His Other Side

Haley has been bullied since 6th grade. So as she enters the 12th grade, she is just ready to end it all. But then a handsome, geeky plot twist named Marcel Styles totally changes her life forever. But she soon starts to notice some odd behavior in her new friend. Does Marcel have a dark secret? Will Haley discover something in him that she never imagined?


17. Best Song Ever

"Babe. We're here." I said to Haley, waking her up. "Mmm." she moaned. "C'mon, babe. Don't you want to meet the rest of One Direction?" She smiled and her eyes fluttered open. "Yes. I'm very excited." she said. I took out my phone to text Louis. 

To: Lou :P: Hey Lou. Are you guys here? We just landed.

From: Lou :P: Yeah. We are waiting for you outside the gate.

To: Lou :P: Great. See you in a few.

I stepped out into the isle with Haley close behind me. We walked into the airport. The boys were there waiting for us. "Oh my god!" Haley said. She put her hands over her mouth. Niall walked up to her and gave her a hug. "Haley, it's so nice to finally meet you." he said. Liam came up and hugged her, too. Then Zayn. Then Louis. "It's so great to see you guys!" Haley said with excitement. "It's great to see you, too." Liam told her.

"Wow, Harry. She's even hotter in person." Louis said. We all laughed. Haley was blushing like crazy. "Well let's go! We have to shoot the rest of the video for 'Best Song Ever'." Zayn exclaimed. We walked out of the airport and to the van. We all piled in. "Harry, what time is it?" Haley asked yawning. "2:30pm." I told her. "That's 7:30 your time, Haley." Liam said.

We drove to the set. Once we got there, people started doing our makeup and stuff. Haley sat down on a chair next to me. Once that was done I went and put my costume on. I came back to see that we were all dressed up and done. "Alright, we will start shooting in 10 minutes." the director said.

I walked up to Haley. She frowned. "What's wrong?" I asked her. "Nothing." she said. "Oh. My character. I'm sorry." I told her. "No. It's fine. It just brings back memories. That's all." She smiled. "But you do look quite handsome Mr. Styles." she said. I smirked. "Well, thank you." I said, leaning down. I kissed her on the lips. I pulled away. "Well you better get on set. I love you." she said. "I love you, too." I said to her. 


~Switching back to Haley for a while now!~


Haley's P.O.V.


I sat down on the chair that I was in earlier. I looked over at Harry and sighed. Him in that outfit brought back so many memories of the boy I fell in love with. I smiled at the thought. "Ready! And, action!" the director yelled. They started acting out the parts. They had already finished the singing part and the part where they are themselves so they have to to their characters today. And then they're done.

I pulled out my phone and went on Twitter. A bunch of stuff.

'@hai_im_haley You and Harry are so cute together!'

'@hai_im_haley You are so lucky to have Harry. I hope your relationship goes well!'

I smiled. But then there was some hate.

'@hai_im_haley  Harry is mine so you better back off.'

'@hai_im_haley You are such a slut. Harry deserves so much better than an ugly girl like you!'

I frowned. I put my phone away and looked up at Harry. He was doing a good job as Marcel the Marketing Guy. He looked so cute. His phone was on the chair next to mine so I grabbed it. I tried to open it but I was locked. I was trying to think of a possible password when "Niall" came over to get a glass of water. "Hey Niall. Do you know Harry's password?" I asked him. "Hmm. No but try 'Haley'." he suggested. "That's ridiculous." I thought. But I tried it anyway. Oddly enough, his phone unlocked. I smiled at the thought of Harry having my name as his password.

I looked through his games and decided on Angry Birds. I played for about and hour. I decided to go on his Instagram. I went on it and took a picture of myself making a kissy face. I typed 'You my friend, have been hacked! Love you, babe. xoxo @hai_im_haley'. I posted it. Immediately it started to get one like after another. Just in five minutes it had over 100 likes and 50+ comments. Most of them were nice, which I really appreciated. Just then Harry came over.

"What are you doing, babe?" "Nothing." I told him. "We just have one last scene and then we are done. So only about ten more minutes." he said. "Okay. Good." He leaned down and pecked my lips. "What do you want to do after this?" he asked me. "I don't know. Probably go shopping." I told him. "Then that's what we'll do. There's a mall not far from here." he told me. He kissed me one last time and walked back over to the set.

About ten minutes later, they were done. "Ready to go?" Harry asked me once he and the boys were back to their normal selves. "Yep." I said. I stood up and we walked to the car. "Haley has to go clothes shopping. Is that okay?" Harry asked the boys. "Yeah that's fine. I need to pick up a couple things anyway." Louis said.

We arrived at the mall. Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn went to their own store and me and Harry went to a clothing store. We started looking around for things. While I was looking for some jeans, I heard Harry chuckle. I looked over at him. "I think this would be very sexy on you." he said holding up a bright pink lace thong. "Harry!" I yelled. He laughed. "I am just joking, love." he said. I rolled my eyes.

In the end I got 10 shirts, 8 jeans, 5 shorts, 2 dresses, 4 pairs of pajamas, 3 pairs of shoes and some underwear. We went to the register and paid. I felt bad because it was pretty expensive and Harry was paying for it. I offered to pay but he insisted.

We walked out of the store and saw a crowd of screaming girls. Harry and I looked at each other. "What do we do?" I asked. "You don't do anything. I don't want you getting hurt." Harry said. "What do you mean? Teenage girls aren't so tough." I told him. "Not everyone is as nice as you are, love." he said. He disappeared into the crowd. A couple seconds later he came out holding on to a terrified Niall and the rest of the boys. "C'mon! Let's go!" he yelled to me. I ran after him. We ran to the van and got in.

Niall was really freaked out. "Niall? Are you okay?" I asked him. "I'm fine." he said, his voice shaking. "I'm just not a fan of big crowds." I hugged him. "I'm sorry." I said, rubbing his back. His tenseness went away. I climbed in the back with Harry. His shirt was a little ripped and his hair was all messed up. "Wow. Some of your fans are a little crazy, aren't they?" I asked. He chuckled. "Yeah. Just a little." Harry said fixing his hair.

We went back to the hotel. "Man, I'm exhausted." I said. "Me, too." Harry said yawning. I slipped on my new pajamas and climbed into bed. Harry took off his shirt and jeans and climbed into bed. He scooted up next to me and wrapped his arms around me. I nuzzled my head into his chest. "Thank you, Haley." Harry said to me. "For what?" I asked him. "For giving me another chance." he said. "Well, thank you for coming back for me." I told him. "I love you, Haley." I smiled. "I love you, too, Harry."

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