She wakes up not know where she is then she see them and says Who...What...Huh before fainting.


5. Waking up

Nat's P.O.V

I walked into the kitchen and the girls were eating breakfast and it smelled so good! "can i have some" i asked "Yes" replied Georgia. OMG i have the best idea! We went and got the stuff we needed and i heated up the hair straighter and the curler. Then we got out the Permanent marker and make up. I straightened Harry's hair and wrote I love Lewis on him and put make up on him. Georgia curled Zayn's Hair and wrote I am Gay on his head and did eye makeup, Katrina put red hairspray in Niall's hair, did eye makeup and wrote i support Larry, Jordan wrote on Lewis head i love harry put blonde hairspray in his head and i all did Liam while Georgia, Jordan and Katrina set up a video. I put black hairspray in his hair and wrote i am Gay Too. We went back to the kitchen and started cracking up then we heard movement so we went out to see the boys reactions and i hear screaming so i run im and see the boys screaming and i tell them to look in the mirror so they walk into the bathroom and i hear is screaming and yelling so i say hide so we go and hide in the pantry.

~~~20 mins Later~~~~

They finally found us and it was not good WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY HAIR!! The boys screamed. Oh dont worry it is just hair spray I replied. MY CURLS ARE GONE!! harry shouted. Boys all of you go have a shower and wash your hair then come back down ok. Georgia Said OK the boys said in time.

~`~`~`~`2 hours Later~`~`~`~`~`

What is taking these boys so long!! Katrina complained Where Done The Boys said in time FINALLY!! i said Look and your hair is perfectly fine Jordan said. 

Louis P.O.V

OMG!! They just started a war IT IS ON!! I whisper yelled to the Lads So what and when should we prank them Harry Said OH i know lets Get water guns and wake them up by squirting water on them I said. THAT is an awesome idea Harry replied I dont know about this Liam said. Come n dude it will be fun niall said Yeah it will Zayn said Ohh fine Liam replied.

~`~`~`~`~`That night~`~`~`~`~`~`

I'm bored what should we do? Georgia Complained "lets watch a movie" I screamed " TOY STORY' Liam screamed "FINDING NEMO" Niall screamed NOOOO harry screamed 


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