She wakes up not know where she is then she see them and says Who...What...Huh before fainting.


12. To or Not to

Louie P.O.V ~~~~~2 Days Later~~~~~ Should i call her or is it to early i thought staring down at my Iphone. I know i will ask harry. "HARRY" I screamed out YES LOU harry said  WHERE ARE YOU I asked  LIVING ROOM harry replied. I ran down to the living room, " I need your help I don't know weather or not to call Ginny or not" I said " You should call her" Harry said "thanks I do it right now' I said then ran of to my room. BRING BRING BRING BRING BRIN- Hello

"Hey it Louis! is this Ginny?"

"oh Hey Lou and yes it is "  Ginny replied

PHone call L=Louis and G=Ginny

L- Ok cool, so are you doing anything now

G- No why

L- I was wondering if you wanted to go to Starbucks with me

G- yeah sure, but can I ask a question?

L- You just did but Yes

G- Is this a date?

L- Um Yes?

G- Ok cool when do you want to meat me at Starbucks

L- how about in an hour so it is lunch time

G- Ok sounds good. Do you want to go to the Starbucks near the  park we met at?

L yep sounds good see you in an hour

G- Bye

L- Bye

~~~~End Phone Call_~_~_~_~_~

"Harry I have a date with Ginny" I screamed out to harry

"That is Great Louie" Harry replied

Ginny P.O.V

Omg I have a date with Louis Tomlinson ahhhhh I have to call Jesika for advice I know it's only Starbucks but it is a date with the Louis Tomlinson

Phone convoy G=Ginny J=Jesika

G-Hey jess 

J- Hey gurl whats up

G- Nothing much except for the fact that I have a date With THE LOUIS TOMLINSON in an hour

J- Omg that is so cool where is he taking you?

G- Starbucks near the park. Can you please help me get ready?

J- sure girly I will be there in 1 min

G- ok cool bye

J- Bye

~_~_~ End phone Convo ~_~~_~_~


"Coming" I yelled

"Hey Jess"

"Hey Ginny Lets get you ready for this date"

I wore a cute peach nit thing with denim high shorts and silver ballet flats with a black bow on the front.

Meanwhile back at Louis and Harrys place

Louis P.O.V


Getting dressed in my stripy t-shirt blue and white strips then we put on some jeans black it is then we put on shoes Vans they are gonna be. lets do my hair where did I put my comb and gel oh there it is style my hair in a quiff grab my phone and head out the door

"bye Hazza" I called out

"Bye boobear" haz called out


I still need people to date




I need


AGE(boys age please but change if you need to)

and if I don't get these by next chapter ill put me and my friends in there




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