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Sneak peak:
"He lets go of me, looking sadly down at his toes for a moment.
Then his facial expression changes and it goes hard.

He looks over his shoulder to make sure no one is looking, and then he graps my arm, hard, and pushes me up against the nearest wall. I feel the cold, hard brick wall against my back and Zayn is like 3 cm from my face. His hands are resting on the wall on either side of my head.
I cannot move and I feel completely trapped. I can feel his body heat and his hot breath on my face.
I shiver. He scares me, but at the same time he is god damn sexy.

"Who have you talked to? Are people talking?" How does he even expect me to answer this when he's literally crushing me up against a fucking wall?"

A fanfiction about a new girl and the bad boy, Zayn Malik.


19. Watching us

When class is over, I collect my books and walk straight to my locker. Zayn is waiting for me, leaning confidently against the locker next to mine, typing on his phone. 

If he had never spoken to me first, I would never had gotten the courage to start a conversation with some one like him. He's got that look or attitude that says arrogant and dangerous. I would have never thought he was my type. 

When he sees me, he lighten up,  and the dangerous vibe he has around him completely vanishes. 
I bite my lip. He's beautiful.

He pulls me in for a tight hug, embracing my body with his arms. 
 - "Hey,".

Looking over Zayn's shoulder, I notice a girl, further down the hallway. She is watching us, but when we make eye contact, she gives me a warning look, and then looks away pretending to look for something in her locker. We are the only 3 people here. I frown, and Zayn turns around to look in the direction of the girl as well. 

She has straight long brown hair and her very short denim skirt shows off her tanned legs. She is beautiful, but her too heavy make-up makes her look slutty.

He frowns and steps away from the locker, to reach out for me again. He takes my face in his hand and kisses me. I kiss him back, surprised, letting him push me lightly up against the lockers. I get lost in the kiss for a moment, a ton of feeling rushing through me, and I tug at his beanie. The kiss is amazing, but feels slightly desperate, as if he wants to prove something to that girl.

When we pull away to breathe, he looks in the direction of the girl again. She is gone, and her locker is closed like if she has never been there.

- "Who was that?" I ask, trying to make him look me in the eyes, but failing. He just takes my books, and replaces them with a notepad and a pencil from my locker. We have art class next.

- "I don't know. An admirer?" He teases me, closing my locker, and putting an arm around my lower back. I have a feeling that there is more to it.



Zayn's POV

In art I can't concentrate. I keep thinking back on Jade, wondering what she is up to.

By kissing Zoe in front of her, I hope I made it clear to her that I'm not available. But knowing Jade right, she doesn't take no for an answer.

She doesn't think she's quite finished with me, and it's like she can't get into her head that I never had feelings for her. 

I don't want Zoe to know anything about Jade, so I had to lie to her face earlier. 

Jade was a mistake. She was naive and willing, and selfish as I am, I took advantage of her. She gave herself to me, all of her, and I took it.

Just I never intended to make her fall in love with me. To let her get feelings that I knew from the start that I couldn't return. To me it was only physical. 


Zoe's POV

As I walk to lunch hand in hand with Zayn, everybody seem to stare, as we make our way down the main hallway. Even the ones I've spoken with during some of our classes. Though I can't make out what exactly they are thinking. Are they scared of him as well? Are they judging me? Do they think I'm a slut or whatever? 

I look around, searching for my friends' usual table. Right away I notice that Louis is not sitting with the others. I had completely forgotten that he skipped the first lesson as well. 

I grid my teeth, again remembering what happened at the party. 
Poor Lou, he must be so confused about it all, and scared that people will find out.

Harry sits and plays with his food, looking rather sad. It makes me feel bad. If it wasn't for me, the two of them would have sat there  goofing and laughing. It's all my fault.

- "Go ahead," Zayn must have seen the sadness in my eyes. "He needs a friend," 
I am just about to ask him to join, when a pack of cigarettes emerges from his pocket, and he gives me a peck on the cheek and leaves the way we came in. 

I sit down on the empty spot next to Harry. It kills me that I can't just give him a hug, in case the others would ask if something was wrong. He looks at me with his gorgeous green eyes, but I can't read them. 
I take his hand under the table, giving it a squeeze trying to cheer him up. 

- "Seriously mate, what's with you today? You ok?" Liam asks Harry, taking a bite of his sandwich.

- "Louis probably infected him with that flu he's got," Niall jokes, punching Harry's shoulder. 
He loosens up a bit, a tiny smile showing on his lips.

- "Anyway, how are you feeling today Zou?" Niall says in a teasing voice. I must really have gotten sick at that party. 

- "Yea you haven't answered my calls," Tamara looks at me, faking an accusing glance. 
I completely forgot to check their messages when I got home from Zayn's yesterday - both Tamra's, Harry's and Kayla's. 

- "Too busy with Mr. Sexy and his hair?" Tamara giggles, running her hands through her blonde hair, trying to smirk like Zayn. I roll my eyes but can't help laughing with her. I am forgiven.

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