She wakes up not know where she is then she see them and says Who...What...Huh before fainting.


3. She is awake!!

Jordan P.O.V

She Has been in coma for 2 weeks now i sobbed into Katrina's shoulder as she sobbed into mine. Georgia was hugging us and the boys were standing around Nat's bed. We hear a a rustle. Nat was starting to wake up i called a doctor and we all stood around her and then we finally opened her eyes me Katrina and Georgia all hugged her and were saying she is alright then we pulled away letting her talk but she just layied there and started rubbed her eyes then pointed at the boys and said who..what...huh then she fainted and the doctor poured a glass of cold water on her face and she jumped awake. 

Nat's P.O.V

I jumped awake to water being poured on my face and i was instantly being asked questions by the doctor or the nurse i wasn't sure.  what did you last reamer? she asked me i replied. That it was the day before graduation and Katrina, Georgia, Jordan and i had gotten off the bus from the soccer game we had just played and won 1-0 and we were walking home. hey Katrina why are one direction here? Katrina said that when we were crossing the road you were running across the road happily as we were going home to celebrate our win then a car comes speeding through the red light and hits you. Harry was driving the car and the other boys were distracting him so they feel guilty about it so they wanted to see if you were ok. I wonder why they care my thoughts were interrupted by  Katrina, Georgia and Jordan hugging me and screaming i'm so happy your awake. What do you mean your so happy i'm awake? i said. Everyone just started looking at each other. 'Come on spill' i said you were in coma for 2 weeks when you got hit by the car said Liam. oh ok two more questions why do my ribs, head and leg hurt? The doctor answered this she said that my ribs were shattered on the right side broken on the left, my skull had a flat spot in it from when i hit the ground and i broke my leg. oh ok. When can i go home? you can go home today after we do some tests. ok the doctor then told everyone that they had to go out of the room while i had the tests.

~30 mins later~

The doctor had finally finished the tests and said i could go home so i went into the waiting to tell them the good news. When  got to the waiting room  Katrina, Georgia and Jordan all jumped up and hugged me Guys i can go home today but the doctor said  am still going to need care since i live alone can i come to one of your places. Katrina said yes and the guys asked why don't i go to my parents house? i replied they are dead but they payed my school my school fees before they died and they and left me the house and lots of money. oh they said. OMG! i just had the best thought i have a really big house why don't we all come to my house and have some fun. That is a great idea Katrina, Georgia and Jordan. Well then lets go said Liam. 



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