Birds of A Feather

It's been two years since the Titans saved the world from Raven's psychotic father; Trigon. Well, Raven had to leave and go back to Azarath for her mother. Her mother was married to new King of Azarath. And Raven, being her only child is the heir to the Azarath throne. She is now a Princess and her mother is unable to have anymore children (thanks to Trigon, of course). Raven is now 18, and she misses her friends deeply, hates the tedious politics of court, and can't stand the people of Azarath with all the looks of disdain she gets day in and day out. She has her heart set on leaving one day, but she loves her mother too much to leave her. So, what happens when an old friend and former flame shows up, missing her and wanting to take her home? Will she stay or will she go? What is there for her in a city that thinks of her as a monster, no matter her high standing in the society?

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6. Hell Breaks Loose…Again


"Raven?! What was all that about?"

Raven sighed and stopped walking. "Well…" she started tentatively 


"Daniel Jackson was this amazingly smart and kind man. He practically raised me with my mother. He taught me how to harness the evil and power in me. He was like my father. I actually started to call him "Daddy" and I wasn't supposed to feel any emotional connection with my teacher. But it was a little obvious that I did. I felt terrible when I was confronted about it."

"Okay, and what happened?"

She looked away, ashamed. "I killed him." She whispered so quietly I barley heard her. 


"It was an accident. I lost control of my powers when another girl was beating on me, teasing me, and then she did something so unspeakable...I just broke." She shuddered, almost about to cry but she held herself together. I smiled at her, seeing her strength. 

"What exactly did she do?" I asked slowly. 


I held my breath. He just asked the one question I didn't want to answer. He had asked that terrible, awful, scary question. 


"You're a FREAK! No body loves you! No body wants you here! You're EVIL! Your own mother threw you out!!" The red haired witch screamed at me as she kicked me in the head and gut over and over again. 

I was crying, losing control of my emotions and powers. Feeling the pain course throughout my body like a poison. I was turning into the demon within me. I tried to force it down, and I was winning. That was until what she did and said next. 
I heard fast footsteps behind me. I folded myself into the foetus position even tighter, afraid of what was to come. 

"What are you DOING TO HER?!" I heard somebody scream. 

"Daddy..." I barley let out. 

"Well, dearie. I was just teaching this FREAK about the social hierarchy here. And how I am the top." My torturer explained smugly. 

"Ivy… You can't be doing things like this. You're ten years older than her. You need to have some dignity."

"As I recall, you don't care about my dignity, Dan. In fact, you're marrying me because you love me for me. Not because I have dignity."

"Actually, I'm not marrying you."

"Oh, but you ARE!" She growled. 


"Then you'll die."

I was listening to them, but only barely. The pain was suffocating an my demonic side was ebbing it away. But, when she threatened Daniel, I became rigid and swayed as I tried to stand up. "Leave him ALONE!" I mumbled, hardly audible. 

"Raven!" Daniel called out to me. 

But it was too late. I was losing it. She had given me a murderously smug smile and then she was aiming for Daniel. A spear in hand as she grew increasingly murderous. 

My power was escaping my bonds. It was seeping out. I was becoming the demon I knew to be. And then...then I attacked her. She threw the spear and before I could do anything, it hit Daniel in the chest. In the heart and he died immediately.

I lost complete control and went into a killing frenzy. I killed her. Dropping her into the Pit of Hell as I sent out Hell', MY minions to torture her for all eternity. And since then, I've never felt regret for her timely death. She had it coming and she knew it. 


I told Robin all of this as I had experienced the flashback. He became very silent and scared. Though, I don't blame him.

I'm despicable. I shouldn't be alive. I should never have been born. I knew that. My mother didn't. She believed all souls should live. She believed that I am destined for greater things. And she knew all those years ago when she carried me in her womb.

Somehow, she'd known that is did a way to stop my father. She prayed and she loved me. She treated me as a child. She treated me with kindness and love. She protected me. She was everything that Trigon wasn't. She made me who I am. She saw the good in me. Even when all I saw was the evil. And the death and destruction I was going to one day inflict upon the world. But she knew that I'd destroy my low life, Ruler of Hell father.

And somehow, she's still here for me. Just like Robin. 

And then, all of a sudden, my body started to glow. The marks of Scathe all over my body. I screamed in horror. "No!!"

And his voice, his evil, nightmare ridden voice was there. He was laughing. Manically laughing. And then he said, "Dear daughter, you did not think that I would just disappear so easily, did you? It's not that easy, love. You're mine. It's three years to the day that you tried to vanquish me. And now, you are 20. The Prophecy will finally be completely fulfilled."

"No. I defeated you once, don't think I won't do it again!" 

"Oh, but you won't. You see, dear daughter, as it is the twentieth birthday of you, now is when your powers and body must choose. And make no mistake, the evil in you is large and defining. Dooming the world to an eternal Hell will be your choice. And you will choose that. Mark my words. You will, dear daughter."


"Raven! Raven! RAAAAVVVVEEEENNN!!!!!" I screamed as she fainted as Trigon's voice disappeared. 


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