She wakes up not know where she is then she see them and says Who...What...Huh before fainting.


1. Sport Day

Nat's P.O.V

'Natalie wake up' said my mum from the door 'I don't want to get up ‘I replied 'but its sport day and you graduate tomorrow' said mum I was up in a flash.  I love sport days. It was my last game that I played for school. I got up had a shower got dressed in my sport uniform, did my hair and makeup. Went down stairs had breakfast turned on my music One direction was playing. I got to school and saw Katrina, Jordan and Georgia waiting for me they were my best friends. ‘hey you excited for the game?’ ‘yes’ they all said together. BRING BRING the bell went we to our first class… maths. 

~skip school~

we were walking out the front to the sport bus we got on and Katrina said you know we are versing the undefeated team. WHAT!!! I screamed. i was  so nervous the whole bus trip but we finally arrived. 

~skip soccer game~

OMG i can't believe we won!! That was that hardest game of soccer i have ever played. i said 'Girls bus back to school is here'  my coach shouted come on lets go. Hey Katrina, Georgia Jordan do you guys want to come to my house to celebrate our win? I asked all excited YES they screamed. at that point the bus arrive at school.

Katrina P.O.V

We were walking to Nat's place and Nat was talking non stop about graduating wile we waiting at the lights to cross the road then we got to walk safely across. Nat was running across the road not paying much attention then a Ferrari came speeding through the red light and they hit her. I ran over to her crying i didn't even noticed that the car had stopped. Then i heard someone say is she alright i shouted no call an ambulance i looked up and saw one direction standing in front of me. I didn't care i shouted at them 'WHO HIT HER' and harry says me then the ambulance comes and they take her to the hospital.


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