Guess what! 

Kim: What? 

Louis: Eleanor kissed me. 

Kim: *stops walking* Really? 

Louis: Yeah, her lips were so soft and... 

Kim: Remember you asking me if I have a boy crush. 

Louis Yeah I do, why? 

Kim: Well I do and he hurt me. 

Louis: What he'd do? 

Kim: He kissed another girl. *walks off* 

Louis: *catches up to kim* Why would he do that? 

Kim: Because he was good and played my heart pretty well.  

Louis: I'm sorry. *hugs kim* So who is he? 

Kim: You don't know him. 

Louis: Tell me, so I can talk to him. 

Kim: You can't. 

Louis: Why? 

Kim: *chuckles* That'll be pretty weird. *walks into class* 

Eleanor: What's wrong? 

Louis: I don't know, it's Kim, she's really changed and she's never like this. I don't know why she's acting how she is. 

Eleanor: Some people change when they get older. 

Louis: But she's never like this. 

Eleanor: Well maybe you should sit her down and talk to her? 

Louis: I always do. We live like two houses down from eachother. 

Eleanor: That explains why you two are so close. So does she have a boyfriend? 

Louis: No, but she did mention she had a crush and he broked her heart by kissing another girl. 

Eleanor: *gasp* That's really bad, tell her I'm sorry. 

Louis: Why? It wasn't even you. 

Eleanor: No girl deserves to go through it Louis. 

Louis: Yeah, I know, but still. 

Eleanor: She's beautiful, I'm sure she'll find a better guy. 

Louis: Yes, she's beautiful Eleanor. I love her and I just really wish she knew it. 

Eleanor: Really? You love her? 

Louis: I met her when I was 8, she was 7. I knew I was in love with her when we were in the 5th grade. 

Eleanor: About that kiss, I'm sorry I gave you one, I didn't know. 

Louis: No, it's ok. 

Eleanor: Did you tell her you are in love with her? 

Louis: No. 

Eleanor: Then what are you waiting for? 

Louis: She has a crush Eleanor. 

Eleanor: Maybe you can be the one to heal it. 

Louis: You know, you are right, maybe I should tell her. But who am I to kid, we're really good friends, we're best friends, I can't ruin that for me and her. 

Eleanor: You never know until you try it. 

Louis: I don't want to risk it Eleanor. 

Eleanor: You want me to tell her? 

Louis: Would you? 

Eleanor: I would love to. *smiles* 

Louis: *smiles* Thank you Eleanor, you're the best. *hugs Eleanor* 

Eleanor: I'll talk to her after math class. 

Louis: Thanks El. 

Kim: *walking to the car* 

Eleanor: Kim. 

Kim: *turns around* 

Eleanor: Hi. *smiles* 

Kim: Can I help you? 

Eleanor: Yeah, can I talk to you? 

Kim: My mom's right here. I have to get home. 

Eleanor: Oh? Sorry, I'll talk to you tomorrow then. *smiles* 

Kim: *gets in the car* 

Jean: Who was that? 

Kim: Louis's girlfriend. 

Jean: Oh I didn't know he had a girlfriend, does Johanna know? 

Kim: Not that I know of. 

Jean: I'm going over there tonight, I'll talk to her. 

Kim: Why? 

Jean: Well... 

Kim: It's not your business to know about his relationship. His mom should be the one. 

Jean: Yes, you're right. 

Kim: Can we go now. 

Jean: Sorry, yeah. *drives off*

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