Birds of A Feather

It's been two years since the Titans saved the world from Raven's psychotic father; Trigon. Well, Raven had to leave and go back to Azarath for her mother. Her mother was married to new King of Azarath. And Raven, being her only child is the heir to the Azarath throne. She is now a Princess and her mother is unable to have anymore children (thanks to Trigon, of course). Raven is now 18, and she misses her friends deeply, hates the tedious politics of court, and can't stand the people of Azarath with all the looks of disdain she gets day in and day out. She has her heart set on leaving one day, but she loves her mother too much to leave her. So, what happens when an old friend and former flame shows up, missing her and wanting to take her home? Will she stay or will she go? What is there for her in a city that thinks of her as a monster, no matter her high standing in the society?

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


1. Raven

     I ran into the woods, finally escaping the confines of my quarters. As well as my "Father's" suffocating rules of proper behaviour. 

     I sighed as I twirled in the pond at my secret place. This is where I can escape all that's around me. I was out, away from my "Father" and his stingy court. I hate the tediousness of politics. They bore me. 

     Living here in the Tower of Azarath is not what you would  the best thing ever. The last time I wasn't here was two years ago and then when I was gone for many years, I met my best friends and whom I had hope would one day become my boyfriend. Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire. 

     I miss all of them, but I had to return to Azarath. My mother had gotten engaged and married. Now, not only am I the bloody daughter of the Master of All Evil (Trigon), but I'm a stinking princess. A PRINCESS!!

     Now I also have to rival Starfire about being a bleeding princess! I mean, I know I was one when I was born. Thanks to Trigon. But the court stares at me as if I'll suddenly turn into him.

     I slipped and fell as I was spinning in the water. 

     My blue--sky blue, do NOT get me started on it!--robe was soaked through. The large 'R' on it became a deep scarlet. 

     Great! Just what I need!

     I flew up an using my powers silently, (I've gotten to where I don't need the words at all now), I dried myself off. 

     I heard a tree move off to my right. I dropped down to the ground and crouched into my battle position. My eyes glowed red, all four of them. 

     My voice boomed out in an angry way. "Who dares to trespass on this land! Do NOT think that you shall be excepted from my wrath! You are highly mistaken if you are dense enough to think that!"

     My guards (who somehow always know where I am) swarmed around me. Dean daring to wrap his arms around my waist, pulling me close to him. I ignored him. David ("Father") favoured him the most and did not care if he was a bit… friendly to me. 

      "My Lady, are you alright?" Liam asked as he walked up to me. 

      "I'm fine." I growled. 

      Dean held onto me tighter, grabbing my left hand. "Fall back, men. There's nothing here. Princess Raven was probably on edge." 

     I glared at him, my four eyes returning. "Release me!"

      He smirked and leaned towards my face, searching for something. 

     I slapped him across the face and assumed my Dark Profile, growing 20 feet in the air, black tentacles expanding. 

     He ignored my anger and bent down to the ground and picked up a black circular object with a tater large, shiny red thing sticking out of the top. I dropped down and snatched it from him. 

      "Be gone, guard!" I snapped as I put my ring back in my left hand's ring finger. 

     He stood there, staring at me defiantly. He was refusing to follow my direct orders. 
      "GO!!" I growled. 

     He left, reluctantly. But my mind was already in the past, reminiscing about how I received the most precious thing if my life. My ruby ring.   

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