His Other Side

Haley has been bullied since 6th grade. So as she enters the 12th grade, she is just ready to end it all. But then a handsome, geeky plot twist named Marcel Styles totally changes her life forever. But she soon starts to notice some odd behavior in her new friend. Does Marcel have a dark secret? Will Haley discover something in him that she never imagined?


18. Pancakes And London

I woke up snuggled up next to Harry. My eyes fluttered open. I looked over at him. He was sleeping so peacefully. I really didn't want to wake him up. Just then my stomach growled. Sorry, Harry, but if I'm hungry, I need food. I tried to get up but he had his strong arms protectively around me. I slowly lifted his arm off me. Just as I was about to stand up, Harry grabbed me.

"What's wrong, babe?" he asked in his husky morning voice. "Nothing. I was just going to get something to eat. Sorry. I didn't mean to wake you." "It's okay." he said, turning over. I stood up and walked to the door. I opened it and walked to the kitchen. I took a deep breath. "Mmm. What smells so yummy?" I asked. "I'm making breakfast." Niall said. "Pancakes! My favorite." I said excitedly while looking at the delicious food being made.

I walked into the living room and found the other boys, their eyes glued to their phones. "What are you guys doing?" I asked, sitting down next to Liam. "Twitter." they all said in unison. "I don't like Twitter anymore. All I get is hate." I said sadly. "Aww. I know it's tough." Liam said putting his arm around me. "But trust me. None of the things they say about you on there is true. I've seen the stuff people send you. It's all crap." I smiled. "Yeah. I guess your right. Thanks, Liam." I said right before I stood up.

"The food is done!" Niall called out from the kitchen. The boys zoomed into the kitchen. "I'll go wake Harry." I said. I opened the door to our bedroom and slowly crept in. I walked over to the side of the bed that Harry was on. I knelt down next to him. I gently stroked his scruffy brown curls out of his face. "Harry. Breakfast is ready." I said quietly. "It's pancakes!" I said excitedly. His eyes fluttered open. "Mmm. Pancakes are my favorite." he said getting out of bed.

I stood up and looked at him. He was only in his boxers. And he looked really sexy. My eyes trailed from his face down to his chest, then his abs, then down to his v-line. I bit my lip. "Enjoying the view?" he asked smirking. Earth to Haley. Hello? Snap out of it! I jumped a little. "Oh, well, erm, I guess." I said turning beet red. He chuckled. He grabbed my hands and pulled me in close to him. He looked down at me. "I was only teasing. But thank you. It's all yours." he said with a wink.

I looked at the ground and smiled. His thumb gently pushed my chin up so I was looking at him again. He cupped my face in his hands and leaned down. But right before he could kiss me I pulled away. He gave me a curious look but then realized what I was doing. I smirked and slowly started backing away from him. Before I knew it, I was running around our room giggling with him chasing after me. I tripped over a shirt that was laying on the ground, *ahem* Harry, and fell onto the bed. Harry fell on top of me. "Gotcha." he whispered. His pink lips were only inches away from mine. He closed the gap. "Harry." I mumbled onto his lips after a few seconds. He pulled away. "Yes, love?" I stuck out my bottom lip. "I want pancakes." I told him. He chuckled and got off of me.

We walked into the kitchen together. I sat at the counter and he sat next to me. "Four pancakes please." Harry said to Niall. Niall picked up four perfect pancakes with a fork and handed them to Harry. Harry put two of the pancakes on my plate. I poured Maple Syrup all over them and started to eat. "Niall, these are the best pancakes I've ever had!" I told him. "Thank you." he said smiling at the ground. I saw Harry tense up out of the corner of my eye. I gave him a confused look. He just shook his head as if to say "never mind."

I finished my pancakes and put the plate in the sink. "Haley and I are going to spend some time together today." Harry announced. I gave him an odd look since I was never informed of this outing. "Okay. We are just going to hang out here." Louis said. I walked into the bedroom and Harry followed. "What should I wear?" I asked him. "Just something casual." he told me.

I decided on a flowy aqua blue tank top, beige skinny jeans and a pair of aqua blue converse. I put my hair up in a ponytail and put on some light makeup. Once I was done I waited for Harry at the door. He came out wearing a white t-shirt with a blue plaid shirt over it, kinda like a jacket, some regular jeans and to top it all off, his green beanie. "Ready to go?" he asked me. "Yep. Let's go. Bye guys. See you later." "Bye." the boys said in unison.

Harry opened the door and we walked out. "So where are we going?" I asked him. "How about we walk around London." he suggested. "Great. Sounds like fun." I told him. We went down to the car and drove to the city part of London. Once we got there, we started walking around.

I could feel the paparazzi all around us. Harry reached for my hand. I took my hand and gently placed it in his. "Harry, why did you get all tensed up with Niall earlier?" I asked him. He sighed. "I've lived with Niall for three years. I know what his facial expressions and stuff means. When he smiled at the ground like that, that means he likes you." "No. Niall doesn't like me. None of the boys do." I told him. "You'd be surprised. Like when Louis called you hot, he was being serious." he told me. I was surprised alright. I stopped walking and faced him.

"Harry, I don't want me to be in the way of you and the boys' relationship. And I want you to know that I love you. Nobody else. And I really don't want you to be one of those jealous boyfriends, if you know what I mean." He nodded.

I stood on my tip toes so I was his size, well closer to his size anyways, and I pecked him on the lips. We walked hand and hand down the streets of London. Harry showed me all the little shops and restaurants and stuff. We walked to a park. As we were walking through it, it started becoming oddly more familiar. I smiled as I realized where we were. I started humming 'One Thing.'

"Ah so you do recognize this place. I thought you would, being a Directioner and all." Harry said to me. He brought me over to a familiar set of stairs. "This is where you did the first part of the song." I said. Harry nodded.

I took out my phone and took a picture of us. I looked at the picture and frowned. "What's wrong, love?" Harry asked me. "Harry can I ask you a question?" "Of course. Anything." I sat down on one of the steps. He sat down next to me.

"Harry, you can have any girl in the world. But you choose me. Just an ugly, stupid, loner girl from Long Island. You can have a girl 100 times prettier than I am, 100 times smarter than I am, and 100 times more popular than I am. I just don't get why you want me. I'm not even close to what you deserve. I don't get it."

He put his hand on mine. "Haley, you are not ugly, stupid, or a loner. That may be what you see when you look at yourself, but that's not what I see. I see a beautiful, smart, loving girl that is always herself. I see a girl that would rather please others than herself. A girl who doesn't know what makes her beautiful. Haley, I love you because you aren't like the other girls. You are you. You have a beautiful heart, a fun, bubbly personality, and you are the most beautiful person I've ever met. You make me feel happy and you make me not care about what the world thinks. I love everything about you. So just remember that whatever you think is bad about you, is actually the exact opposite. And when the world puts you down, I'll always be here to pull you right back up."

I smiled at the ground. "Thanks Harry. A lot of people think that I'm only dating you because of your fame and money. But that is not true at all. I'm dating you because you're what makes me beautiful. You're always there to make me smile when I'm down. You make me the happiest girl alive. And I am so lucky to have a sweet, caring, handsome, amazing boyfriend like you." Harry leaned in and kissed me. I heard cameras snapping photos of us but I didn't care. I want the world to see just how much I truly love Harry Edward Styles.

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