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Sneak peak:
"He lets go of me, looking sadly down at his toes for a moment.
Then his facial expression changes and it goes hard.

He looks over his shoulder to make sure no one is looking, and then he graps my arm, hard, and pushes me up against the nearest wall. I feel the cold, hard brick wall against my back and Zayn is like 3 cm from my face. His hands are resting on the wall on either side of my head.
I cannot move and I feel completely trapped. I can feel his body heat and his hot breath on my face.
I shiver. He scares me, but at the same time he is god damn sexy.

"Who have you talked to? Are people talking?" How does he even expect me to answer this when he's literally crushing me up against a fucking wall?"

A fanfiction about a new girl and the bad boy, Zayn Malik.


30. Stay

Harry's POV

- "You what? You hit him?" Disbelieve fills Louis delicate features, and a small smile creeps on his lips. He starts laughing, letting himself fall back onto the bed, shaking with laughter.

- "Yes, I just told you that. Why is it funny?" Somehow I know he would react like this, Louis was always like this. I love how he can twist all serious situations into something hilarious, but sometimes it's just annoying and makes me feel little. 

- "It's just," he struggles to hold back his laughter but fails. "It's just you look like you've just seen a ghost, and then you come here telling me you hit Zayn!? C'mon it's funny. I mean why would you do that?" I'm still not laughing.

- "I could tell you if you would stop laughing at me. Louis, this could ruin everything if he's pissed," I remind him feeling annoyed, and the smile on his face fades and is replaced by concern. Zayn knows too much.

- "So? What happened?" I feel he is finally listening so I clear my throat and lie down on the bed as well. 

- "You know that party?" I ask and he nods. Louis couldn't come since he had to go to Manchester over the weekend. I continue; "Well basically, Zayn had gotten completely stoned at the afterparty, and he was, kind of, all over her..  he had pinned her up against a wall, you know..while she tried pushing him off her.. So when it looked like she was struggling, I went up to them.. And she was almost crying," I say and Louis' blue eyes are open wide. 


- "So what did you do?" he asks excitedly. 

- "Zayn just ran off.. and I followed her home," I frown. "This is a mess,".




Zoe's POV


I'm in his room, trying to keep my eyes off of his sweaty upperbody. I can make out the scent of him even though I'm sitting on his bed, and he's leaning against the doorway. He smells like cologne and man.

His sweatpants are hanging dangerously low on his hips, exposing his sharp v-line. By instinct I curl my toes and bite my lip, but curse myself for peeking again.

He hasn't said anything yet, he's just standing there looking rather tense, like he's searching for words. I just look at him. I don't know what to say either, but I feel like he better speak first since I came here for his sake, to let him apologize for what he did at the party.

He sighs and get a T-shirt from his drawer and puts it on. I can't help but feel a bit dissapointed, and yet a bit relieved. 
He sits down on the bed beside me, his body completely stiff, making sure not to touch me.

- "Just, whatever you think of me right now, know that I would never in my common sense make you.. sexually assult you, or anyone else for that matter," his voice sounds small and cautious, not like his usual lazy, confident - with a hint of arrogance - way of speaking.


He's playing with his fingers again, something I've found that he does when he's feeling uncomfortable or nervous. 


He's looking down on his hands, as if he's not used to apologizing for anything. His long eyelashes cast shadows on his cheeks, and I find it hard not to admire his flawless features.

- "Though I really, genuinly don't remember much of it. I was pretty stoned but that's no excuse, I know," He pauses again, still playing with his fingers and picking at his nails. "I really am sorry Zoe. I messed up," he looks me in the eyes this time. His mesmerizing brown eyes. "I really don't want you to be scared of me. I really care for you,".

He's still looking at me, waiting for me to say something. His eyebrows are slightly raised in hope.

- "What happened to your jaw," I only just notice the faint purple smudge on his left jawbone, like as if somebody hit him.

He reaches up to touch it with his fingers, smirking slightly. 
- "I took a punch from your friend Harry,".

"What!? He hit you!?" my jaw drops but Zayn just looks at me.
Harry hit Zayn!?

- "It's ok..I deserved it," he says with a casual shrug. "I would have done the same. But I can't really hit myself," he chuckles, but I don't, I'm still processing the fact that the cheeky curly haired boy hit Zayn. And why hasn't Harry said anything to me, he didn't even ask what exactly happened. He had had plenty of time to, since we've had almost every class together today.

