You Will Forever Be

Jenna and Tony are best friends, Jenna says she couldn't see him as anything but a friend, but Tony feels different he has had feeling for Jenna since 3rd grade but he doesn't think she feels the same. What happens when Jenna tells Tony about her crush? Will he get jealous? Or just forget it?


1. Chapter 1

Tony's POV


I sat in at my desk with my my feet in the middle of the walkway and doodled in my notebook. I was supposed to be taking notes but I wasn't paying attention. No doubt I'm gonna fail this test. The classroom door opened and my best friend Jenna walked in. I had a huge crush on her, ever since third grade. But I know she'll only see me as a friend, and nothing more.


"Ms.Salvatore needs to see these people." She said as she handed him a bright pink sticky note.


"Okay. Luke, Kim, Valerie, and Tony. Ms.Salvatore needs you." Mr.Johnson said. All four of us stood up and followed Jenna to Ms.Salvatore's room. We stood in front of her desk.


"You four are failing my class. You need to pass this Friday's tests or you'll be held back." Ms.Salvatore said in a stern tone. "Now, back to class."


We did as we were told. I zoned out most of class and all classes until lunch. I caught up with Jenna at her locker. She was putting her binders away.


"Hey, Tony!" She smiled wide.


"Hey, Jenna." I returned the smile. We walked into the lunchroom and ate lunch.


"So what did Ms.Salvatore say?" She questioned.


"She said we're failing and if we don't pass this Friday's test she's holding us back." I shrugged.


"Wow. I could help you study, if you want." She offered.


"Really? You would do that for me?" I smiled wide.


"Yea, of course!" She beamed. "After all, what are best friends for." She smiled.


I just nodded and fake smiled. That's all we'll ever be. Friends.




Hey munchkins! So here is the first chapter of this story me and Jenna609 are doing together! Yeah we used our real names calm your tits it's not about us. ANYWAY HOPE YOU LIKE IT I LOVE YOU! Sorry it's so short :\ LOL THAT'S WHAT HE SAID!! Lmfao, sorry had to do that :) Bye, love yous!


~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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