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Sneak peak:
"He lets go of me, looking sadly down at his toes for a moment.
Then his facial expression changes and it goes hard.

He looks over his shoulder to make sure no one is looking, and then he graps my arm, hard, and pushes me up against the nearest wall. I feel the cold, hard brick wall against my back and Zayn is like 3 cm from my face. His hands are resting on the wall on either side of my head.
I cannot move and I feel completely trapped. I can feel his body heat and his hot breath on my face.
I shiver. He scares me, but at the same time he is god damn sexy.

"Who have you talked to? Are people talking?" How does he even expect me to answer this when he's literally crushing me up against a fucking wall?"

A fanfiction about a new girl and the bad boy, Zayn Malik.


6. I don't bite

School has ended and I say goodbye to my new friends. Well I hope they are anyway. They still have to attend music though. 
I chose art instead, of music - not because I'm artistic or anything cause I'm not! but neither can I sing or play any musical instruments. 

As I walk outside, the sun is up and I roll up my sleeves and sigh. I can't help smiling, walking across the parking lot. I really like this place! People have been so nice to me all day - which, to be honest, I had not expected, and I can't wait to tell everyone. 

I hear the sound of an engine, and a black open sports car pulls in next to me. I jump awkwardly to the side, as if I was gonna be hit. 
I recognize the car immediately and stop walking.

-"Jump in," Zayn says this with a complete stoneface as if he used to always pick me up - not at all as if we were strangers. As we are..

I give him a confused look

-"Come on, I don't bite," he raises and eyebrow and smirks, reaching out to open the door in my side. Once again I notice his strong accent.

I shrug and get into the car with him. I mean how could I not? Look at him! Besides he is just being friendly. I think this as I put on the seat belt. He doesn't wear any. 

-"So how was your first day?" he starts the car again.
Again he talks to me as if we'd known each other for.. well not only a couple days that's for sure.


"It was good, I like it here," I say being honest. I can't help but stare at his inked arm. 
He notice this, and holds his arm out in front of me, turning it around so I can see it better. 

"You like tattoos?" he smiles, eyes on the road. God, his jawline!

I shrug, "You have alot," I say, without answering the question. I don't necessarily like tattoos alot, but I must admit they look good on him.

He laughs a little for himself, adjusting his hat.

"You don't say much, do you Louise Fray?" it's not a question, so I just shrug again feeling stupid, because normally I DO speak alot. 

When we arrive at my house, he leans over me, reaching out to open my door, our faces almost touching. He looks me deep into my brown eyes with his hazel brown ones. There are gold flakes in them, and his dark eyelashes are long and thick. I only notice I have stopped breathing when he moves away again.

I open my seat belt and steps out of the car, slamming the door harder than I was aiming for.
"Thanks for the ride, but I would be fine just walking," I joke, still dizzy from the intense moment. Though I wonder, why even bother taking the car to school!? But with a car like that, you would be weird not to brag of course.

"Anytime, and no I'd like to get to know you," his eyes never leaving mine.
Before I can even answer, he hits the pedal and parks his car in the driveway 3 houses down.


-"LOUISE! Tell me everything! How is your new house? No, how was school? You got a new best friend and forgot all about me? OH any hot guys? I miss you so much!" I have to hold the phone out, Kayla was always a loud speaker. 

-"Woww calm down Kay! Take a breath!" We laugh together for a moment. God it's good to hear her voice again.

I tell her about, well basically everything, that has happened to me since I came to Bradford. I tell her about my room, and about Harry and his friends, and then Zayn. 

-"So Harry, Louis, Niall and all them, are they gonna replace me now?" I imagine her making puppy eyes. 

-"Nobody can ever take your place Kay, you know that!" I assure her, even though I know she is just kidding. 

-"..So tell me about this "strange neighbour", Zen or whatever," 

I don't know what to say, so I just explain to her, that first he ignored me when his friends were around, and then he gave me a ride home - which is the truth I guess. I decide to leave the fact that he is oh so gorgeous out for now. I don't want her to think I like him. Like, LIKE him like him. 

But do I?


Thank you guys so much for reading! 
I hope my shitty English hasn't scared you off yet ;)
Please vote and comment to let me know what you think <3

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