She wakes up not know where she is then she see them and says Who...What...Huh before fainting.


8. The Movie Properer

Louis P.O.V

The girls looked at each other and screamed Paranormal Activity 4! How do they do that i wonder ohh well lets answer YES!! i screamed And the other boys agreed  The girls huddled up on the floor with blankets and food and us boys just sat on the couches. 


I could see Harry looked scared so i moved over to him and hugged him i felt him relax under me so i continued hugging him.


The movie just finished and the girls are asleep on the floor and the boys are to so i close my eyes and feel my self drift of to sleep. 


I woke up and saw everyone still asleep so i went got the stuff we needed for the prank then woke up the boys. i handed a watergun to each of the boys and said on 3. 1, 2, 3 AHHHHHHHHH

Georgia P.O.V

3 and i am being sprayed with water AHHHHHHH i scream and i hear other screams around me. Who did this i scream and sit up and see the boys with water guns in  their hands but liam is just watching i stand up and so do the girls. You have 3 seconds nat says 1,2,3 and we sprint after the boys who had run out to where the pool is HAHAHAHAHHA!!! us girls go up to them and push them in the pool so they are wetter than us and we run inside and lock the door. Then we start laughing our heads of because the boys are bashinig on the door soaking wet. we unlock the door only to be..


A/N HAHAHA i am evil i left u with a cliffhanger But please







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