- "So. Do you think you'll be able to forgive me? Once again.." He pulls an awkward face, making me smile. "If I promise there'll be no more drugs?" he adds.

- "Promise? Not even when you're with your friends?" 

- "Promise," 


Before I know it, I am in his arms again, feeling his warm lips on mine. He's kissing me soft and hesitant, as if he's trying not to be to rough. He keeps his hands to himself as well. One of them is resting in his lap, and one on the bed beside me. 

The kiss is amazing, but not as breathtaking and exciting as it usually is, he's holding back too much. 

I bite his buttom lip and suck on it, to try and get a reaction from him. I feel it working, as the tip of his tongue brush against my lips. I open them slightly to let him in, but he hesitates again. I tease his tongue with my own, and he finally agrees to deepen the kiss. I put my hands behind his neck, and I feel his hand caressing my cheeck. I pull him closer, running my fingers through his hair, and slightly tugging at it.

Having just found a good rythm, he pulls away, with a big smirk on his lips and a raised eyebrow. "So you do like it hot huh?" he smirks and continues kissing me, and pulls me closer and onto his lap so I'm straddling him. 

His hand runs up my thighs towards my bum, and his touch burns and tickles. Deepening the kiss even more, I let my hand travel up and down his left arm, touching his tensed bicep. 

The feeling of kissing Zayn is indescribable, it's like nothing I've ever felt before. He makes me feel warm all over my body, and he makes me slightly lightheaded.  

With both his big hands on my bum, he pulls me even closer so that I'm almost sitting on his crotch, which I notice looks massively erect, forming a bulge in his sweatpants. A part of me wants to reach down and touch it, just out of curiousity, and to see how Zayn would react. Another is more reluctant and would rather pull away from his desperate embrace. 

I shoot a glance at his clock across the room. I should head home soon.
- "Um, I better get going soon," I say, letting go of his neck. He looks dissapointed, but takes his hands off of me, and I get off his lap. He flips over to lie on his back, and crosses his arms behind his head, looking up at me. 

- "Or you could stay," he says and smirks.

I grin.
- "I live like 3 houses down, Zayn. And we've got school tomorrow," 

- "I know, but I'd be nice. Besides I'm all alone in this big house all lonely," he says with a fake sad voice, pouting. He reaches out for me, but I push him away teasingly.

- "Come on, I'm your boyfriend. Can we atleast share a bed for one night? I promise I'm not gonna try anything. Just sleep,"  


I find the drawer he pointed out, and grab a new toothbrush and remove it from its packaging. There are 3 more in the drawer plus a pile of towels. I brush my teeth and put on the shirt he's given me. It's a plain black T-shirt that reaches just under my bum. I leave my bra on as well.  

I get out of the bathroom, and my eyes meet Zayn's. He smirking, and not even trying to hide his travelling eyes. 

- "What?" I say, smiling slightly.

- "You look sexy in my shirt," I roll my eyes and get under the covers, as he gets up and heads to the bathroom. 

I check my phone to see if my mum has texted me back. I wrote I'd sleep out, and since she has not answered yet, she can't be too worried. I put down my phone as Zayn comes out in only his boxers, with a confident grin. 

After taking a quick peek, I raise my eyebrow at him. 
- "What? I sleep in my boxers?" he says. Right, what had i exspected? PJs? 
I shrug and he gets under the covers next to me and turns off the light.

He kisses my cheek, and puts and arm around my waist. I'm lying with my back to him, and he rests his hand on my lover stomach, while his warm body spoon mine. Even though he is almost completely naked I feel like I have never felt more safe in my life, that I do now. 


I'm just about to doze off at the soothing sound of his heartbeat, as I feel something hard pressing against the back of my upper thigh.

I smile to myself remembering Tamra's wise words, about how guys are just like dogs - horny all the time - and how I should just brush them off. 

"Zayn?" I whisper quietly.

- "Yea?" he says a bit louder, lifting his head off the pillow.

- "Your uhm.." I don't know which word to use. 

He's quiet for a second.
- "Oh," I feel him chuckle against my back. "Sorry, I thought you couldn't feel it," I can hear the smile in his voice, as he release his grip around me slightly and removes his boner from me, by creating a bit of distance between us. 
I can still feel him smile against my ear. 

Floating in the limbo between being awake and sleeping, I feel his fingers caress one of my bruised wrists before he entangle our fingers
- "I'm sorry,".

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