its about a girl names callie whom travels with her mother to paris for her aunts wedding which would be in a month of time her mother lets her have fun and explore paris by her own do you think she can be all alone would she find love or a trouble maker?


3. chapter three~

i just looked at him with confusion as he disappeared from my sight i breathed heavily "what just happened" i whispered. i went forward towards the stairs that went down so i could get closer to the tower. it was a long way walking down a slope where some sit and eat or just stare at people the sun was behind me to be exact i could see the shadows of people walking behind me and i could see one that was familiar to me. 

on a spur of a moment i had stopped just to see if the person behind me would stop as well or would just carry on, the creepy guy stopped. i spun around and shouted "stop following me" as he smirked at me, his eyes were locked on mine as my eyebrows were raised with disorientation made me think he doesn't understand english as i watched him bring out his hands that were hidden in his jacket that got grib of my shoulders pulling me closer "I'm not" he whispered into my eyes with his deep husky voice.  he let go and started walking "no wait you are everywhere i go you're either behind me or just looking at me from a far" i shouted as he stopped walking and turned around walking slowly towards me. 

"Callie" i heard behind me as i turned around and saw my cousin molly running towards me i turned back to the guy as he disappeared making me twirl a couple of times to check if he was around but it seemed like he vanished. "hey Callie" "oh hey molly how did you know i was here" i asked as i continued walking "your mum said you went out so i guessed you would be here" "i cant believe you live here molly it's so beautiful" i replied "ya i know...... hey why were you with harry" "who's harry" i asked "the guy who was in front of you" "his name is harry alright i didn't know that, ya he's been following me all day and i told him to stop stalking me" 

"he was following you" she started laughing "ya he was and he gets under my skin its just he's annoying" "well good luck he was in my school he's at uni now" "oh and why are you telling me this" "well he's just a bad boy girls love him boys are scared from him so just be careful" she answered as my eyes widen "why should i be careful i wont see him again its not like he is stalking me to kill me i told him to stop"  i caught up with mollys life as she did with mine, up till she left and i continued walking around a park that we went to. 

I couldn't step another step as i heard "Callie so thats your name" a soft voice behind me i shut my eyes and cursed quietly and tried to keep walking avoiding the fact someone is talking to me as my walking started to get faster each step i took till i started running. 




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