She wakes up not know where she is then she see them and says Who...What...Huh before fainting.


2. The Hospital

Georgia P.O.V

We arrived at the hospital and i went up to the desk with Katrina comforting her i asked the the lady at the desk what room Natalie was in and she said she was rushed into surgery as her skull had been damaged, she had shattered her ribs on one side,  broke them on the side broke and  broke her leg and that we wound't be able to see her till tomorrow. Then Katrina started bawling and she went over to harry and shouted at him what he did. She kicked him in the balls and punched him in the face at the point i pulled her off him  and i told everyone what happened and then harry said he was sorry.

Harry P.O.V

I said i was sorry to the girl then her and her friends started bawling i didn't know what to do. it just made me feel even worse. I went up to the one with orange hair with red ends(Katrina) and tried comforting her but she just pushed me off i don't blame her i would of to then Liam said why don't we all o home and come back tomorrow to see her. the girls nodded and the one with purple hair with pink ends(Jordan) asked for a lift.

Liam P.O.V

We dropped the girls of at their house and told them we wold pick them up tomorrow as soon as they were gone harry started saying that he felt so guilty at what he did ant that it was all his fault. Niall Said that it was all of their fault because if we hadn't been distracting him then it wound't of happened. 

~the next day~

We picked up the girls and found out their names were Katrina, Jordan, Georgia and the one in hospital was Natalie we went to see her and the doctor said she was in coma and that she should wake up soon. We stood around and then i noticed that the girls were crying and i saw harry looked really sad i went over to the girls and comforted them and signaled for harry to do the same. i looked at the girl in the bed a i wanted to see her injuries but i couldn't as see had the blanket on and all you could see was a bandage around her head. We left the hospital and dropped the girls home.



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