She wakes up not know where she is then she see them and says Who...What...Huh before fainting.


10. Ohh NO!!!

Georgia P.O.V

Recap: "1,2,3" and we sprint after the boys who had run out to where the pool is HAHAHAHAHHA!!! us girls go up to them and push them in the pool so they are wetter than us and we run inside and lock the door. Then we start laughing our heads of because the boys are bashing on the door soaking wet. we unlock the door only to be..

~~~~~~End of Recap~~~~~~

Picked up by the boys and thrown over their shoulders but since us girls do soccer we have a pretty good kick so i kicked Niall in the balls and saw the other girls did to and i look and see Niall, Harry, Liam and Louis rolling round on the floor in pain. Where is Zayn i shout! He cant swim harry screams so us girls run out to see Zayn Nearly drowning so i jump in with Natalie and Katrina and we pull him to the edge. I jump out and help Jordan pull him up. I look and see the girls are out of the pool and the boys are out here. Zayn is coughing "OMG i am so sorry i didn't know you couldn't swim" i said. "it is ok" Zayn replied "just don't do it again" "hey are you alright man" Liam asked "yep" replied Zayn. "ok so i am cold lets shower" Nat said "yep but we should all go home and shower and meet at the park in 2 hours" Zayn said "ok" I replied "lets do that" Nat shouted

~~~~~~2 hours later~~~~~~

i just arrived at the park to see Nat there so i go up to her and scream "BOOO" "AHHHH" She screams. "Really" I turn around and see it was Jordan was walking towards us with Katrina, Harry and Louis. "HEY" Katrina screams "HIYA" Nat screams back.

Louis P.O.V

OMG!!! It's one direction and i see 2 girls running towards us 1 looked about 20 she had brown hair with a wave it looked  natural she was running dribbling a soccer ball and holding a phone and a pen. When she got closer i noticed she was very pretty and had brown eyes. "Can i have your autograph and a picture please" she asked "Sure love so what is your name" I asked while singing her 1D t-shirt ""Ginny" She replied "Like from Harry Potter?" i asked "yep" she said cheerfully "Cool" "hey can i please have a photo?" "yep sure just let me get the lads and do you want the to sign your shirt to?" i asked yes please "Hey lads come over here will ya" i asked yep sure all the lads came over and the other fan. "We are doing a picture" i said "cool" replied harry "everyone in" i said "SMILE" "FUNNY FACE" i shouted "Thanks so much" Ginny said once the lads had singed her shirt and turned around "Wait" i said "yeah" "can i please have your number?" "Yeah sure ill put it in your phone" she replied in a happy tone. Then she took a sefie a set it as her picture "can i have a photo with just you?" she asked "yeah sure" Say 1D

Harry P.O.V

1 of the girls that came running over to us came up to me she said can I please have your autograph she asked she was really pretty she had blonde hair with blue highlights and blue eyes. she was wearing black skinny jeans a black shirt and a denim vest with red high tops. " Hi my name is Jesika and can i please have your autograph and a picture?" "yeah sure what do you want me to sign?"Can you please sign my phone and vest?" "sure love" one i had singed her vest and phone i put up the camera for a selfie. Say "Cheese"  "Hey can i have your number please" i asked "um yeah sure let me put it in your phone" she said nervous "Hey lads come over here will ya" Louis asked yep sure all the lads came over and the other fan. "We are doing a picture" Louis said "cool" i replied  "everyone in" louis said "SMILE" "FUNNY FACE" louis shouted. i looked at Jesika and she looked sad "hey love what is wrong?" "nothing" i knew something was up so i gave her a hug a said do you want me to get the lads to sign your shirt? " Yes please" "Hey lads can you sign jesika's vest?" "yep" they all replied. once they had singed the vest the other girl said "thanks so much but we have to go." "yep So thanks so much" Jesika said. I noticed that louie was looking at the other girl "so what was the other girl's name?" I asked "ginny" "Cool" Hey who was ginny's friend "Jesika" I said  "i got her number" Louie said "Cool i got Jesika's Number" "We should head to get food" Niall said "yeah Lets go"

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