His Other Side

Haley has been bullied since 6th grade. So as she enters the 12th grade, she is just ready to end it all. But then a handsome, geeky plot twist named Marcel Styles totally changes her life forever. But she soon starts to notice some odd behavior in her new friend. Does Marcel have a dark secret? Will Haley discover something in him that she never imagined?


9. The Fair

~3 months later~


"Can you believe it's only two more days until school is out for good?" Marcel asked me. "Yeah. I cannot wait to get out of here." I said looking around the filthy cafeteria. I looked back at Marcel.

He had certainly changed a lot in the past three months. He didn't wear the nerdy clothes anymore. He wore more of my brother's style of clothes. But his hair was the same and he still wore his glasses. He started out pretty shy; but now he is really open. And our relationship has grown very strong. He pretty much lives with me now so we spend quite a lot of time together.

"Hey. You want to go somewhere fun tonight?" he asked me. "Sure. Where?" "That's for me to know and you to find out." he said with a wink. Soon lunch was over and we headed to class.

As soon as school was over we headed straight home. After about two hours, Marcel said "Are you ready to go?" "Ready as I'll ever be." I told him with a big grin. We got in my car and drove off. About ten minutes later we arrived at a fair! "I've never been to a fair before." I said. "What?!" he said shocked. "How have you never been to a fair?" "I don't know. I've just never been."

We walked up to the ticket booth and got our tickets. "Where do you want to go first?" I asked him. "I don't care. Whatever you want." he responded. We decided on the bumper cars. And then we went on a roller coaster and then a few other rides. It was getting dark so I suggested that we go home.

"We can't go home yet!" he complained. "We haven't rode the Ferris Wheel!" My stomach churned at the thought. "Umm, I'm not a big fan of heights." I said nervously. "Oh. C'mon! It will be fun. Please? For me?" he begged. "Okay. Fine."

He dragged me over to the ride. We stood in line for a while. I was hoping Marcel would get bored and just say we could leave. But no. He wasn't budging without his Ferris Wheel ride. We finally got on. We slowly started going up. I grabbed his hand and squeezed it a little. He put his other arm around me. "Haley, don't be scared. I'm right here with you." he said to me. I nodded and he kissed the top of my head. The Ferris Wheel stopped and then moved again. I squeezed his hand again. Finally the ride was over. We got off and headed towards the car.

"Thank you for being brave for me." Marcel told me. He kissed me and then got into the car. I got into the passenger side and we drove home. I was quiet the rest of the night. Right be fore we went to bed Marcel said "Hey, babe? Are you okay? You seem a little quiet." I just looked at him. I was really woozy from the ride. I am TERRIFIED of heights but apparently I didn't make that clear enough.

Is it the ride?" he asked me. I slowly nodded. He made a sad face and hugged me. "I'm really sorry I made you ride it. I just didn't realize that you were THAT scared of heights. If I would have known we wouldn't have rode it." "I-It's fine." I managed to stutter out. We went straight to bed. I cuddled up next to him and I fell asleep listening to the sound of his heart beating.

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