She wakes up not know where she is then she see them and says Who...What...Huh before fainting.


14. The Date

Louis P.O.V

I Walk into Starbucks and see Ginny there she looked really good. Those legs of hers were amazing. I went and at next to her.

"hey" She said 

"hi" I replied

"Lets go up and order" I said

'Sure'' She said

We both got our drink and food e ate our food with some conversation

"Do you want to walk in the park?" I asked

"Sure" She replied

I walked down to this nice little spot in the park it was this little walkway of trees that hung over the top there was a river next to it too creating a romantic atmosphere. At least that is what I think but who knows girls have weird emotions and are so unpredictable. (A.N I am a girl but that is what guys always seem to say.) She is smiling so that is a good sign. maybe I should ask her to be my girlfriend I wait till I get to the spot.

Ginny P.O.V

We arrived at this massive tree that we sat under drinking our drinks. It was surrounded by a circle of grass and the dirt pat we were walking on split around it and so did the over hanging trees it was really cute and romantic. I want him to ask me out I hope he does.

"hey Ginny Do you want to be my girlfriend?' Louie asked

"yes I would love to" I replied

We were both slowly leaning in our noses touched and we kissed it was wonderful we walked around for a bit hen I tok her home

A.N I am not a romantic so this chapter sucks but my friend pushed me to write it so thanks Izzy           




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