You're Safe Now

This is a short piece that I wrote, inspired by the extremely stormy weather I'm having at the moment. I've read countless things focusing on domestic abuse, and this story highlights effects of it.


1. You're Safe Now

You're Safe Now. 

Rain lashes down at my cheeks, piercing my freezing skin like a sharp knife. My heart pounds ten to the dozen as I round another corner, out onto another dismal stormy street. I can hear his footsteps bounding towards me amongst the pitter-patter of rain on the rooftops. 
My chest is tightening,  my lungs begging for breath. My feet are aching and my hands, clutching the suitcase, are tinged almost blue... But I carry on running. I can't stop now. 
Round another corner.
Across a road. 
Over an overturned bin. 
I weave my way through the obstacles that the storm has placed in my way. My suitcase thuds rhythmically against the ground as I desperately tug it along. The rain continues to fall, relentlessly splattering on my hair, which is now plastered to my face. 
Has he given up yet?
My ears tune out the rain, tune in to any other sounds. All is silent. It's almost calm on this sad looking street.  
Then I hear it. A slurred voice, punctuated by frequent gasps for breath. 
"Get... Back... HERE!" The voice yells. 
I stifle a scream, and pick up my suitcase. It's a beast of a suitcase, but my extreme determination allows me to clutch it to my chest as I carry on running; half blinded by the torrential rain.
Thunder claps overhead. Lightning zigzags it's way through the grey skies, striking some small distance away. I ignore the warnings of a dangerous storm and strive onwards. 
Suddenly, a loud, animalistic grunt sounds from close behind me. I snatch a look over my shoulder. Nothing. My vision is blurred by the weather. Then, growls and a thudding sound that sickens me to my aching stomach. 
"Oi! You!" 
A sob escapes my dry throat. I choke, holding back tears, as I lose all control. The heavy suitcase slips from my grasp and tumbles to the ground. Clothes, ID, papers, fly everywhere. They're caught up in the blustery wind, my runaway items, and chase each other around in circles. It's like a hurricane of all of the belongings I have. 
"Hey, you!" A voice calls again.
This terror. It's distorting my thoughts. I clutch my head and sink to the ground on my knees. Water cascades all around me. I don't notice it anymore. Memories of him come flooding back. 
The bottles.
The bruises. 
The bullying. 
"GET AWAY FROM ME!" I yell at the top of my tired lungs. My voice is strained, and I break down into tears that mix with raindrops in my sodden lap. 
"You're a monster." I whisper. I can't manage anything louder than that now. 
"Hey, shh, it's okay. I've got you." 
Warm, sturdy arms embrace me. They fold around my shivering wreck of a body and they rock me back and forth. 
"Who..." I glance up and catch a glimpse of a man, middle aged, a hood draped over his face.
It's not who I was running away from. 
"I pushed him. He fell to the ground. He's a little way back but there's no way he's getting you now. I called the police as soon as I saw him following you a few minutes ago." This stranger's voice is soothing. Like birdsong in a battlefield. 
"You... You saved..." I break off from my sentence and descend into tears. Of joy, now, no longer fear. 
"You're safe now. There's no need to worry."  

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