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Sneak peak:
"He lets go of me, looking sadly down at his toes for a moment.
Then his facial expression changes and it goes hard.

He looks over his shoulder to make sure no one is looking, and then he graps my arm, hard, and pushes me up against the nearest wall. I feel the cold, hard brick wall against my back and Zayn is like 3 cm from my face. His hands are resting on the wall on either side of my head.
I cannot move and I feel completely trapped. I can feel his body heat and his hot breath on my face.
I shiver. He scares me, but at the same time he is god damn sexy.

"Who have you talked to? Are people talking?" How does he even expect me to answer this when he's literally crushing me up against a fucking wall?"

A fanfiction about a new girl and the bad boy, Zayn Malik.


12. Invitation

Hey all! I got a new cover - hope you like it! :)
Thanks for reading :*


At dinner, my family and I sit around the table in the living room. My parents wanna know how school is, so I tell them that people are nice, and I tell them about my classes and stuff. I don't mention anything about Zayn. None of their business. 

"Zayn was here," 
I squeeze my hands under the table for not slapping my brother and his big mouth.

"To pick up Jawaad?" my mum asks not really paying attention. She takes some more food onto her plate. 

"No he's Lou's new boyfriend," Lucas looks at me, giggling. I could just kill him right here right now. 
My mum stops eating and looks at me. My dad clearly doesn't know who Zayn is, so he just looks confused.

"We are just doing this project for school," We ARE art partners. I shrug and try to act cool. No big deal.

"Isn't he a bit old?" my mum still doesn't touch the food on her plate. Yea he is.

"He's in my year," I shrug again and stuff my face. 


I get into Zayn's car with a bright smile. I feel so positive today! It's really hot already and the air smells of flowers and summer. 

"Do you ever walk, Zayn?" I ask, teasing him. 

"Not since his got this car, he doesn't" Jawaads head appears from the backseat, almost giving me a heart attack.

"Yea sorry 'bout that, my mum's going to visit some girlfriends for the day so she can't take him to school," 

Jawaad rolls his eyes at Zayn. They don't seem to get along well.  

His brother seems to be having fun on the backseat, telling all kinds of stories, like how Zayn used to sleep with his teddy, "Mr. Sock," 'till his mum took it away from him and he cried all night, or how he peed his pants to a family party, when he drank too much soda. I'm amazed that this kid remembers all that stuff. Zayn just sits there letting his brother spill, and not saying a word.


"Very funny,"


Today I don't have any classes with Zayn, so I hang out with Harry, Niall, Louis, Danielle, Liam  and Tamara for the day. 

This school is so much more modern than my old one. My old school had all dark colors and it felt small and claustrophobic - and it smelled of old socks. Here the floors are gray, and the walls white when they're not covered with huge windows, that creates a light and positive atmosphere. Even the air seems fresher.


"Oh, I almost forgot! Louise I'm throwing a party on Saturday, and we're all gonna be there! Have any plans?" Niall asks at lunch. His blue eyes are full of excitement and he reminds me of a little boy. I catch Tamara looking at him with admiration. She blushes and looks down with a quick, and not very discreet, motion. Though Niall doesn't seem to notice anything. Looks like somebody crushes on Niall. 

"Yea I'll be there," I say smiling. This will be fun! 

"Great! Most of the school is invited - just warning you," Niall says with a smirk. The school IS small, but wow he must have alot of space. 

"Yea, Nialls' parties are the craziest!" Louis adds with eyes full of excitement as he starts fist-pumping.

Harry looks at me and points at Louis, "Then imagine him drunk!".

We all laugh.


When my classes are over, and me and the guys start leaving, Zayn sneaks in a grabs me by the hand. His hand is surprizingly warm and it sends a ray of heat through my body, making me shiver. He pulls me aside, while staring at my friends - who stare back. I grind my teeth and follow Zayn. I take a look at my friends over my shoulder, I can't help but to feel like I've let them down. 
They just look shocked - and Tamara just looks confused.

"Did you see their faces?!" We have made it to his car, and he apparently finds the incident hilarious. I don't.

I don't answer. It had felt like I had to choose between either Zayn or them, and I'd left with Zayn. 

I hear my phone buzzing in my bag.
It's a text from Tamara:

- You and Zayn!? We need to talk babe! - T

I don't bother texting back, but right before I lock my phone, Zayn snatches it out of my hands.
"Oh can I see that?" 
I try to get it back, but he just laughs at my weak attempt. 
I see him calling someone, and then he hands it back to me.

"Who were you calling?" I ask.

"Myself. Now I got your number," He smirks.

"You could have just asked," I say rolling my eyes at him, but I can't hold my smile back. 

"Yea but it's funnier teasing you," he smiles at me, and I feel my toes curl.

"Anyway, you heard Niall's gonna throw a party on Saturday?" I regret asking just when the question leaves my lips. How awkward would it be if he was going? Besides he's probably not invited.

"So I've heard,"

"Are you invited? He said he invited almost the entire school," I try to stop it, but a little part of me is hoping that he'll say yes.

"Me? Invited, by Niall? The kid shakes like a puppy every time I'm near him," he starts the car with a confident smile playing over his lips. Thought so.
No sorry, I know you're friends," he says, meaning it.
I'm surprised that he chooses to apologize for making fun of my friend - something they would never do.  
"Thanks," I don't know why I said that, but still I felt like I owed it to him. 

"But if you're going, I'm gonna be there," 

"You can't just show up Zayn," They hate you that much. 

"Ok then, I'll ask first," 

I know there is no way of stopping him.


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