Mysteriousness Island

Disclaimer: I posted this story on JDBFF first

When Jason Maccan the badboy the the town gets and assignment with a long time friend will her let her in his dangerous life?

When Emily Stokes the father of a CSI agent get a assingment with the bad boy Jason Maccan will she fall for him?

What happens if the two gets on a abandon island


1. School

My school was a hell hole for me . Girls dressed like sluts : shorter stop and i dressed like :




It was Monday morning and my mom came to wake me up so she pull of my covers pulled the curtains and pushed my gently to get up . After 5minn of my mom yelling in my ears  trying  to  make  me  go def and gently pushing me i got up ate my breakfast grabbed my towel and took a shower . I wasn’t in a dressy mood to i justThrew on:  and walked to school.

 As i reached to my locker gabby came and tightly hugged me and i hugged back . She was my best friend I know  i could  count on her for anything she and my friend Destiny  I called her des .

 Emily  asked her "how was your  weekend and where des?" She said

" it was awesome and des isn’t coming to today she sick. "

 i said "ok" .

Bell rang and I went to Spanish class we sat there waiting for here until a teacher came and said she wasn’t here :). i was happy free period gabby tuned around and we were talking about our weekend and how awesome it was and stuff .Gabby wanted a book borrow so i reached in my bag getting it for her noticing Jason Maccan staring at me . I always had a secret crush on him .He's killed people  , been arrested , wanted by a lot of people yet none of that mattered cause i liked him . I've known him  since kidgarden but ever since he came to high school he doesn’t talk to me we  use to be  really  good  friend  until  he  became a  badass.

I turned to him and said " stop staring at me like that its creeping me  out  bro."

He smirked and said " I can stare at whoever i want to its  my  fucking  eyes  so  I  suggest I shut that  mouth  of  yours."

 I rolled my eyes and give gabby her book.




~*~*~* Jason PVO ~*~*~*

I liked that emily was feisty  and  she  wasn’t  like  other  sluts  at  school  throwing   their  selves  at  me  I  mean  I  like  it but Emily was  feisty. I tuned  around to  me  friend  jake  and  were started  talking about  weekend and  stuff

--Skipping to lunch still on jason's PVO--


 i sat with jake and a couple other friends and their girlfriend's. I ate my lunch and left.I went the agricultural block and went to the garden and sat under a tree . Later i see emily and her friend gabby coming i quickly got up and left .




*~*~*Emily PVO *~*~*


 Going to the garden after eating lunch sitting on a tree branch talking was our thing. When i saw Jason walking out i was like what was he doing here he’s   never  here  well I’ve  never seen him here. While sitting on the tree with gabby talking i see Jason a and girl and went down in he back of the field and we started hearing sex noises. Me and gabby left and same time we left bell rang . Thank god it was the last two periods was English/Lit i liked those subjects. I sat down in front of the class with gabby on my right . After the 1st period fished i jason walks in class and the teacher didn’t even see . While writing notes Miss.Brown the English teacher tells us if have to translate the first 3 chapters of Romeo and Juliet . she paired us up and i got jason I wasn’t too happy about that . Bell rang i packed up my stuff and walked up with gabby . Jason came and pulled me away from gabby and asked

" My house or urs " i said " I don’t  really  know you pick."

 He said " mines."

 I said " sure." he wrote down his address on a paper and his number and gave it to me.

I said thank " thank  I’ll be there at 4 or half 4 .

I walked away and gabby dropped me home . When i reached home i went to my room relaxed and thought to myself i should have said my house what if he rapes me D:

its 4:20pm i get ready and i borrow my mom's car and drives to his house. i park in his yard knock on his door and i see some man opening the door ......



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