Birds of A Feather

It's been two years since the Titans saved the world from Raven's psychotic father; Trigon. Well, Raven had to leave and go back to Azarath for her mother. Her mother was married to new King of Azarath. And Raven, being her only child is the heir to the Azarath throne. She is now a Princess and her mother is unable to have anymore children (thanks to Trigon, of course). Raven is now 18, and she misses her friends deeply, hates the tedious politics of court, and can't stand the people of Azarath with all the looks of disdain she gets day in and day out. She has her heart set on leaving one day, but she loves her mother too much to leave her. So, what happens when an old friend and former flame shows up, missing her and wanting to take her home? Will she stay or will she go? What is there for her in a city that thinks of her as a monster, no matter her high standing in the society?

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


12. Barbra Freaking Gordon


A maniacal laugh came from above as I hovered over my estranged family and looked up just as The Joker and Harley Quinn dropped down in front of us. 

The reaction was instant. Everyone dropped into a battle position. That is everyone but me. 

I rolled my eyes as I moved towards them. Harley eyed me suspiciously, not trusting me, and moved closer to Joker. 

I ignored her and her stupidity. Joker was like an overprotective brother to me. Strange, I know. 

"Jack." I said using his true name as I hugged him tightly. 

"Rachel." He said using my "real" name as he reciprocated the hug. 

"MISTAH J!" The outraged cry from Harley made him temporarily turn his attention away from me

"Shut up, Harley!" He snapped. 

I giggled. 

"JOKER!" Rick growled, as he stomped over to is and ripped me out of Jack's embrace and held me protectively behind him. 

"Ooohhhh!!! The Bird! Hello, Baby Boy!" He smirked at Rick. 

"Jack..." I said with a sigh. 

Rick stiffened, "Jack?! His name is Joker!" 

"Oh? Like your name isn't Richard, it's Robin?!" I snapped at him. 

That shut him up. 

And then the other number one important group of people appeared. 

The Bat Mobile came crashing through the trees and swiveled and parked in front of us. 

Bruce Wayne was in it. And he was staring at Joker with a horrified look on his face. 

"Dad!" Rick called out, rushing to the car dragging me along. 

"Richard!" A young boy's voice called out, just as a young boy around ten was jumping out of the car. 

"Timmy!" Rick said, opening his arms to catch his little brother. 

"Why is he here?" Bruce Wayne asked me silently through his mind. 

It didn't surprise me in the least. This was Bruce Wayne after all. The Batman. 

"He's like my older brother." I answered the same way with a shrug. 

He nodded his head. 

"He already knew who all of you were. He's known for years. Just never really cared about it." I told him aloud. 

His eyes narrowed at that. I couldn't blame him. He had worked so hard to keep his identity a secret and now he learns that it never really was? I'd be upset too. 

Then Barbra Gordon pulled up next to the Bat Mobile on... The. Freaking. Robin. Cycle?! 

I whirled around to glare at Richard who had paled significantly as Barbra got off the bike and pulled the helmet off, shaking her hair out. 

I wasn't even allowed to THINK about driving the Robin Cycle and this...this...CHICK WAS DRIVING IT?!?! WHAT?!?!

He looked between us as she came closer to him with a smile on her face. 

I glared at him with four red eyes and her as well. I barley felt the pain of it anymore. I just let it go, not caring about the consequences. They all know who...what I am, so it doesn't matter to me anymore. 

"She's dead. That's final. And don't expect me to go easy on her!" I snapped to Rick before she got too close to him. 

"Want my help, Black One?" Joker cackled behind me, pulling out his switch blades and holding them cross-armed with an evil smirk playing across his face. 

Harley was pouting behind him, upset that she wasn't the current Apple of His Eye. 

I was seriously thinking about it. And they could all tell. Except Barbra. 

Rick gulped, looking between me and Joker with a petrified face of horror. 

I continued to glare at the spoiled redheaded child. 

"Richard!" She squealed out as she flung herself at Rick in the most annoying way. 

Rick actually CAUGHT her! 

She's dead.

He's dead. 

I was angry.

My clothing had changed to blood red, fueling my anger. 

"Barbra, you're about to meet your doom." I hissed. 

Joker cackle and flanked me, with his trusty switch blades in his hands. 

This was gonna be interesting. 

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