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Sneak peak:
"He lets go of me, looking sadly down at his toes for a moment.
Then his facial expression changes and it goes hard.

He looks over his shoulder to make sure no one is looking, and then he graps my arm, hard, and pushes me up against the nearest wall. I feel the cold, hard brick wall against my back and Zayn is like 3 cm from my face. His hands are resting on the wall on either side of my head.
I cannot move and I feel completely trapped. I can feel his body heat and his hot breath on my face.
I shiver. He scares me, but at the same time he is god damn sexy.

"Who have you talked to? Are people talking?" How does he even expect me to answer this when he's literally crushing me up against a fucking wall?"

A fanfiction about a new girl and the bad boy, Zayn Malik.


36. Goodbyes


[[ Just say it already.
I reach for her wrist, making her turn around to me again.
- "Oh and.." I stumble over my words. How fucking romantic. Not.


Zayn's POV

Her brown eyes lock with mine, narrowing her eyebrow in confusion.

- "I..".
Fuck. I panic, changing my mind. I wasn't really gonna say that was I?! No way.

- "Ehr.. I'll miss you?" I say instead, but it comes out more like a question, and I catch a glimpse of disappointment in her brown eyes. Fuck. Coward.

- "You too," she says, but I can tell she had guessed what I was gonna say at first, and I kind of get the idea that she had wanted me to say it. 
Too late now. 

Then she and the train is gone and headed down south towards London, and all I can do now is just hope that I didn't just ruin something.

I always hated those clingy couples who goes around telling each other how much they love each other every fucking second. I do care for Zoe, and I might even love her, but I wont ever be that kind of guy who reminds her every second. I wouldn't be able to fucking breathe. Just trying to admit it to myself is suffocating - but I think I'm getting there. I mean I have never really cared about a girl before, even though I have dated a few, but it was more for the sex or because I was bored.

A part of me wants to slow things down before we get too serious - I am so used to my freedom and having no strings attached when it comes to girls - but at the same time I wanna tell her how I feel and make her mine, in a hurry. 

As I walk back to my car I can still feel the spilled wet and sticky cum rubbing against my skin in my boxers. Gross. I think. I need to change.


Zoe's POV

When I find the seat number, matching the one on my ticket, I place my bag on the shelf above, and sit down and lean back in the pretty comfortable seat. 

I feel kind of flustered. For a minute there I thought he was actually gonna say I love you, or something really honest of that kind. But now I'm not so sure, it might just be me, over-thinking it. And what if he had said it!?  

I think I've already been in love with Zayn for a while now. First of all he is gorgeous, but I feel so ecstatic when he flashes that adorable smile, that makes his sexy bad boy facade drop for a second, and I seem to completely lose control of my body reactions and my heartbeat, when he's close or touching me. 

I think deep down he feels the same way, or else he wouldn't have stuck around. But also I get that it's not easy for someone like him to actually admit it. Even to himself. 


Harry's POV

- "So I guess I'll see you in a week," I say awkwardly, rubbing the skin between my lips and my nose with my index finger. "Have a good time,".

- "Thanks, see you," he says and gives me a stiff awkward hug - a normal hug between two guys I guess - while his mum gives me a fake smile. I know she finds it strange and annoying that I got out here to say goodbye, when I could just have said goodbye at school, but I don't care. I probably did it to provoke her anyway - or to provoke Louis. I don't know, but I had nothing else to do anyway. 

Louis is going to away on holiday to Spain along with the entire Tomlinson family, while I'm gonna do absolutely nothing.
I know he loves spending time with his family and especially with his little sisters, but I can't help but feel a little sad that he's going away for the entire holiday. Especially since I have finally saved enough money to get my tattoo, and I really wanted him to come along and help me decide what to get. 

I wont wait until he gets home, so I guess I'll just have to bring Liam, since he's got a few tattoos on his arms himself. I just want one or two, nothing crazy.


Zoe's POV

- "So.. You have a boyfriend! Tell me!" Kayla says teasingly as soon as we enter her room. I throw my bag onto the thick matress she has made ready for me next to her bed. Just like old times. She throws herself onto her bed and sit down next to her.

- "Yea," I say rolling my eyes, but I can't help but smile. 

- "God you're so quiet about him, I hardly know anything! Show me a picture!" She squeals. I knew she would be all this excited about me dating someone - mostly since I never really showed interest in anyone before. Only minor crushes and stuff, but I never had a boyfriend. 
She has had a couple.

I sigh and get my phone out. I have quite a few silly photos of him, that he has time to time snapped of himself using my phone. 

I swipe through my photos, until I find my favorite, where he isn't either posing cross eyed, having his tongue out or throwing gang signs. He has his usual quirky, yet slightly arrogant smirk on, and his dark hair is styled in his quiff.

I reach her my phone and she stares at it, lifting her eyebrows.
- "Shit, is that's him!?" she says, scrutinizing the picture, excitement in her voice. "He's hot!"

- "Yea," I say, chewing on my lip. 


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